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January 20, 2011
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NAC: Teen Avengers- West by Red-Rum-18 NAC: Teen Avengers- West by Red-Rum-18
West Coast Teen Avengers (Young Avengers + Teen Titans):

Left to Right:

Amalgamation of: War Machine + Nightwing
Real Name: Richard "Dick" Rhodes
Biography: Dick Rhodes is the son of two American Military officers who died in the line of duty. He was raised by his parents' commanding officer until the base was attacked by the armor-wearing crimelord Laugh Monger (Iron Monger + the Joker). Laugh Monger was defeated by the superhero Iron Bat, who was assisted by Dick. Iron Bat, impressed by Dick's courage, took him under his wing and molded him into his sidekick Red Guard ([Red] Robin + Guardsman). Dick eventually became a hero in his own right and became Warwing, leader of the West Coast Teen Avengers.
Powers: Olympic-level athleticism and acrobatics; battlesuit grants: strength, flight, energy blasts from hands and other weapons.

Red Giant:
Amalgamation of: Stature + Starfire
Real Name: Korilang
Alias: Coraline “Cory” Lang
Biography: Korilang was a princess from the planet Larmaran (Lar + Tamaran) until she was captured by Snardanian (Snarks + Gordanians) pirates and sold into slavery. Korilang made her way to Earth with the pirates on her trail, and she was saved by Scott Palmer, the hero Atom Ant (Ant-Man [Scott Lang] + Atom [Ray Palmer]). Scott adopted her as his daughter and she took up the human name “Coraline Lang.” Coraline now uses her alien powers to battle evil as “Red Giant”, a member of the West Coast Teen Avengers.
Powers: Like all Pegatarian (Pegasusian + Tamaranian), she can grow to 40 feet tall and shrink to the size of an ant; can shoot energy from her hands and eyes when she's at her normal height of 5'10''; can fly when at a smaller size.

Amalgamation of: Patriot + Cyborg
Real Name: Victor Bradley
Biography: Victor Bradley is the grandson of Isaiah Everett (Isaiah Bradley + Amazing Man I), a subject of the WWII-era Super-Soldier program. Victor's parents (his mother is the daughter of Isaiah) were brilliant scientists who rebuilt Victor's body with cybernetic parts after he got into a serious car accident. Victor decided to use his new body to fight crime as the "Cyber-Patriot", wearing a costume similar to his grandfather's.
It's later revealed that Amazing Power (Power Man [Luke Cage] + Amazing Man II [Will Everett III]), co-leader of the Seven Soldiers for Hire (Heroes for Hire + Seven Soldiers of Victory), is Victor's cousin.
Powers: Cybernetic body parts grant: Enhanced strength/speed/agility/endurance/hearing, various weapons and tools such as an energy shield.

Amalgamation of: Hulkling + Beast Boy
Real Name: Garfield "Gar" Altman
Biography: Gar Altman was orphaned while on an expedition to the jungles of South Africa and his parents died in a boating accident. Gar was later bitten by a green-furred monkey that turned his skin green and gave him shape-shifting powers (the monkey, as it was later discovered, was experimented on with Skrultian [Skrull + Martian] and Kreetonian [Kree + Kryptionian] DNA). Gar is later found by the superhero team, the X-Patrol (X-Men + Doom Patrol), and adopted by Scott and Jean Dayton, also known as Mindsye (Cyclops + Mento) and Elasti-Marvel (Marvel Girl + Elasti-Girl). Gar honed his shape-shifting powers and officially joined the X-Patrol under the alias “Beastling,” but when he chose to save his adoptive family over stopping Magnetron (Magneto + The Brain) and his villain team, the Brotherhood (… of Mutants + … of Evil), from escaping, Gar left the team after a falling out with his ‘father’, Scott, who was much more concerned about the latter. Beastling is now a member of the West Coast Teen Avengers.
Powers: Can change into any animal form while retaining his mentality and green skin. He also gains the characteristics of whatever animal form he’s in (gorilla strength, flight of a bird, fish's water breathing).

Amalgamation of: Wiccan + Raven
Real Name: Rachel Zatara
Alias: Rachel Kaplan
Biography: When Wanda Zatara (Scarlet Witch + Zatanna Zatara) was still a teenager, training in the magic arts under her adoptive father Dr. Zatara (Dr. Druid + Giovanni Zatara), she was captured by an evil cult that worshiped the dark demon Mephistrigon (Mephisto + Trigon). The prophecy states that in order for Mephistrigon to fully reside in the mortal realm, he must bear a child to sacrifice when she reaches maturity, so Mephistrigon, temporarily summoned to Earth by the cultists, raped the captive Wanda. A group of light-side warriors raided the cult's temple and slaughtered the cultists, but were too late to prevent Mephistrigon from impregnating Wanda. The warrior monks brought Wanda to Azarath, a city-state in another dimension, where she gave birth to a daughter she named Rachel. The monks trained Rachel (known as "Ravican" in Azarathian tongue) in mystic arts to defend her from her father and prevent the fulfillment of the prophecy. But Rachel was convinced that there was nothing she could do to prevent her father's return, so she came to Earth to make up for the horrible thing she will eventually do. Ravican is now a member of the West Coast Teen Avengers, and romantically involved with her teammate Gar "Beastling" Altman.
Powers: Magic powers for: Telekinesis, flight, telepathy, shadow manipulation, astral projection, lightning blasts, healing, teleportation.

Amalgamation of: Charcoal + Terra
Real Name: Charlene Markov
Biography: Charlene Markov and her older brother Flint, heirs to the throne of Symkovia (Symkaria + Markovia), were experimented on by the evil scientist Ultra-Zola (Armin Zola + Ultra-Humanite) into gaining Earth-based super powers; while Flint went insane and became the criminal Sand-Force (Sandman + Geo-Force), Charlene tried to use her powers to fight crime as the Teen Avenger, Terracoal. When the control of her powers came into question, Terra turned to the super-assassin Deathpool (Deadpool + Deathstroke) for training. This led to her betraying the Teen Avengers to Deathpool and his employers at AHEM (AIM + HIVE). Terracoal was arrested, but was soon made a member of the Thunder Squad (Thunderbolts + Suicide Squad), a government-controlled strike force consisting of reformed supervillains. Terracoal soon died while battling the superhuman dictator Black Dragon (Dragon of the Moon + Black Adam).
Powers: Transformation into any form of minerals and stone (sand, dirt, rock, crystal, lava, ect.)

Amalgamation of: Namorita + Aqualad
Real Name: Namorita Garth
Biography: Namorita Garth is the daughter of Nadebra (Namora + Deep Blue) and niece and sidekick of Namorin Marius, king of Atlantis and the hero Aquariner (Sub-Mariner + Aquaman).
Powers: Underwater survival; super-fast swimming; super strength/stamina/durability/senses; secretion of corrosive or paralyzing chemicals from skin.

Memory Card:
Amalgamation of: Machine Man + Jericho
Real Name: Aaron Wilson
Biography: Aaron Wilson is the son of former US soldier Dade Wilson. Aaron, his siblings Dade Jr. and Tulana, and their mother were held hostage by terrorists but their father attempted to save them; Dade Jr. was shot and Aaron's throat was slit while he was being used as a human shield. Dade and his wife, thinking that both of their sons are dead, separated with the wife getting custody of daughter Tulana. In actuality, the stress from the ordeal activated Aaron's latent metamutant genes (mutant + Metahuman), causing him to meld with a machine in the warehouse the terrorists were held up in. Aaron later returned, but without his voice, and became the hero "Memory Card" in order to find his parents and sister; Dade Sr. went insane and became the assassin Deathpool (Deadpool + Deathstroke), a major enemy of the Teen Avengers.
Powers: Metamutant power to physically meld with machines; can absorb data into his memories and temporarily morph any part of his body into a weapon/device after separating from the machine. Stretching of arms, legs, and neck. Super strength/durability. Unable to talk without being fused with a machine.

Amalgamation of: Jocasta + Kole
Real Name: Nicole Justin
Biography: Nicole Justin was the daughter of scientist Prof. Abel Justin.
When Metoltron (Ultron + Metallo), the robotic creation of Prof. Justin and his colleagues, Prof. Emmet Vale and Dr. Carter Pym (Wingspan [Yellowjacket + Hawkman]), went rogue, he kidnapped Nicole and tried to make her his robotic bride; Nicole's transformation into a robot was halfway complete when the Justice Avengers (Avengers + Justice League) shut down Metoltron. Nicole, now "Koljasta", is currently the liaison between the Teen Avengers and the Justice Avengers, and the girlfriend of her teammate, Memory Card.
Powers: Cyborg implants give her the ability to create crystals and morph them into any shape; the crystals can bend light (for illusions and laser blasts) and dissolve in a few hours. Super strength/stamina.

Kid Satan:
Amalgamation of: Satanna + Kid Devil
Real Name: Edward "Eddie" Hellstrom
Biography: Eddie is a half-demon and the younger brother of stuntman and demonic superhero Blue Satan (Son of Satan + Blue Devil). Both boys are the son of the demon warlord Marduk Nebiros (Marduk Kurios + Nebiros), who had pretended to be a human most of their lives so he could take over the Earth.
Powers: Super strength/agility; magic skills; fire breath; burning touch; accelerated healing; teleportation; soul absorption.
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ianbmorris Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014
the only problem i have is that memory card is not of legal drinking age, he can't say stuff like "my robot brain needs beer"
Rpandas123 Featured By Owner May 10, 2013
Okay, are Ravican and Beastling dating?
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I want to ask the same question abotu Warwing and Red Giant.
Red-Rum-18 Featured By Owner May 11, 2013  Student General Artist
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ArtistNeedham Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2012
Cool ideas. I like them. I had a similar idea merging the Teen Titans with Young Avengers. Man, I know I did a few sketches of my idea for this, wanted to send you a link. But I can't find them. I already had an idea that Batman was merged with Spider-Man, so his clone the Scarlet Spider was then merged with Robin. He was called something like Spider-Boy or something, and when he grew older he called himself Night-Spider or something. I merged Wiccan with Donna Troy. Hulkling with Miss Martian. Stature with Atom Smasher. I think I merged Cyborg with Iron Lad or the Vision. Kang the Conquerer was also merged with Ras al Ghul. Patriot was merged with Superboy since I was going with Super Soldier. So he was a young man who gave himself alien powers by using the Super Soldier alien serum.
Anyway, I had some sketches but I cannot find them. maybe I will load them if I can find them.
Cool ideas.
Warwing was brilliant! I love it!
RoninReviews3 Featured By Owner May 17, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
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Do you have a mix for Lilith and Gnnark?
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Not for Gnnark. But for Lilith: [link]
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