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NAC: Super-Soldier's Foes- Now by Red-Rum-18 NAC: Super-Soldier's Foes- Now by Red-Rum-18
The enemies of the superheroic Super-Soldier (Cpt. America + Superman) after he was revived after 70 or so years of cryogenic preservation.

Top Row, Left to Right:

The Green Skull:
Amalgamation of: Red Skull + Lex Luthor
Real Name: Alexander Schmidt
Alias: Lex Schmidt III
Biography: The right hand of Nazi Germanyís ruler Adolf Hitler, Alexander Schmidt became the Green Skull to help generate and lead a group of super-powered Nazi agents in order to destroy the Allied forcesí superheroes, especially the Green Skullís American nemesis, the Super-Soldier. In the last days of World War II, the Skullís last-ditch army of uber-warriors were killed when they rejected the alien DNA they were injected with. He tried to escape in a rocket ship, which flew over the Arctic Circle. Super-Soldier gave chase with his flight powers, and he cut the fuel line with a toss of his shield; the gas ignited when it hit the rocketís exhaust, causing an explosion. While Super-Soldier was frozen in the waters below, the Green Skull survived and went into hiding. He learned later that with the radioactive Kreetonite ore that made up his skull mask, while it immediately harms Super-Soldier, prolonged exposure can cause cancer in normal human bodies. He had himself frozen in a cryogenic pod, ordering his minions to have himself unfrozen when they can transfer his brainwaves into a new body. HUNDRA (HYDRA + The 100) gained this technology years later, placing his mind, memories and personality into a healthy body cloned from his DNA. While Baron Zod (Baron Strucker + General Zod), the Green Skullís protťgť, continues to run HUNDRA, Alexander Schmidt has taken on the identity of his own grandson, Alexander ďLexĒ Schmidt III. As Lex, he is now the President and CEO of the technological R&D company LexCorp, claiming to wish to undo the horrors that his grandfather and the other Nazis caused. It was only until the invasion of the demon Starro-Gorath (Shuma-Gorath + Starro), which facilitated the return of Super-Soldier after recovering from 70 years of being frozen, that Lex began to hurry his conspiracy towards world domination. Super-Soldier and some of his allies, such as the Justice Avengers (Avengers + Justice League), know that Lex is really the Green Skull, but they usually have no evidence to prove it. He once became the President of the United States, but when it became known that he had prior knowledge of an incoming meteor, which was destroyed by Super-Soldier, he was impeached. By killing his other-dimensional counterpart Albert Luthor (Albert Malik + Alexander Luthor Jr.) and blaming him for this, Lex Schmidt was brought back into the publicís good graces. The Green Skull reborn has many super-powered minions to serve him from Megaskel (Crossbones + Atomic Skull) and his Skeleton Brigade (Skeleton Crew + Aryan Brigade), to the Secret Society of Evil (Masters of Evil + Secret Society of Super Villains), a villain team he founded with the immortal dictator Vandal Doom (Dr. Doom + Vandal Savage) and alien supervillain Deathseid (Thanos + Darkseid).
Powers: Though he has no true superhuman abilities, the Green Skull is a highly trained warrior, extremely intelligent in many fields and insanely sadistic, whose presence strikes terror into all who witness him. He commands many minions, both metahuman and normal, and plenty of resources and weaponry, all in the name of achieving the perfect global society under his rule. His main weapon against his archnemesis Super-Soldier is a skull-shaped mask carved from a huge chunk of Kreetonite and lined internally with lead, which emits a radiation wavelength capable of immediately weakening and harming him. He currently employs a black-and-purple battlesuit that grants him strength, flight, and Kreetonite radiation blasts.

Lena Schmidt:
Amalgamation of: Sinthea Schmidt + Lena Luthor
Biography: Lena Schmidt, named after her deceased aunt by her fatherís original body, is the daughter of Lex Schmidt and Deidra Del Portenza. After losing her army of super-powered women, the immortal woman also called Contessa Superia was crucially injured by the Justice Avengers. She seemingly disappeared, but was taken in by the Green Skullís minions. The Green Skull offered her a deal: he would her restore army and technology, if she would bear his child. Deidra hated all men, but she saw no choice in the matter. She was artificially inseminated and, 9 months later, Lex Schmidtís daughter was born. Deidra was unconscious during her caesarian-section and when she recovered, he restored her army and resources. A virus was implanted by Green Skull into the superweapon he helped her design, ensuring that she would fail at what he sought to succeed at: world domination. The Justice Avengers defeated Contessa Superia once more, and she was sent to prison. In his civilian identity, Lex was able to pass off Lena as his own, claiming her to be the result of a one-night stand. Months later, the gigantic alien robot called Galactiac (Galactus + Brainiac) had returned to Earth to consume it, and it took the efforts of most of Earthís heroes to destroy him. It turns out that Galactiac had composed a failsafe in his absence, a minute cloud of nanotech spores that infected living creatures with his mind. Lexís infant daughter became the center of this hive-mind as Galactiac accelerated her growth. With Lenaís adult body and the bodies of other infected humans, Galactiac reconstructed his original body in a secret area. The Skeleton Brigade rescued Lena from Galactiacís control and the alien titan left the planet, planning on returning later. With the body of an adult and the mind of a child, Lena quickly absorbed her fatherís twisted teachings and honed her body into a deadly weapon.
Powers: Olympic-level strength/speed/agility/stamina/durability/reflexes/aim; mastery of weapons and martial arts; clever manipulator and strategist; possible immortality.

Contessa Superia:
Amalgamation of: Superia + Contessa Del Portenza
Real Name: Deidra Del Portenza
Biography: Many centuries ago, an irradiated alien capsule entered Earthís atmosphere on a collision course. Burining up in the atmosphere, the capsule was split in two; one part landed in Ancient Egypt, which gave a warrior and his lover the power of reincarnation (they eventually were reborn as the heroes Wingspan [Hank Pym + Hawkman] and Wasp Girl [Janet Van Dyne + Hawkgirl]), and the other part landed in the Roman Empire. A slave train of captured women were exposed to the radiation and they gained amazing strength and immortality. They escaped Rome and formed their own secret society; what we called the Amazonian Empire, a staple of Greco-Roman Myth, they called the Femturions (Femizons + Centurions). The Femturions existed for centuries, living seclusively in the rainforests of South America, waiting for the perfect time to strike and conquer the world of man. The leader of the Femturions is the Contessa Superia, also known by the human name Deidra Del Portenza, and their greatest warrior is Lyra Aelius, the Thundurion (Thundra + Alpha Centurion). The Femturions had amassed advanced technology from their years of existence, and had finally concocted a fast-spreading plague that only affect men. All the men in major cities across the planet were infected and the virus was spreading, but Super-Soldier, due to his genetically-altered biology, wasnít immediately harmed by it. He worked quickly, tracing the source of the plague to the Femturionsí fortess in Brazil. Contessa Superia and the Femturions were defeated but the Contessa disappeared after being critically injured. While Super-Soldier and his allies created the vaccine for the man-killing virus, the Green Skull gave her back her technology and Femturion army in exchange for bearing his child. Contessa Superia struck against Super-Soldier back months after agreeing to the Green Skullís terms, but the Justice Avengers defeated the Femturions once more. Thundurion then turned her back against Contessa Superia, and transferred the coordinants of their latest HQ to Super-Soldier. In reality, the Green Skull was the first to receive these coordinants, and launched a cruise missile at the fortress; many were killed, but Contessa Superiaís body wasnít foundÖ
Powers: Immortality (reduced aging); advanced strength/speed/agility/stamina/durability/intelligence; access to advanced technology; command over many powerful, immortal warrior women; technology hidden in clothes grant energy blasts.

Amalgamation of: Protocide + Bizarro
Biography: When the American government learned of Super-Soldierís return, they tried to get him to return to serving in their interests, but he remained with the Justice Avengers, deciding that modern day America would fare better with him operating privately. They then returned to their efforts in Project: Weapon C (Weapon X + Project Cadmus), an operation that is trying to create new super-soldiers through cloning, cyborg implantations, and genetic engineering. The previous Projects, Weapon A and Weapon B, failed to clone Super-Soldier using a strand of his chemically-enhanced DNA taken from Project: Rebirth, which turned Clark Rogers into Super-Soldier during WWII. Weapon C succeeded when they introduced chemical compound called ďProtogen Zeta-R-OmegaĒ (Pro-Z-R-O), but their victory was short-lived. The Green Skull, who helped fund the Project as Lex Schmidt, took control of the clone, implanting him with false memories as ďKent McIntyreĒ. This new Super-Soldier helped protect New Metropolis (New York City + Metropolis), but his genetic makeup and mind began to deteriorate before encountering the real Super-Soldier. The clone went on a rampage, but he believed that he was helping people with the destruction he caused. Green Skullís men took him back to his lab to inject him with more Pro-Z-R-O to stabilize him, but he destroyed the lab and vanished in the fire. The burning plasma mixed with the chemicals altered his costumeís colors, and he reattached the logo upside-down when it was torn. Using the sharply-shaped shield he was given, Prozarro, as he now calls himself (named for the chemical he remembers seeing), is out to prove that he is the real Super-Soldier, often being manipulated by the Green Skull, AHEM (AIM + HIVE), and other villains.
Powers: Superhuman strength/speed/stamina/agility/reflexes/senses. Absorption of yellow solar energy and conversion of it into his powers. Freeze vision. X-Ray hearing. Enhanced lung capacity. Flaming breath. Flight. Use of an almost-unbreakable shield; he can throw this shield with great strength, little accuracy, and a chaotic bounce pattern. Immunity to Kreetonite.

Dredmund the Banshee:
Amalgamation of: Dredmund the Druid + Silver Banshee
Real Name: Siobhan Dredmund
Biography: Centuries ago, on an island off the coast of Maine, an ancient Gaelic cult had been taken over by Siobhan Dredmund, the daughter of the cultís leader who couldnít become leader by right due to her being a woman. Using her powers, Dredmund hypnotized many people, but soldiers attacked the island and stopped her. To escape death, she used one last spell to travel into the future. In the modern times, Dredmund traveled to New Metropolis to find an ancient spellbook that would allow her to control her cultís power once more. Her willingness to kill all those who stood between her and the museum that held the book drew the attention of Super-Soldier. Despite being weak against magic, Super-Soldier still defeated the witch, whom the papers called Dredmund the Banshee, and she escaped. HUNDRA stole the spellbook from the museum later, and offered it to Dredmund, but only if she killed General Jake Furock (Nick Fury + Frank Rock), director of Task Force S (SHIELD + Task Force X). The General was trapped on the cultís island, which had become a magical maze full of death traps, but Super-Soldier freed him and defeated Dredmund the Banshee. When Lex Schmidt, as President, announced that the Kreetonite meteor that was heading for Earth made Super-Soldier dangerous, she was one of the many supervillains who sought to collect a $1 Million bounty on his head; she was shot out of the sky by the Iron Bat (Iron Man + Batman).
Powers: Sonic scream allows for deadly energy blasts, teleportation, and hypnotism; super strength/stamina/durability; high intelligence in the fields of magic and alchemy.

Amalgamation of: Taskmaster + Bloodsport
Real Name: Anthony Dubois
Biography: Originally believed to be a metamutant (mutant + metahuman), a human born with superpowers, Anthony DuBois was a soldier who was experimented on during the Vietnam Conflict, gaining superhuman abilities in the process. Fighting in Vietnam with the ability to perfectly copy the fighting styles of anyone he sees, but an unfortunate side effect is causing memory loss. His sister, whom he forgot about, was an agent of Task Force S who recruited him into the defense organization, but when she was killed after his memories returned, he went insane from grief and became a criminal mercenary. As a mercenary called Bloodmaster, DuBois was hired by the Green Skull to train his evil minions and the security forces of his business. He also was brought into conflict with Super-Soldier, fighting him with a gun that fires Kreetonite bullets; the battle also wounded several civilian bystanders, so Green Skull had to shut down his weapons system to avoid further collateral damage. Bloodmaster was defeated, but returned as a hired gun for many super-criminals.
Powers: Above-human strength/stamina/durability/speed/agility/reflexes; the ability to copy the fighting styles of any being he witnesses (such as martial arts styles, swordsmanship, and aim with firearms and throwing weapons); uses a system that teleports to him any weapon he needs from a secret warehouse.

Bottom Row, Left to Right:

Amalgamation of: Blue Streak + Conduit
Real Name: Don Braverman
Biography: Don Braverman was originally a friend of Super-Soldierís civilian identity of Clark Rogers, a reporter for the Planet Bugle newspaper (Daily Bugle + Daily Planet). But, in his private life, he was a member of a terrorist cell that implanted him in the CIA as a double agent. In Paris, France, Don sabotaged his CIA team to prevent them from stopping a nuclear bomb from going off; however, Super-Soldier and the Green Giant (Hulk + Green Lantern [Jordan]) appeared to contain the radioactive blast, accidentally exposing Braverman to the energies. While he was recovering in a research hospital, Don was outed as the double agent and was arrested; the terrorists he worked for sprung him from their custody and fixed him with a suit that suppresses his radiation poisoning. The suit was equipped with a device that allows him to generate any wavelength of radiation, including the radiation of Kreetonite, Super-Soldierís weakness. He took this opportunity to try to eliminate Super-Soldier, taking on the alias Pipeline. As Pipeline, Don battled the Super-Soldier numerous times, but when he learned of his true identity from Shadowclaw (Silverclaw + Shadowdragon), he began a campaign of fear against his friends. Shadowclaw regretted her actions and aided Clark in faking his friendsí deaths. Pipeline was later killed by the vigilante known as The Problem (The Scourge + The Question).
Powers: Battlesuit enhances his strength/stamina/durability; retractable wheels in boots allow him to move at 125 MPH; radiation blasts from hands; accelerated healing; skilled soldier.

Amalgamation of: Armadillo + Blackrock
Real Name: Lucia Rodriguez
Biography: Lucia Rodriguez, a crook and drug-dealer, was apprehended by Super-Soldier and sent to a womenís prison. A short time before she was up for parole, she was attacked by another prisoner and had to kill her in self-defense. For this, she was sentenced to 1 more year behind bars. When she finally got out, she had learned that her husband had fallen ill and they had no more money for treatment. A scientist named Dr. Malus Silverstone (Karl Malus + Peter Silverstone) agreed to cure her husband but Lucia told him that they had no more money and had no way to pay him. Silverstone told Lucia that she could pay for her husbandís treatment by working for him. Lucia agreed and he infused her with a liquid nanotech system that coated her body with a black/orange metal that conforms to her mind. As Blackarmor, Lucia used these new powers of hers to commit crimes for Silverstone, which brought her into conflict with Super-Soldier and the Justice Avengers. Malus Silverstone and the Green Skull teamed up to defeat Super-Soldier in Alaska, near his Fortress of Justice, but Blackarmor was trapped in a chamber lined with lead, preventing the armor from absorbing the ambient electromagnetic energy it needs to work. With Silverstone in prison, Luciaís husband was cured of his malady and she was stripped of the armor; however, a small piece of the armor remains in her brain, using the organís bioelectric energy to enhance her strength. With this strength without the armor, Lucia joined the superhuman sports organization UCWF (Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation).
Powers: Manipulation of the nanotech armor for superhuman strength/stamina/durability, claws on hands and feet, mass expansion, invulnerability, flight, and electromagnetic energy blasts.

Amalgamation of: Batroc + Vartox
Biography: From the planet Valance in the Sombrero Galaxy hails the one called Varroc. A powerful psychic who mastered one of his planetís formidable martial arts style, Varroc used his skills to defend his planet from invaders as a soldier in the planet-wide army. After his service, the woman he loved was murdered by a criminal while he was trying to escape Valance after stealing an important invention. He left his planet to pursue the criminal, which led Varroc to the planet Earth. Learning of Earthís superhuman population, he assembled a brigade of empowered criminals to help him, promising to pay them handsomely for their service. This allegiance of super-criminals was brought to the attention of Super-Soldier, who didnít know of the alienís true mission. Once the hero learned of the truth, he helped Varroc bring the alien criminal to justice; the members of his brigade then betrayed them, causing Super-Soldier and Varroc to team up to defeat them. Varroc returned to Valance, where he became a mercenary, coming into conflict with Super-Soldier a few more times.
Powers: Telepathy, telekinesis, superhuman strength/speed/agility/reflexes/stamina, mastery of an alien martial art, skills as a trained soldier.

Amalgamation of: Asylum II + Puzzler II
Real Name: Valerie Gallante
Biography: Valerie Gallante was a drug-addicted youth who admired the Super-Soldier; when she finally overdosed, a sentient version of energy called the Darkforce pierced its way into our dimension through Valerie and took control over her body. Revived, Valerie now uses her powers and symbiotic relationship with the Darkforce to commit crimes as Asyler (the alias decided between Valerie and the Darkforce). She was first hired by the criminal organization called the Intermaggia (Maggia + Intergang) to assassinate reporter Clark Rogers, who was close to publishing a hard-hitting expose on the organization that would ruin them. However, she didnít know that Clark was really Super-Soldier, and that by cutting off her golden face-plate from the rest of her body, her ability to split up and reassemble was neutralized. The Darkforce within her was actually biding its time, and found the perfect opportunity to strike by kidnapping other superhumans that can access Darkforce energies. The Outer-Warriors (New Warriors + Outsiders) defeated Asyler and imprisoned her in the Darkforceís dimension.
Powers: With a body composed of living Darkforce energy, Asyler can split her body into a barrage of sharpened pieces and control them at will. She can fly, slip into small spaces, fling the pieces as sharp projectiles, and spin at a high-enough frequency to generate total darkness.

Amalgamation of: Machinesmith + Toyman
Real Name: Winslow Saxon
Biography: Winslow Saxon was born in Britain and raised in Tennessee. Fascinated by the world of superheroes and villains, he and his toy company begin a line of action figures based on the most well known heroes and villains of today. His company was bought out by LexCorp, which ousted Winslow as CEO and stole his technological designs. Furious, he developed a mental break and started designing AI-controlled robot toys and weapons designed to look like toys. He sent one robotic action figure to kidnap Lex Schmidtís infant daughter and hold her hostage. The police and Super-Soldier were involved in a hostage situation with the villain, now calling himself Toysmith, which ended when an assassin, hired by Lex Schmidtís evil identity Green Skull shot him in the head with a sniper rifle. Winslow survived but barely recovered from his brain damage. Using weaponized toys and endangering children to get what he wants continues to be his MO as he continues his criminal career; he once held a hospitalís maternity ward hostage, but that only brought about the wrath of the hospitalís legal aide, who is secretly the hero Dr. Dare (Daredevil + Dr. Mid-Nite). Toysmith was believed to have been killed, but came back as a brain inside a robotic shell; this machine killed Randy Grant, the son of Joseph Grant (Joseph Robertson + Cat Grant). Winslow turned up alive, revealing that he built the robotic version of himself that killed Josephís son. It was later revealed that Toysmith built a another robot, who became Pogo (Grassshopper + Hiro Okamura), a member of the Great Lakes Justice Avengers (Great Lakes Avengers + Justice League).
Powers: A brilliant machinist, programmer, and electrician, but his twisted personality revolves around making deadly weapons and killer robots that resemble childrenís toys. He later evolved his skills to design intelligent robots that convincingly resemble human beings.

Comet I:
Amalgamation of: Moonstone I + Killer Frost I
Real Name: Crystal Bloch
Biography: Crystal Bloch was a research scientist for HUNDRA, and her team was investigating the area of the Arctic Circle where they believed that the Super-Soldier was frozen for 70 years. In the guise of a government research team, the scientists found a mysterious crystal that emanated an unusual energy. She remained in communication with her boyfriend Dr. Martin Parrish (Max Parrish + Martin Stein), but he broke up with her due to the strain of their long-distance relationship. Despondent, Crystal seized the crystal they discovered and took control of its energies, gaining energy and ice powers. She decimated the camp and traveled back to New Metropolis to force him to take her back. This ended with a clash with the hero Super-Soldier, the genesis of her codename Comet, and Crystal being sent to prison; Martin Parrish would later fuse with Ronnie Storm in a bath of cosmic radiation, turning them into the hero Torchstorm (Human Torch + Firestorm) of the Justice Four (Fantastic Four + Justice League). After a few more bouts with Super-Soldier and other members of the superhero community, it was revealed that the crystal that Comet gains her powers from is driving her insane. Locked up in the Arkroft Institute for Mental Illness (Ravencroft + Arkham Asylum), she was treated by Dr. Louise Sofen (Karla Sofen + Louise Lincoln), the student of criminal psychologist Dr. Faustrange (Dr. Faustus + Prof. Hugo Strange). Louise pretended to be Crystalís friend in order to find the crystal that grants her superpowers, becoming the second Comet.
Powers: Gravity manipulation, intense cold projection, flight, light projection, and super strength/durability/stamina.

Amalgamation of: Porcupine + Parasite
Real Name: Rudy Gentry
Biography: When he first started out as Paraspine, Rudy Gentry accidentally gained his powers while working on an experiment for the R&D corporation RoxTAR (Roxxon + STAR Labs). His research in genetic engineering would have been sold to the US Military, but he believed that he wouldnít see a penny for all of his effort. When the military came to collect his research, he destroyed his notes and tried to escape with the only sample of the mutagenic serum, which spilled all over him when he accidentally crashed his car. The serum mutated his body into growing grotesque spines all over his body and Rudy was hospitalized. Stuck in a skin-suit designed to control his powers, Rudy discovered that anyone stuck with the spines can be drained of their life energy, memories, and abilities and fed directly to him. The military tried to turn him into a weapon, but he escaped and took on the name Paraspine. As Paraspine, Rudy used his powers to become rich through robbery and came into conflict with Super-Soldier and other members of the Justice Avengers. He frequently goes in and out of prison, with the prisonís doctors trying to make him human again.
Powers: Paraspine can launch his needles at sources of energy and drain those energies to feed himself, even at long distances. He can then convert those energies in to strength or funnel them through needle projectiles, resulting in electrified needles, super-heated needles, and other effects. If he drains the energy from a living being, he can absorb their memories and abilities, such as Super-Soldierís flight and laser vision powers.

Baroness Zongal:
Amalgamation of: Baroness Heike Zemo + Mongal
Biography: Baroness Zongal of the planet Hebstam IV, is a female alien with beyond-human strength and durability. She is also the sister and wife of the planetís ruler, Zongul II, the 13th Baron of Hebstam IV (Baron Zemo II + Mongul II), but she was cloned from Zongul Iís (Baron Zemo I + Mongul I) DNA instead conceived and birthed naturally. When Zongul II was imprisoned on Earth after the battle against Imperislaught (Onslaught + Imperiex), Zongal took control of the throne and Hebstam IVís greatest weapon Warminus II (Dominus + Warworld); on a mission for the Thunder Squad (Thunderbolts + Suicide Squad), Zongul II was launched into space in a chunk of ice, where he was recovered by Warminus II. When he recovered, he learned that Zongal lost control of their planet to the Shinagarian Empire (ShiíAr + Thanagar), so he had her killed. However, Zongal turned up alive on the home planet of the heroine Black Mamba (Diamondback + Maxima).
Powers: Superhuman strength/stamina/durability/reflexes/fighting skill/intellect/senses; command of a destructive space station called Warminus II, which utilizes a massive laser array and legions of killer robots.
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