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September 22, 2011
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NAC: Super-Soldier's Foes- WW2 by Red-Rum-18 NAC: Super-Soldier's Foes- WW2 by Red-Rum-18
Enemies of the Super-Soldier (Captain America + Superman) from when he served in World War II.

Top Row, L-R:

The Green Skull:
Amalgamation of: Red Skull + Lex Luthor
Real Name: Alexander Schmidt
Biography: Born in 1930s Germany, Alexander Schmidt and his younger sister Lena watched their motherís suicide. Their cruel father Lionel abused them and drove Alexander to succeed, no matter what the cost. Lionel also killed himself years later, and the siblings ended up working in a hotel. The hotelís most esteemed guest, Germanyís ruler Adolf Hitler, saw the cruelty that lied in the heart of the bellhop Alexander and offered to take him under his wing. Adolf taught Alexander the Nazi ideology of genetic superiority, which the young man embraced wholeheartedly. Becoming his most trusted agent in the SS, Alexander aided the Nazi party in persecuting Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals and all others they saw to be inferior and needed to be killed. Lena was infuriated by her brotherís madness and escaped Germany, dying years later. But Alexander didnít care; he only sought the perfect world. His cruelty grew too much and he secretly began planning to overthrow Hitler once the Earth belonged to the Nazis. Placed in charge of a secret Nazi lab, Alexander oversaw research on several alien discoveries, including a radioactive meteorite and a young humanoid alien; Alexander began mentoring the young alien, who later became Baron Zod (Baron Strucker + General Zod), leader of their proposed terrorist group HUNDRA (HYDRA + The 100). The lab was raided by the Super-Soldier, a superhuman controlled by the American military, who had just entered into a war with Germany and its allies. The green radioactive rock, which was named Kreetonite, began killing Super-Soldier, but it was scattered in a following American bombing raid. Determined to eliminate the Super-Soldier, Alexander faked his death and returned as the Green Skull, wearing a skull-shaped mask carved from a chunk of Kreetonite. Super-Soldierís match being met the Allied forces made him into the leader of a superhero team called the All-Star Invaders (Invaders + All-Star Squadron), which facilitated the need for the Nazis to create and employ more superhumans. In the end, the Nazis were vanquished and the Super-Soldier and Green Skull ended up seemingly killing each other. It was later revealed that Super-Soldier was frozen in the North Pole for 7 decades before being revived. As for the Green Skull, his grandson, Alexander ďLexĒ Schmidt III became an American businessman. He claims to want to undo the tragedies caused by his Nazi grandfather, but Super-Soldier, now the leader of the Justice Avengers (Avengers + Justice League), knows the truthÖ
Powers: Though he has no true superhuman abilities, the Green Skull is a highly trained Nazi soldier, skilled enough to serve directly under Adolf Hitler himself. Heís extremely intelligent in many fields and insanely sadistic, whose presence strikes terror into all who witness him. He commands many Nazi soldiers, both metahuman and normal, and plenty of resources and weaponry, all in the name of achieving the perfect global society. His main weapon against his archnemesis Super-Soldier is a skull-shaped mask carved from a huge chunk of Kreetonite, which emits a radiation wavelength capable of immediately weakening and harming him. Against other enemies, he uses a Kreetonite-laced poison dust that shrivels and mutates the corpse so that its head looks like a green skull, leaving his mark upon the crime scene for all to fear.

Master Nazi:
Amalgamation of: Master Man + Captain Nazi
Real Name: Albrecht Lohmer
Biography: A Nazi community hidden in the city of New Metropolis (New York City + Metropolis) experimented on German immigrants and Americans of German descent to create powerful agents to sabotage the USís forces, should they ever interfere with their plans. Weak, sickly Albrecht Lohmer was chosen to receive a steroid regiment at developed his strength and athletic prowess over many months to a year. When the USA entered into WWII, the secret Nazi team sent Lohmer, now called Master Nazi, to kidnap British prime minister Winston Churchill, while he was visiting Washington DC. Churchillís protector, the Human Lantern (Human Torch [Hammond] + Green Lantern [Scott]), defeated Master Nazi and arrested the Nazi saboteurs, but Lohmer escaped to Nazi Germany. Under the command of the Green Skull, Master Nazi battled the Human Lantern again, this time with the hero as one of Super-Soldierís All-Star Invaders. After Nazi Germanyís fall, Master Nazi subjected himself to cryogenic preservation to avoid capture. He unfroze later and ended up killing the grandfather of Rick Freeman, who later became the hero Captain Genesis (Genis-Vell/Rick Jones + Captain Marvel, Jr.), an ally of Master Naziís new enemy, the mighty Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell + Billy Batson)!
Powers: Superhuman strength/stamina/durability/speed/agility/reflexes/senses/aim; combat skills.

Blood Panzer:
Amalgamation of: Baron Blood + Red Panzer
Real Name: Justin Faltsworth
Biography: The allure of Adolf Hitlerís charisma reach over to many people in Europe and America, creating secret Nazi societies with the goal of sabotaging countries capable of waging war against Germany. One such man to fall prey to this madmanís charm was one Justin Faltsworth, the brother of Sir Brian Faltsworth, also known as the heroic defender of the United Kingdom, the Union Knight (Union Jack + Silent Knight). Jealous of his older brother being given the abilities of a legacy of magic heroes, which dated back to Arthurian times, Justin accepted being experimented on by Nazi scientists with Vampire DNA. The experiment only worked on Justin, as it killed all the others, and he joined the ranks of the Naziís meta-talented agents, under the leadership of the Green Skull. Using his half-vampire skills and a laser-blasting arm cannon, the Blood Panzer, as Justin was called, battled his brother the Union Knight and his All-Star Invader teammates. He escaped justice after the Nazisí fall, but was beheaded in modern times by Hex Blade (Blade + Jonah Hex), a long-lived half-vampire from the days of the Wild West.
Powers: Super strength/speed/stamina/durability/agility/reflexes; blood-drinking fangs; flight; laser cannon on arm; longevity.

General Crule:
Amalgamation of: Crule + General Zhal
Biography: There is a great irony central to the plight of the metamutants (mutants + metahumans), humans born with beyond-human abilities. While today the metamutants are greatly feared and hated as Ďgenetic imperfectionsí, in the 1940s, many were well accepted by the Nazi Party of Germany, a group known today as the most evil force in human history. Metahumans born as Aryans, meaning they possess the other biological qualities of normal humans accepted by Hitler and his Nazi followers, were allowed to live and were even inscribed into their armies; metamutants that are also Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, or anything else were persecuted and then slaughtered. The Nazis saw the Metamutants as the next step to the Aryan peopleís destiny of genetic superiority over Earth. The name of Metamutant Nazi soldier known as General Crule was one spoken in hushed tones, much like the Green Skull. With purple skin and great strength, General Crule was the director of a Nazi extermination camp, killing off their supposed enemies for the fun of it. When the All-Star Invaders attempted to liberate the camp, Cruleís powers and effective strategizing was able to divide and conquer the team. Cruleís defeat came from unexpected assistance from the time-displaced X-Patrol (X-Men + Doom Patrol), and he escaped with only his life. A rather long lived life, as he revealed his longevity when he attacked the X-Patrol in modern times, which lead to his death.
Powers: Longevity; superhuman strength/speed/agility/stamina/durability/healing/senses; cruel and efficient leader and warrior; uses a bladed emblem on the end of his long ponytail.

Bottom Row, Left to Right:

Baron Zongul I:
Amalgamation of: Baron Zemo I + Mongul I
Real Name: Zongul, 12th Baron of Hebstam IV
Biography: Baron Zongul, ruler of the planet Hebstam IV, forced his people to construct a gigantic traveling space station/battleship called Warminus (Dominus + War World), which they would use to subjugate innocent aliens races and planets and force their strongest into gladiator combat for their amusement. His next target would be the planet Earth, but when Warminus began its orbit around this seemingly primitive planet, he saw that it was already in the throes of a massive war. Baron Zongul offered his alliance to the human Adolf Hitler, the leader of one of the 2 warring factions, offering a share of his advanced technology when they are victorious (except he secretly planned to kill Hitler and take over Earth once the war ended). The Nazis and Zongulís soldiers battled the Super-Soldier and his allies and the hero ended up destroying Warminus, the explosion sending Zongul into the void of space. Decades later, a heavily scarred Zongul, hiding his scars beneath a mask, returned to Earth, assuming his enemy died of old age. He was shocked to learn that Super-Soldier hadnít aged a day, and was now leading a new team of superhumans. The Justice Avengers defeated Zongul once more, and the rebuilt Warminus escaped without him. The demonic sorcerer Neromammu (Dormammu + Neron) tried to tempt Zongul with greater power in exchange for his soul, but the proud alien refused. Neromammu then killed him with a swarm of flesh-eating bugs. Zongulís son, Zongul II (Zemo II + Mongul II) now rules Hebstam IV and wears a mask in his fatherís honor, determined to decimate the Justice Avengers.
Powers: Superhuman strength/stamina/durability/senses; combat skills; command of a destructive space station called Warminus, which utilizes a massive laser array and legions of killer robots.

Amalgamation of: Ameridroid + Massacre
Real Name: Virago Dekker
Biography: Virago Dekker is a Kreetonian, one of few who survived their planetís destruction by the hands of Galactiac (Galactus + Brainiac). Heís a wandering warrior who agreed to serve Baron Zongul I after being bested by him in the ring. When Zongulís forces allied with the Nazis to invade Earth, they decided to defeat the Super-Soldier by replacing him with a traitorous duplicate. Experiments showed that Dekker could gain similar powers to the Super-Soldier when exposed to Earthís yellow sun, but too much yellow sunlight would drive him insane. Cybernetic implants allowed him to maintain his level of yellow radiation indefinitely, and he was given a similar costume and shield. The Super-Soldier escaped Warminus and exposed his duplicate for what he was; damage to Dekkerís cybernetics mutated his body with excess sunlight, changing him into a more monstrous form. Frozen in the waft of the heroís freeze breath, ďAmerikillerĒ, as the war correspondents called him, was hauled into the freezing void of space by Super-Soldier. Zongul was defeated soon after that.
Powers: Superhuman strength/speed/agility/stamina/durability; laser vision and super breath; use of a near-unbreakable shield; flight; mutated into an 8-foot-tall beast.

Baron Blitz:
Amalgamation of: Baron Blitzschlag + Baron Blitzkrieg
Real Name: Werner Von Reiter
Biography: An aging Prussian scientist working for the Nazis, Werner Von Reiter was favored by Hitler himself. When the Super-Soldier busted into his lab, he was heavily injured in an explosion; surgeon used his experimental skinsuit tech to revive Von Reiter, and also give him superpowers with the technology bonded to his dermis. Now the Nazi superhuman Baron Blitz, Von Reiter battled the All-Star Invaders until his powers began to fade; after the fall of Hitler, Baron Blitz vanished.
Powers: Superhuman intelligence; enhanced strength/stamina/durability; electricity generation and manipulation; flight on electric fields.

Amalgamation of: U-Man + Fisherman
Alias: Mr. Merrano
Biography: His true name known not outside of the undersea kingdom of Atlantis, the Atlantean called Mr. Merrano sought to be more powerful, so he allied himself with the Nazis in exchange for Atlantisí conquest. Using weapons and a costume supplied by Hitlerís men, the one called U-Fish led a battalion of Nazi submarines to attack Atlantis. Prince Namorin led the resistance and defeated the Nazis, but U-Fish escaped. Now going by the alias Aquariner (Sub-Mariner + Aquaman), Namorin and his fellow All-Star Invaders battled U-Fish and the Nazis until they were defeated. U-Fish was brought back to Atlantis for a trial, was found guilty, and was sentenced to life imprisonment. He would later escape, ditch the Nazi insignia, and battle the Aquariner numerous times after.
Powers: Underwater survival; super-fast swimming; enhanced strength/agility/reflexes/senses/stamina/durability; use of a titanium rod that ejects razor-sharp metal wire attached to a hook.
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Great concepts!
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I think that Baron Zongul is very creative. I have Mongul I and II with Mojo I and II. Can't figure out who for Mongal though...
Red-Rum-18 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2012  Student General Artist
Unless you have someone else with Spiral, she could be with Mongal.
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I've Got it! Jax-Ur!

A Kreetonian scientest who attemped to become a super-soldier by injecting himself with human DNA. It works, but it sends him off his rocker.
Red-Rum-18 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2011  Student General Artist
I'll take that under consideration.
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wwenmdc Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
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