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Rick Daniel
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People often ask me how I create microheroes, and I often answer them: "How dare you breathe on me."

So here you go:
1.) You can get "microhero" templates and pre-made models from these sites (that I normally go to though there are others):

Microhero Compendium on Blogspot:
DC Microheroes Wikia:…
Marvel Microheroes Wikia:…
Golden Age Microheroes:
Links to other sites:…
Ze Ball Breaker's:

2.) Load up Paint or whatever you use and have fun!
Hey, everyone. I'm selling my YuGiOh right now, here on DeviantArt, and I want you guys in on the deal. They are all in excellent condition and rare cards, and I will be selling them for good prices. If you're not interested, link this journal to people you do know are into the game or collecting. I would really appreciate it.

* Send me a Note if you want to buy, I will provide the price and my Paypal address and you provide me with your mailing address (your information will be deleted from my records afterwards).
* I'm only accepting Paypal donations as payment.
* Prices can be negotiable, but not payment type.
* I will only mail the card, or cards, you bought as soon as payment is received.

Cards for Sale:
Agent of Force – Mars, The (AST-009)
Airknight Parshath (TP6-EN007)
Allure Queen LV5 (CDIP-EN007)
Armed Dragon LV7 (DP2-EN012)
Array of Revealing Light (LOD-029)
Axe of Despair (DB1-EN002)

Barrel Behind The Door (DR1-EN043)
Barrel Dragon (DB2-EN072)
Berserk Gorilla (IOC-013)
Big Bang Shot (DR1-EN141)
Blue-Eyes White Dragon (SDK-001)
Blue-Eyes White Dragon (SKE-001)
Book of Life (TP5-EN008)
Brain Jacker (FET-EN034)
Butterfly Dagger – Elma (DR1-EN194)

Card of Sanctity (TLM-EN037)
Chainsaw Insect (SOI-EN021) (x3)
Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the End (TLM-ENSE2)
Chthonian Blast (EEN-EN050) (x2)
Compulsory Evacuation Device (IOC-103)
Cosmic Horror Gangi'el (POTD-EN029)

D.D. Trap Hole (CRV-EN057)
Damage Condenser (SOI-EN052)
Dark Designator (PGD-079)
Dark Necrofear (MC1-EN005)
Destruction Ring (IOC-101)
Diffusion Wave-Motion (DR1-EN162)
Divine Dragon – Excelion (SOI-EN033)
Divine Wrath (RDS-EN050)
Doom Dozer (SOI-EN024)
Drillago (IOC-026)
Dust Tornado (DB1-EN075) (x2)

Elemental Hero Bubbleman (CRV-EN014)
Elemental Hero Rampart Blaster (DP1-EN012)
Elemental Hero Thunder Giant (DP1-EN011)
Emergency Provisions (DB2-EN150)
Exchange (EDS-001)

Fairy Meteor Crush (DB1-EN178)
Fear from the Dark (DR1-EN187)
Feather Shot (EEN-EN042)
Fire Darts (CRV-EN049)
Flute of Summoning Dragon, The (SDK-042)
Forced Back (LOJ-EN060)
Forceful Sentry, The (DB1-EN029)
Fusilier Dragon, The Dual-Mode Beast (RDS-EN-031) (x2)
Fusionist (LOB-022)
Future Fusion (POTD-EN044)

Giant Germ (MLR-085) (x2)
Giant Trunade (DB1-EN032)
Goblin's Secret Remedy (LOB-099)
Goblin Out of the Frying Pan (SOI-EN059)
Golden Homunculus (WC6-EN001)
Gravekeeper's Chief (DR1-EN013) (x2)
Graceful Charity (SDP-040)
Guard Penalty (EOJ-EN045)

Hammer Shot (SOD-EN038)
Heavy Storm (MRD-142)
Helios – The Primordial Sun (WC6-EN002)
Helios Duo Megistus (WC6-EN003)
Herald of Purple Light (EOJ-EN019) (x2)
HERO Flash!! (EOJ-EN042) (x2)
Hieracosphinx (TLM-EN012)
Horus The Black Flame Dragon LV4 (SOD-EN006)

Infernal Incinerator (DP2-EN009) (x2)

Jack's Knight (EEN-EN005)
Jowgen the Spiritualist (LON-061)

Kaibaman (WC5-EN002)
Karate Man (MRL-083)
Karma Cut (SOI-EN053) (x2)
King Tiger Wanghu (PGD-004)
Kozaky's Self-Destruct Button (TLM-EN052) (x2)
Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer (TP5-EN006)

Last Turn (DB2-EN206)
Legendary Black Belt (TLM-EN045)
Lesser Fiend (LOD-003)
Level Modulation (DP2-EN019)
Life Equalizer (EOJ-EN049)
Lightforce Sword (PSV-005)

Magic Cylinder (IOC-SE2)
Maha Vailo (MRL-012)
Malfunction (SOI-EN060)
Memory Crusher (SOI-EN029)
Millennium Scorpion (TLM-EN009)
Mind Control (WC5-EN003)
Miracle Fusion (CRV-EN039)
Mudora (DR1-EN238) (x2)
Mystical Knight of Jackal (DR1-EN017)

Neo Space (POTD-EN046) (x2)
Null and Void (SOD-EN057)

Ojama King (SOD-EN034)

Pandemonium (DR1-EN256)
Penguin Soldier (DB2-EN105)
Pharaoh's Treasure (PGD-052) (x2)
Phoenix Wing Wind Blast (FET-EN053)
Prohibition (PSV-039)

Queen's Knight (EEN-EN004) (x2)

Rampaging Rhynos (CDIP-EN031) (x2)
Rare Metalmorph (RDS-EN052)
Reckless Greed (PGD-051)
Red-Eyes B. Dragon (SDJ-001)
Ring of Magnetism (DB2-EN082) (x2)
Riryoku Field (DB2-N015)
Rush Recklessly (MRL-043)

Scapegoat (TP7-EN009)
Serial Spell (RDS-EN037)
Shadowslayer (FET-EN024)
Shadow Spell (SKE-041)
Solemn Judgment (DB2-EN073)
Spell-Stopping Statute (TLM-EN058) (x3)
Spell Absorption (FET-EN039)
Spell Vanishing (DR1-EN263)
Spiral Spear Strike (FET-EN043)
Spirit Message “L” (LON-092)
Spirit Message “N” (LON-090) (x2)
Spirit Reaper (DR1-EN024)
Spiritualism (LON-094)
Stray Lambs (IOC-092) (x2)
Swords of Concealing Light (FET-EN042)

Talisman of Spell Sealing (AST-049) (x2)
Thousand Energy (AST-097)
Token Feastevil (TLM-EN057) (x2)
Transcendent Wings (CRV-EN045)
Trap Hole (LOB-058)

UFO Turtle (MRL-081)
Ultimate Insect LV1 (SOD-EN005)

Vampire Genesis (SD2-EN001)
Vorse Raider (CT2-EN003)

Winged Sage Falcos (PGD-072) (x3)
Witch of the Black Forest (MRD-116)

XYZ-Dragon Cannon (DP2-EN014)
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