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NAC: Justice Avengers' Enemies by Red-Rum-18 NAC: Justice Avengers' Enemies by Red-Rum-18
Enemies of the Justice Avengers (Avengers + Justice League):
In addition to the solo heroes’ enemies, such as the Green Skull (Red Skull + Lex Luthor), the Laugh Monger (Iron Monger + Joker), and Cerki (Loki + Circe), the all-star heroes of the Justice Avengers have also battled villains who faced the team as a whole, such as...

Top Row, Left to Right:

Amalgamation of: Kang the Conqueror + Chronos
Real Name: David Jon Richards
Alias: The Time Conqueror
Biography: David Jon Richards, born in the 30th Century of Earth, is the descendant of Patrick Richards, also known in the history of superheroics as Mr. Plastic (Mr. Fantastic + Plastic Man), leader of the Justice Four (Fantastic Four + Justice League); inheriting a diluted metagene from his ancestry, David became beyond-humanly intelligent in his teen years. He studied the heroes of his day, the Legion of the Galaxy, and drew plans for his own battlesuit. One day, when he was being harassed by the school football team, he was saved by a brilliant flash of light! The being who stepped out of it introduced himself as David’s future self; the elder David showed the younger the 40th Century, where he rules the entire planet as Krangos the Time Conqueror! The younger David saw the people living in fear of Krangos and rejected his destiny; Krangos returned David to his timeline, assured that it WILL come to pass. Since his father was the curator of the Neotropolis Museum of Superheroism, David had access to the various technologies that will allow him to perfect his battlesuit. After it was finished, David activated a floating droid named Wideets (Widget + Skeets), who served as David’s sidekick as he fought evil as the hero Booster Lad (Iron Lad + Booster Gold). Booster Lad traveled to the 21st Century to fight alongside the Teen Avengers (Young Avengers + Teen Titans), but the Linear Exiles (Exiles + Linear Men), heroes who travel through time and across dimensions forced David to accept his destiny of evil in order to save the fabric of reality! David returned to the future and erased all of his memories, creating new ones to propel himself into becoming Krangos. Using his chronokinetic technology to extend his life, Krangos amassed an army of followers to conquer 40th Century Earth. Krangos found that his world was dying, so he decided to invade the past to save his people. His fleet of timeships invaded an American city in the 21st Century, implanting a gigantic machine that he claimed would gradually slow the rotation of Earth unless he was made the planet’s ruler. The Justice Avengers elicited the help of the first Atom Ant (Scott Lang + Ray Palmer) to disable the machine, while they kept Krangos’ forces distracted. The machine was destroyed but Krangos was about to deliver the killing blow… when Atom Ant enlarged in front of him and cleaned HIS clock! The mothership’s time-anchor was then shattered, warping the Time Conqueror and his minions back to the future, but Krangos laughed as it happened. He KNEW that his first attempt to conquer Earth would fail, so his machines instead absorbed enough thermal energy from past Earth to power a device in the future that restored the environment. If Krangos knew that much, what else does he know…?
Powers: Superhuman intelligence in the fields of chronal physics, history, engineering, politics, and combat strategy. His battlesuit grants him energy manipulation, time manipulation, enhanced strength and durability, and superpower negation. Commands nearly all nations of 40th Century Earth, a vast army of robots and human soldiers, and a fleet of time-travelling space ships. Uses weapons and death-traps based on time, utilizing both clock-related puns and actual chronokinetic technology.

Amalgamation of: Ultron + Metallo
Real Name: Mark Corben
Biography: Dr. Carter Pym was a scientist who, along with others, were contracted by millionaire scientist Cyrill Van Dyne (Vernon Van Dyne + Cyrill “Speed” Saunders) to create a prototype synthetic organism powered by a radioactive ore. Cyrill’s compatriot Alexander Schmidt, Jr. provided the disk containing the artificial intelliegnce the robot would have; unfortuneatly, Lex Schmidt is the new Green Skull, and the AI was actually the mind of his deceased minion Mark Corben. The creation, dubbed Metoltron, attacked the scientists and sought to kill the Super-Soldier, as per the orders of Mark’s boss, the Green Skull. Super-Soldier’s life was saved by Carter Pym, now the hero Wingspan (Hank Pym + Hawkman), who destroyed Metoltron’s body. The Green Skull’s minions collected the remains, including his AI and the kreetonite power source, a radioactive ore deadly to Super-Soldier. The Green Skull was able to rebuild the machine man, but Metoltron grew beyond the need to obey the Skull, and went off to destroy the Super-Soldier on his own. He first collected the parts of a shattered techno-organic alien and rebuilt him, ordering him to destroy Wingspan to keep him from completing his mission. Wingspan helped the alien robot over come Metoltron’s control and the alien became the hero called the Martian Vision (Vision + Martian Manhunter). With his enemies united into the Justice Avengers, Metoltron learned that he would need assistance in his goals. He kidnapped the daughter of one of the scientists who created him and tried to convert her into a cyborg; the JA freed her and she became the heroine Koljasta (Jocasta + Kole), one of the Teen Avengers. He returned later to create a fully-robotic assistant, Alkhanique, who defends him and aides him in perfecting his cyborg conversion technique. Metoltron continues to be a deadly nemesis of the Justice Avengers, even far into the future. In the 25th Century, a new version of Metoltron tried to convert the descendants of today’s heroes into a cyborg army, but Bart Mancha, the descendant of the speedster Silverflash (Quicksilver + Flash II), escaped into the past and became Pulsetron (Victron + Impulse), a member of Runaway Justice (Runaways + Young Justice).
Powers: Able to load his consciouness into computer programmings and control them, allowing him to escape his destroyed bodies and build new ones; determined to destroy the Super-Soldier (and anyone related to him), Metoltron’s bodies all incorporate the Kreetonite ore that can kill him, both as a power source and ammo for weapons. In his robot bodies, Metoltron has super strength/durability/stamina/speed/agility/reflexes, enhanced sensory programs, force field generation, rocket boosters for flight, and a durable metal shell that can also self-repair.

Amalgamation of: Alkhema + Mekanique
Biography: After recording the brain wave patterns of Black Bird (Mockingbird + Black Canary), one of the Justice Avengers, Metoltron succeeded in creating a gynoid companion he dubbed Alkhanique, who would aide in his mission to destroy the Super-Soldier. She battled the Justice Avengers alongside Metoltron, but she betrayed him and dubbed his mission pointless. Seeking to complete what she believed was a higher purpose, extermination of all organic life and replace it with a perfect AI collective. Attacking a nuclear missile silo, Alkhanique was destroyed when Hawk Arrow (Hawkeye + Green Arrow) fired an “anti-metal” arrow at her. In the 25th Century, Metoltron rebuilt Alkhanique and fashioned her with a subservience program to ensure her loyalty. She was sent back in time to take back Bart Mancha, but her mission failed before it began when she fought the Defending Society (Defenders + Justice Society). Able to telepathically connect with the gynoid’s mind, Dr. Strangefate (Dr. Strange + Dr. Fate) revealed that wish to destroy humanity was for naught, since her own computerized mind was patterned after a human’s. Unable to process this paradox, Alkhanique destroyed herself.
Powers: Superhuman strength/speed/stamina/agility/durability; enhanced sensory components; kreetonite laser projection from eyes; electricity generation; blades on her wrists; high computing abilities; rocket boosters for flight.

Amalgamation of: Korvac + Epoch
Real Name: Michael Epoch
Biography: Helios was once Michael Epoch, a police computer technician from the 40th Century, the same timeline ruled by Krangos. When an invasive alien race called the Ailmentors (Badoons + Dominators) started taking over Earth colonies in the Solar System, Michael betrayed the people of Earth to them and the aliens attacked. Krangos’ forces were victorious but millions of innocent lives were lost. Knowing how to restore Earth’s population, Krangos punished the traitor Michael Epoch by transforming him into a cyborg. Codenamed: Helios, Michael was sent back to battle the Justice Avengers in the 21st Century; the chronal-displacement fields caused by Helios in the past would allow Krangos to reverse the aging of his slain citizens, restoring the population. But, there was a flaw that even Krangos’ couldn’t find: Helios somehow gained the ability to remove himself from his master’s knowledge of history. Helios traveled to the homeplanet of the 21st Century Ailmentors to destroy them, because if they didn’t attack the solar system in the future, he wouldn’t betray humanity to them and be punished for it. He lured the planet-consuming alien Galactiac (Galactus + Brainaic) to the planet to destroy it. Sensing a disturbance in the timeline, the Linear Exiles allied themselves with the Justice Avengers to destroy Helios. In the end, the JA member Green Giant (Hulk + Green Lantern [Jordan]) used his energy-manipulation powers to use Helios’ time-warp tech and travel 24 hours into the past… long enough to warn the Ailmentors of Galactiac’s arrival and evacuate the entire planet. Afterwards, the heroes’ presence in that sector of space allowed Krangos to locate the defeated Helios in the history records, so he could dismantle him and take him back to the future.
Powers: Superhuman strength/durability/stamina/speed/agility/reflexes/intellect; chrono-kinetic technological implants allow him to manipulate the flow of time and energy; built-in weapondry.

Galactic Man:
Amalgamation of: Molecule Man + Galactic Golem
Real Name: Dr. Reece
Biography: Originally a scientist working for the Green Skull, the being now known as Galactic Man was but an ordinary human commissioned to research an alien device, which the Green Skull believed could be his key to world domination. The device, after being mishandled, accidentally puncture space and time, creating a pinhole-sized portal that began consuming all matter in its wake. Dr. Reece, the scientist who created the portal, was determine to record it, so he donned a hazmat suit and walked closer to the anomaly, holding on by a metal cord. The pinhole in time then absorbed the alien device, causing a disruption in its cosmic structure, and then an explosion that vaporized the laboratory. After rerouting investigations by both the New Metropolis police and nearby heroes, the Green Skull and his minions collected the amorphous mass of quantum energy left by the blast and took it to another facility. The mass began to speak in Dr. Reece’s voice, meaning that Reece had transformed into the quantum energy. The other scientists molded the mass into a humanoid body for him to function in. Knowing that the scientist’s disappearance could be traced by to his civilian identity Lex Schimdt, the Green Skull had Reece’s family assassinated. But Reece’s new powers made him learn this, so he killed the Skull. Calling himself Galactic Man, he then started taking apart the world molecule by molecule, killing every living being, human and beyond, until nothing was left. The Justice Avengers escaped Earth, and they found the immense cosmic being called Beyondus (Beyonder + Dominus) to help them. The long-lived Beyondus had far greater control of his powers than Galactic Man, and proposed that he’d give the Justice Avengers a fraction of his powers to combat Reece. The heroes were wary, since Beyondus was the one who instigated the infamous “Secret Wars of Infinite Earths” (Secret Wars + Crisis On Infinite Earths), but they accepted it. They confronted Galactic Man, who somehow managed to kill them one by one until the only her left was Iron Bat (Iron Man + Batman). Reece then explained that he plans on remaking the universe in his own image, where he’d never be alone again. But the Iron Bat proposed that he would always be alone because he is too powerful and immortal. Shaken by the revelation, Reece’s power waned and his works were undone. Earth and its people, including the Green Skull and the killed JA members, were revived, and Galactic Man turned himself into an unmoving metal statue in the middle of the South Pole, choosing eternal unconsciousness over eternal isolation. The fractions of Beyondus’ power were returned to him, but he was the one that delivered the alien device that started everything to Earth in the first place!
Powers: Immortality and unlimited cosmic powers.

Bottom Row, Left to Right:

Master Faust:
Amalgamation of: Master Pandemonium + Felix Faust
Real Name: Martin Faust
Biography: Centuries ago, a European traveler made his way to an ancient city in the Middle East. He intended to learn about magic from the city’s ruler, but the king swept him aside. Furious, the traveler intended to conquer the city and take its magic secrets by force. He sold his soul to the demon lord Mephistrigon (Mephisto + Trigon), who bound his flesh with the essence of demons. The traveler used these powers, emanating from the star-shaped hole in his chest where his soul was, to unlock an ancient demon called Dor-Buh-Loh from its prison beneath the city. The demon attacked the city, but the king’s superior magic resealed it. As the demon was pulled back into its hellish cage, it grabbed the traveler and took him with it. The key to the demon’s prison was reformed into a gem called the Flame of Life. Centuries later, an actor and magician named Martin Faust found the Flame of Life in an old trunk and he thought he could sell it. He accidentally broke it and the demon was freed from its prison, causing it to rampage across the nearest Middle Eastern town, until he was stopped by the Justice Avengers. Meanwhile, the traveler’s soul was fused with Martin’s, giving him magic powers but scattering his soul across the planet, resulting in a star-shaped hole in his chest. Willing to do whatever it took to retrieve the 5 pieces of his soul, Martin became the villainous Master Faust, an enemy of the Justice Avengers. Gaining money with his magical powers, Faust bought the cyborg Deathvic (Deathlok + Lady Vic) and used her as a key to an AHEM (AIM + HIVE) facility, where he retrieved the first fragment of his soul.
Powers: Magic powers, such as teleportation, necromancy, energy blasts, mind control, flight, illusions, flame breath, and demon summoning.

Amalgamation of: Songbird + Enchantress
Real Name: Melissa “Missy” Moon
Alias: Screaming Missy
Biography: When Dinah Morse, the heroine Black Bird, was an athlete in the UCWF (Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation), she had a standing rivalry with “Screaming” Missy Moon. She couldn’t stand up to Dinah’s sonic screams attacks, so Missy sought the aging villain Wizardicus (Dr. Demonicus + Wizard), the scientist who mutated baby Dinah to have sonic scream powers. For a small fortune, Wizardicus gave Moon even more powerful sonic powers, and she attacked Black Bird outside of the ring. Dinah was about to be killed when she was rescued by her future beau, the super-archer Hawk Arrow (Hawkeye + Green Arrow). “Screaming” Missy has been an enemy of Hawk Arrow and Black Bird ever since. When she was recruited into the Thunder Squad from prison, she changed her codename to “Songstress.”
Powers: Sonic screams for flight, hypnotism, energy constructs, teleportation, energy blasts, and incineration.

Nebulon Man:
Amalgamation of: Nebulon + Nebula Man
Real Name: Dor-Buh-Loh
Biography: The cosmic demon Dor-Buh-Loh of the Shee’luna (Ul’luna’n + Sheeda), better known as Nebulon Man, is a living galaxy with “the touch of 20 atomic bombs”. He was banished centuries ago by an ancient sorcerer king, who resealed him when he escaped with another being’s help. When the key to his prison was shattered in modern times, Nebulon Man was freed once more, but defeated by the Justice Avengers, who found the remains to his key on the other side of the world and reconnected them. But this would not be the last they’d see of the Nebulon Man. A crippled man named James Zolomon tried to use Krangos’ time technology, confiscated by the JA, to warn his past self about the incident that would cripple him. The JA’s headquarters’ security bots fire lasers at the device as it worked, causing a dimensional portal to open. Nebulon Man was free again, but this time he would need help to conquer Earth. He cured James of his disability and granted him enhanced speed, turning him into the villain Supercharger (Speed Demon + Zoom). Supercharger defeated his former friend Silverflash as Nebulon Man bested the rest of the Justice Avengers, but the Seven Soldiers For Hire (Heroes for Hire + Seven Soldiers of Victory) arrived on the scene to shatter the demon’s key, breaking it into seven parts. The manipulation of the key is what opens the demon’s cage, and Nebulon Man disappeared once more. Supercharger escaped with his powers and vowed revenge on Silverflash.
Powers: Enhanced strength/stamina/durability/senses; able to manipulate his living cosmos body to form objects from dark matter, manipulate energy, teleport, shape-shift, and heal his wounds.

Amalgamation of: Jolt + Bolt
Real Name: Helen Bolantski
Biography: When Helen Bolantski developed her metamutant (mutant + metahuman) powers, her home was destroyed and her parents were killed by metamutant-hunting robots called Harvesters (Sentinels + Scissor-Men). Vengeful, she donned a costume and became the villainess “Volt.” She battled the Justice Avengers several times before being sent to prison. In prison, she was recruited into the Thunder Squad (Thunderbolts + Suicide Squad), a division of the American defense agency Task Force S (SHIELD + Task Force X). She seemingly died on her first mission, but returned as living energy, returning to her human form only after her injuries fully healed.
Powers: Electrical blasts; absorption of electricity to convert into strength and speed; teleportation. Self-healing via transformation into living energy.

Amalgamation of: Sasquatch + Shaggy Man
Real Name: Dr. Andrew Langkowski (Walter Langkowski + Andrew Zagarian)
Biography: Canadian scientist Andrew Langkowski, like many scientists before him, attempted to synthesize some form of organic machinery. Studying the effects of gamma radiation on his “synthetic human tissue”, the organism began to mutate and enlarge, becoming a blob that devoured Andrew. The chemicals inside “devolved” Andrew and turned him into a techno-organic ape-man that went on a rampage. The Justice Avengers responded and battled the beast, called Shaggysquatch by the locals, but he escaped. The Green Giant investigated the lab where he was created and realized that Shaggysquatch is Dr. Langkowski, a colleague of Green Giant’s human form Dr. Bruce Jordan. When they encountered Shaggysquatch once more, Bruce changed back to human and tried to reason with it. Shaggysquatch calmed down and changed back to Andrew. Andrew turned himself over to the United Nations, and was sequestered to a secret facility in the US. He continues to help the United Nations in researching villains while trying to control his transformation, but every once in a while, he’ll lose control and change back into Shaggysquatch.
Powers: Whether in human or Shaggysquatch form, Andrew is a brilliant human mind inside a techno-organic robot. Shaggyquatch has no human intelligence or emotional control but does have accelerated healing, superhuman strength/speed/agility/senses/stamina/durability, and sharpened teeth and claws.

Amalgamation of: Man-Killer + Plastique
Real Name: Bette San Horne
Biography: Bette San Horne was a French-Canadian professional skier who was crippled in a race against a male competitor, who pushed her off the ski trail and into a ravine. This led to Bette developing a hatred of all men. While recovering in a hospital, Bette was recruited by a group of pro-feminist extremists who gave her a powered exoskeleton and a position in their group. Bette later held the building of the Planet Bugle newspaper (Daily Bugle + Daily Planet) hostage, threatening to blow up the building and killing all male hostages inside if the State of New York didn’t elect a female Governor. The first hero to arrive on the scene was the Justice Avenger called Dark Atom (Darkhawk + Captain Atom), a living collective of radiation inside a robotic body; he was able to destroy Bette’s exoskeleton and disable the bombs before they exploded. While she was in prison, Bette was visited regularly by Dark Atom, who developed feelings for her when they first met, even though he knew that they were enemies. Bette reconciled her feeling towards men, and she and Dark Atom were soon married after she was released. Unfortunately, since Dark Atom was still technically 16 years old, despite his inhuman status, his Justice Avenger teammates arrested Bette for statutory rape. Once again full of rage, Man-Blaster joined the Thunder Squad in exchange for a Presidential pardon; Task Force S scientists were able to genetically alter her physiology, curing her need for the exoskeleton and granting her super strength and energy blasts.
Powers: Originally wore an exoskeleton that gave mobility to her crippled body and granted her great strength; she also used explosive devices in her schemes. After joining the Thunder Squad, scientists cured her handicap and gave her superhuman strength/stamina/durability and energy projection attacks.

Amalgamation Of: Overhawk + Major Force
Real Name: Clifford Kistur
Biography: An American soldier who was volunteered for an experiment involving the same alien tech that changed young Nate Powell into the heroic Dark Atom, Cliff Kistur became the evil Over-Force. He is Dark Atom's archnemesis, and seeks to apprehend him in service of the corrupt military officials he works for to commence further experiments to replicate the tech for their nefarious purposes.
He also battled other heroes, such as Rich Rayner (Rich Rider + Kyle Rayner) of the Green Nova Corps (Nova Corps + Green Lantern Corps).
Powers: Superhuman strength/speed/stamina/agility/reflexes/durability; energy manipulation (blasts, shields, absorption); night vision; flight; matter transmutation.
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