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Rick Daniel
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United States
People often ask me how I create microheroes, and I often answer them: "How dare you breathe on me."

So here you go:
1.) You can get "microhero" templates and pre-made models from these sites (that I normally go to though there are others):

Microhero Compendium on Blogspot:
DC Microheroes Wikia:…
Marvel Microheroes Wikia:…
Golden Age Microheroes:
Links to other sites:…
Ze Ball Breaker's:

2.) Load up Paint or whatever you use and have fun!
As you know, from my latest journal, I finally have a job after years of searching and poverty and I am extremely grateful for it. I knew from the beginning that it would seriously cut into my Deviantart time, but the benefits seriously outweigh that downside.
I and writing this to let you all know that I am not giving up on my works and projects here on DA, both on :iconred-rum-18: and :iconthe-aftereffect: , and need you to be patient. I will eventually find free time in the midst of my chaotic schedules and motivation to do the work, but you are all certainly allowed to follow other artists and their blogs if you want to.
If you decide to unfollow me, go ahead. I'm not in this for the big-dick follower-count bonus, but just because it's fun!

Thank you for reading.
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Fernmaster Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2015
Who are you gonna fuse with Rocket Raccoon for your New Amalgam Comics?
(1 Reply)
chann1 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2015
Do you have any amalgams for Harm and Inque?
(1 Reply)
Picassamia Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2015
I met one of the creators of the original Amalgam Comics today--Kurt Busiek--and after having him sign my copy of Iron Lantern, I mentioned your New Amalgam project to him. He jokingly said you were doing it wrong.
(1 Reply)
Picassamia Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2015
I have a little something for you--I came up with a breakdown for how your 'Absolute DC' stories could fit in an ongoing/miniseries format were they actual published comics. Feel free to critique:

Absolute Superman
#1: Salvation--debut of Superman/Jor-El/Jonathan Kent
#2: Knowledge--main villain is Brainiac
#3: Betrayal--main villain is Lionel Luthor
#4: Destruction--main villains are General Zod, Ursa and Non
#5: Torment--main villain is 'Michael' (Mr. Mxyzptlk)

Absolute Batman
#1: Vigilance--debut of Batman/Bruce Wayne
#2: Vengeance--debut of Nightwing
#3-4: Chaos--main villain is the Joker
#5: Riches--main antagonist is Selina Kyle

Absolute Wonder Woman
#1-2: Miracle--debut of Wonder Woman/ Diana Creon
#3: Upgrade--main villains are Cassandra Colchis, Cheetah, and Giganta

Absolute Flash
#1: Pressure--debut of the Flash/Barry Allen
#2-3: Rebellion--main villains are the Rogues
#4: Gamble--main villain is Roulette

Absolute Green Lantern
#1: Judgment--debut of Green Lantern/Alexandra DeWitt
#2-3: Obsession--main villain is Hector Hammond

Absolute Justice League
#1: Unity--debut of Aquaman
#2-4: Justice--main villain is S'Tar-Ro
#5-6: Loyalty--debut of Hawkgirl; main villain is Mongul
#7-8: Revelation--main antagonists are the Legion
#9-12: Secret--main villains are the Secret Six

Absolute Showcase--Anthology title exploring other Absolute DC characters
#1-2: Fugitive--debut of John Jones
#3-4: Survival--debut of Oliver Queen
#5: Captive--debut of the Marvel/Billy Batson
#6: Bounty--debut of Jonah Woodson
#7: Duty--debut of Sgt. Frank Rock
#8-10: Control--Nightwing story; debut of the 'Titans', main villain is Slade Wilson
#11-12: Depths--Aquaman story; main villain is Manta
#13-14: Aim--Oliver Queen story; main antagonists are Amanda Waller and Albion
#15-16: Redemption--Nightwing and the Titans story; main villain is Red Hood
#17: Cost--Oliver Queen story; main villain is Brother Blood
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leokearon Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2015
Thanks for faving Enchantress
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