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NAC: Enemies of the Justice 4 by Red-Rum-18 NAC: Enemies of the Justice 4 by Red-Rum-18
Enemies of the Justice Four (Fantastic Four + Justice League):

Vandal Doom:
Amalgamation of: Dr. Doom + Vandal Savage
Real Name: Vandar Dom
Alias: Prof. Vandal Von Doom
Biography: In 50,000 BCE, in what is now Latvasnia (Latveria + Kasnia), a teenage cro magnon named Vandar Dom was exposed to a meteorite, whose energies endowed Vandar with enhanced intelligence and immortality; Vandar exposed his mother Cyax to the energies too. In the 1400’s, the two renamed themselves Vandal and Cynthia Von Doom; when Cynthia was purged of her immortality in an exorcism and burned at the stake for witchcraft, Vandal killed the villagers in retaliation. Vandal began to study sorcery in order to resurrect his mother, but the demon Mephistrigon (Mephisto + Trigon), who sees deadly potential in Vandal, appeared to him, saying that he has captured Cynthia’s soul and if Vandal interferes with his business, he will destroy her soul. Vandal decided to do everything in his power to destroy Mephistrigon before he can destroy his mother’s soul. When he traveled to America in the 1900’s, Von Doom started studying science and business, founding Von Doom Aeronautics in order to harness the power of a cosmic anomaly he discovered. But when the crew he sent on this suicide mission returned with superpowers, Von Doom suffered defeat at their hands and hightailed for Latvasnia. Von Doom realized he needed the resources of an entire nation to complete his research and eliminate the Justice Four, so he became the Dictator of Latvasnia, gaining diplomatic immunity to avoid arrest.
Vandal Doom and the Green Skull (Red Skull + Lex Luthor) are the current vice-leaders of the Secret Society of Evil (Masters of Evil + Secret Society of Super-Villains), under the alien dictator Deathseid (Thanos + Darkseid).
Powers: Immortality (scars don’t heal, though, so he wears a metallic mask to cover his face); scientific genius; mastery of magic; diplomatic immunity; unlimited control over his country’s resources; vast wealth; robot armies; advanced combat and weapon skills; battle armor that improves his physical attributes and grants him energy blasts, flight, and energy shielding.

Puppet Lord:
Amalgamation of: Puppet Master + Maxwell Lord
Real Name: Philip Lord
Biography: Philip Lord was an agent of the CIA, whose partner, Jacob Ching, was killed in a car accident. Philip married Jacob’s widow, Marcia, and adopted their daughter, Alicia Ching (Alicia Masters + I Ching), who was blinded in the same car accident. Years later, Agent Lord became the official liaison between the American Government and the newly-formed Justice Avengers (Avengers + Justice League); Alicia later became infatuated with Bullething (Thing + Bulletman/Bulleteer), a member of the JA’s auxiliary team, the Justice Four. After being tortured by alien invaders and rescued by the J4, Philip became reclusive and started taking up sculpting. He learned that he could control the minds of anyone he sculpted and use those abilities as the villainous Puppet Lord.
After learning that he had cancer, Philip transferred his psyche into the robotic body of extradimensional villain Master Havok (Master Menace + Lord Havok), becoming the new leader of Institute Extreme (Institute of Evil + Extremists).
Institute Extreme and an army of PriMAC cyborgs (Prime Sentinels + OMACs) attacked the Justice Avengers and the Justice Four. Puppet Lord killed the Second Blue Spider (Julia Carpenter + Ted Kord) before Thunder Woman (Thor + Wonder Woman) strapped him to a thermo-nuclear device and exploded it in the void of space, killing him.
Powers: Mind Control; his powers are actually metamutant [mutant + metahuman] in nature (his X-Gene activating during his extraterrestrial encounter), but he is convinced that he can only control people by molding a statue of them with a “special clay.” Later possesses a suit of armor that amplified his mind control powers (without the clay) and granted him super strength, flight, and energy blasts.

Amalgamation of: Mole Man + Scavenger I/II
Real Name: Dr. Rupert Mortimer
Biography: Dr. Rupert Mortimer was a brilliant nuclear physicist who suffered from a growing paranoia; he eventually drove himself underground to prepare for an imagined Armageddon as a result of the Cold War between America and Russia. Rupert discovered an ancient race of short humanoid aliens who lived underground since crash landing on Earth thousands of years ago. Rupert became their ruler and used their advanced technologies to create an army of gigantic monsters to raze the Russian city of Stalingrad; the Justice Four assisted the People’s Super Soldiers (Soviet Super Soldier + The People’s Heroes) in battling the monsters and the drove Rupert, now called the “Scavenger-Mole”, out of Russia.
Scavenger-Mole would later plague the Justice Four and other heroes, such as
the Justice Avengers’ Aquariner (Sub-Mariner + Aquaman),
the Teen Avenger Spider Boy (Spider-Man/Young Avengers + Superboy/Teen Titans),
Ka-War (Ka-Zar + Warlord) of the underground world of Skarwali (Savage Land + Skartaris),
and the Legion of the Galaxy (Guardians of the Galaxy + Legion of Super-Heroes).
Powers: Advanced senses that make up for his weak vision and underground residence. Mastery of bo staff martial arts. Uses advanced technologies to cause earthquakes, control armies of monsters, and other effects.

Amalgamation of: Impossible Man + Mr. Mxyzptlk
Biography: An imp from Porff (Poppup + Zrff), a planet in a pocket dimension, Elbissopmi takes pleasure in tormenting the people of Earth with his abilities. His favorite targets are the Super-Soldier (Captain America + Superman) and the Justice Four. The only way to get rid of Elbissopmi is to trick him into saying, spelling, or otherwise revealing his name backwards, ‘Impossible’, and he is banished back to his dimension for a minimum of 90 days. When Galactiac (Galactus + Brainiac) threatened Earth during a visit from the imp, Elbissopmi decided to save Earth (because Earth was his favorite planet to harass) by sending Galactiac to the 5th dimension and tricking him into eating a planet there similar to Earth, giving him a cosmic case of indigestion. Another time, the criminal Laugh Monger (Iron Monger + The Joker) was given 1% of Elbissopmi’s power, because Elbissopmi was interested in seeing how someone else can handle his power; Laugh Monger then tricked Elbissopmi into saying his name backwards, thus gaining 99% of his power and banishing him back to the 5th dimension. Laugh Monger ruled Earth with an iron fist until Iron Bat and Super-Soldier tricked the madman into fast-forwarding time by 90 days and the vengeful Elbissopmi then tricked the ‘Laugh Emperor’ into saying his real name, Joseph Stane, backwards (Enats Hpesoj), returning all of Elbissopmi’s power and sending Laugh Monger into his own personal hell… at least for the next 90 days.
Powers: Ultimate shapeshifting powers (which is a common trait among his species); can also shift the shapes of any being or object within his sight. Flight; intangibility; teleportation; underwater survival; space survival.

Dr. Diablo:
Amalgamation of: Diablo + Dr. Alchemy
Real Name: Albert de Ablo
Biography: Albert de Ablo was an alchemist with a dual personality; the second personality sold his soul to the demon Neromammu (Dormammu + Neron) for extended life. He was close to claiming the Philospher’s Stone, which would give him the power to control matter, but the villagers of Transylvania trapped him inside the temple for several centuries. After waking from his coma, Albert used the Stone to free himself and became the super-criminal, Dr. Diablo.
The Justice Four defeated Dr. Diablo several times (sometimes with help from Silverflash [Quicksilver + The Flash {Barry Allen}] from the Justice Avengers) until Albert’s good personality finally reemerged and hid the Stone. But, Albert’s evil personality had implanted itself in the Stone and created a new body with its powers.
Powers: Controls the Philosopher’s Stone, which allows him to manipulate matter and chemical reactions in whatever manner he pleases; the Stone also gives him telekinesis, which he can use to fly. He can create potions that cause incredible effects and defy scientific explanation. Reduced aging.

Amalgamation of: Psycho-Man + Dark Opal
Biography: In an alternate future, where Krangos (Kang the Conqueror + Chronos) conquered all the planets of the galaxy except the kingdom of Traagem (Traan + Gemworld), he was to marry Princess Ravothyst (Ravonna + Amethyst), but the techno-sorcerer known only as Psych-Opal, who secretly loved Ravothyst, wouldn’t stand for it. He used his magic technology to travel back in time to try to kill Krangos’ ancestor, Prof. Patrick Richards, aka Mr. Plastic (Mr. Fantastic + Plastic Man), leader of the Justice 4.
Powers: Technology that harnesses both science and magic to manipulate the emotions of others. Battlesuit grants strength, durability, and energy blasts.

The Skurltian Empire (Skrulls + Martians):
The Skrultians are a race of reptilian-humanoid aliens from the planet Sk’rlec’andra (Skrullos + Ma’aleca’andra). They have the powers of shapeshifting, flight, strength, telepathy, and intangibility, but they are also vulnerable to fire. When a Skrultian colony on the planet Mars was wiped out by the techno-organic Ivorarchy (Technarchy + White Martians), who were released by humans testing nuclear weapons on the planet’s surface, the Skrultian Emperor declared war on Earth. Skrultian agents have spied on and attacked Earth on several occasions, but were always rebuffed by the Justice Four and other heroes.

Empress Veralfec:
Amalgamation of: Veranke + Malefec
Real Name: Vr’l’fk J’Onzz
Aliases: Blue Spider/Jessica Garrett.
Biography: Vr’l’fk and her older brother Vk’tr were skrultians born on the martian colony. When she had a premonition about the colony’s destruction, she was banished for inciting religious extremism. When the Ivorarchy destroyed the colony, the Skrultian royal family recognized her as a new prophet and let her join the royal council of advisors on the throneworld of Sk’rlec’andra.
Vr’l’fk swore revenge against humanity for inciting the death of her brother, but she didn’t realize that Vk’tr merged with Ivorarchy DNA and was reborn as the Martian Vision (Vision + Martian Manhunter), a founding member of the Justice Avengers.
When the Skrultian royal family was killed when Galactiac consumed Sk’rlec’andra, and the skrultians were forced to move to Tarnax IV, Veralfec became the new Empress.
During the course of the “Identity Invasion” (Secret Invasion/Avengers Disassembled + Identity Crisis), it was revealed that a Skrultian with the identity and magic powers of Scarlet Magician (Scarlet Witch + Zatanna) was magically transferring information about the Earth’s heroes to Tarnax IV, allowing them to create a whole new army of Ultra-Skrultians.
The Earth’s heroes and villains banded together to stop the invasion, while the Martian Vision battled his sister, who was posing as the first Blue Spider (Spider-Woman + Blue Beetle), to a standstill. The villain Paul Osborn (Norman Osborn + Paul Westfield) finished her off with a flamethrower.
Skrultian Powers:Shapeshifting (humanoid, non-humanoid, inorganic forms); inability to be detected as a skrultian; can create melee weapons from her flesh. Flight; strength; energy vision; intangibility; telepathy.
Blue Spider 1’s Powers: Super physical attributes; energy blasts; flight; pheromone generation; wall-crawling; immunity to poisons and radiations.

Amalgamation of: Super-Skrull + Ultra, the Multi-Alien
Real Name: Ar’lt
Alias: Ultra-Skrultian Prime
Biography: The first time Skrultian agents attacked the Earth and were beaten by the Justice Four, they took back samples of their DNA to experiment on. Skrultian scientists injected the DNA from each hero into the limbs of Skrultian soldier Ar’lt. Ar’lt mutated into the first Ultra-Skrultian supersoldier, known as Ultra-Skrultian Prime. Ar’lt’s first battle with the Justice Four ended in defeat and he was imprisoned in the J4’s headquarters, the Baxter Building. He eventually escaped and kidnapped Dr. Franklin Storm, father of Torchstorm (Human Torch + Firestorm) and step-father of Dr. Invisible (Invisible Woman + Dr. Light II), but Ar’lt’s success was short-lived and he was beaten once again by the Justice Four. He is now hiding on Earth in a human guise.
Powers: Shapeshifting, flight, strength, energy vision, intangibility, telepathy, inability to be detected as a skrultian, and invulnerability to fire.
Right Arm: Bullething’s magnetic metal flesh; super strength.
Left Arm: Mr. Plastic’s stretching.
Right Leg: Dr. Invisible’s light manipulation.
Left Leg: Torchstorm’s fire blasts.

Paibok Ro:
Amalgamation of: Paibok + Kanjar Ro
Biography: Paibok Ro is a Skrultian pirate with a massive starship, a numerous crew, and a large arsenal of exotic weapons. When the Skrultian Empire needed a new plan to defeat the Justice Four, they turned to Paibok Ro; Ro agreed to help, but only to claim the Gamma Nullifier (Ultimate Nullifier + Gamma Gong), a powerful weapon in the J4’s possession. Paibok’s girlfriend and Ultra-Skrultian agent, Lyjarane the Laserhawk (Laserfist + Firehawk), was sent to attack the J4, but she eventually became their ally. Paibok Ro, his pirate crew, and a small battalion of Skrultian soldiers attacked New Metropolis (New York City + Metropolis), but were defeated by the J4, but not before Paibok Ro killed Lyjarane.
In the 30th Century, a cryogenically preserved Paibok Ro battled the Legion of the Galaxy as a part of the Annihilation Five’s army (Annihilation Wave + Fatal Five).
Powers: Shapeshifting; flight; strength; energy vision; intangibility; telepathy.
His favored weapon, the Power Rod, can shoot blasts of cold and electricity, and give the wearer a coating of organic steel, granting strength and invulnerability.

The Fearful Six (Frightful Four + Fearsome Five):
A supervillain team formed by Psizard to destroy Earth’s heroes for Mephistrigon. They have clashed several times with the Justice Four and the Teen Avengers. Other leaders of the Six have included The Wicked Thinker (Mad Thinker + Dr. Sivana), Nega-Light (Mister Negative + Dr. Light), and Paibok Ro.

Amalgamation of: Wizard + Psimon
Real Name: Prof. Bentley Jones
Biography: Bentley Jones was a scientist determined to prove his intellectual superiority to Patrick Richards. Jones was nearly killed in an accident and he was soon contacted by the demon Mephistrigon, with whom he made a deal; Jones would destroy the Demon’s enemies in exchange for eternal knowledge. Jones agreed and was restored to life, albeit with an exposed brain. Jones built a psionic-amplification helmet to grant him mental powers and protect his mind and became Psizard. Psizard placed an ad in the Underworld Star, a newspaper for the criminally like-minded, and he and the 5 applicants formed the Fearful Six.
Powers: Super intelligence. Helmet not only protects his exposed brain, but grants him telepathy (for illusions and mind control) and telekinesis (flight). Gauntlets grant him strength and electric blasts. Armor protects him from most assaults.

Amalgamation of: Salamandra + Jinx
Biography: Hailing from Eastern India is Salamandrix, ex-lover of Psizard and a powerful sorceress. Nothing else is known about her at this time.
Powers: Pyrokinesis and probability manipulation.

Amalgamation of: Trapster + Gizmo
Real Name: Peter O’Jeeneus
Biography: Peter O’Jeeneus is brilliant inventor with a negative outlook on life, due to his constant childhood torment for his height and gnomish appearance.
Powers: Super intelligence, capable of turning otherwise harmless machines into dangerous weapons and tools. Battlesuit has a jetpack and cannons that shoot lubricants and adhesives.

Amalgamation of: Dragon Man + Mammoth
Real Name: Gregson Flinders
Biography: Born in Austrailia, young Greg Flinders was caught in an accident that killed him and transferred his soul into a statue of a monster. Dr. Diablo was the one who caused this accident and used his alchemy to bring the statue to life, with Greg’s intelligence. This beast, dubbed “Horror”, initially served Dr. Diablo until his younger sister Laura used her alchemic powers to beat Dr. Diablo in a duel. The brother-sister team later joined the Fearful Six.
Powers: Strength, stamina, and durability; flight; fire breath.

Amalgamation of: Llyra + Shimmer
Real Name: Laura Flinders
Biography: The younger sister of Greg, Laura “Reflectia” Flinders is a metamutant criminal with an amphibian-like anatomy and transmutation powers. When her brother became the monster Horror, they joined the Fearful Six in hopes that she can change him back to normal with Psizard’s help.
Powers: Underwater survival; strength; chameleon-like camouflage abilities; transmutation of chemical and elemental compounds within range.

Amalgamation of: Klaw + Neutron
Real Name: Ulysses Tryon
Biography: Ulysses Tyron was one of several thugs hired by the Green Skull to steal from a nuclear power plant in the African nation of Wakesi (Wakanda + Zambesi), but the plot was foiled by Super-Soldier and the nation’s heroic ruler Black Vixen (Black Panther + Vixen). Tyron lost his right hand and was stricken with radiation poisoning in a resulting accident and Green Skull encased him in a vibranium battlesuit, turning him into a superpowered criminal called Acoustikon. Acoustikon served the Green Skull before joining the Fearful Six.
Powers: Super strength and durability; flight; radiation blasts and sound manipulation through cannon replacing his right hand.

The Justice Foes (U-Foes + Crime Syndicate of Amerika):
The Justice Foes are the evil counterparts of the Justice Four from Maglama-1, the universe where evil has taken over in the wake of the Superhero Civil War. In this world, evil businessman Randolph Utrecht hired a space crew to help him obtain the power of a cosmic anomaly. The rays penetrated their spaceship and mutated them in a far more grotesque manner than the J4. The J-Foes became an auxiliary team to the evil Revenge Syndicate of America (Dark Avengers + Crime Syndicate). When the Secret Society of Evil brought in the Revenge Syndicate to replace the Justice Avengers (who were seemingly killed by Imperislaught [Onslaught + Imperiex]), the Justice Foes tried to prevent the Justice Four from learning the truth.

Amalgamation of: Vector + Elasti-Man
Real Name: Randolph Utrecht
Biography: A successful businessman, industrialist, and politician who craved more power.
Powers: Can telekinetically reshape any solid object.

Amalgamation of: Vapor + Frostbite
Real Name: Tora Darnell
Biography: Was hired by Utrecht to be the life-support engineer on his space ship. She is Beatrice Darnell's older sister.
Powers: Can turn into a cloud of liquid nitrogen to fly and freeze her enemies.

Amalgamation of: X-Ray + Fiero
Real Name: Beatrice Darnell
Biography: Was hired by Utrecht to be the fuel-propulsion systems engineer. She is Tora Darnell's younger sister.
Powers: Can cloak herself in an aura of fiery yellow plasma to fly and blast her enemies with radiation.

Amalgamation of: Ironclad + Element Man
Real Name: Rex Steel
Biography: He was hired by Utrecht as a scientist, engineer, and skilled pilot.
Powers: Can change the composition of his body to become any periodic metal. Super strength, stamina, and durability. Can manipulate his own gravitational pull on the planet, to levitate or become immovable.
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