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August 20, 2011
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NAC: The Golden Age of Justice by Red-Rum-18 NAC: The Golden Age of Justice by Red-Rum-18
Heroes from the Golden Age of New Amalgam Comics!

Top Row, L-R:

The Whiz:
Amalgamation of: The Whizzer (Rob Frank) + The Flash (Jay Garrick)
Real Name: Robert “Bob” Garrick
Biography: Robert Garrick was originally a zoological chemist when a lightning storm struck a row of chemicals and animal blood samples in his lab, causing a fire; Bob accidentally inhaled the vapors, and the chemical compounds mutated his body. After recovering, Bob found that he could now move at super-human speeds. Donning a blue spandex costume and his father’s WWI helmet, redesigned to resemble the helm of Mercury, Roman God of Speed, Bob Garrick became a crime fighter; his superhero codename became The Whiz, because of the ‘whizzing’ noise he makes when moving at high speeds. When WWII broke out, the US government assembled a team of beyond-human heroes to serve in the Allied Forces; led by the Super-Soldier (Cpt. America + Superman), this team was called the All-Star Invaders (Invaders + All-Star Squadron). After the War, Bob returned to the states and married his long-time girlfriend, who was aware of his identity of the Whiz. When they tried to have children, his wife died during childbirth and their son was born deformed; Bob turned his son over to the American government, which also knew his heroic identity, to protect him. Years later, The Whiz came out of retirement to help the Justice Avengers (Avengers + Justice League) defeat a major villain, sacrificing his life in the process. He died believing the JA member Silverflash (Quicksilver + Flash II) was his son, cured of his mutation.
Powers: The Whiz has the ability to run, move, and perform at speeds unattainable for normal humans unaided by outside means. This is because his altered genetics make him capable of accessing the Speed Force, an inter-dimensional source of energy connected all moving bodies in the multiverse; future speedsters have greater control over the Speed Force and can outrun the Whiz, such as Silverflash and Speed Kid (Speed + Kid Flash).

Human Lantern:
Amalgamation of: Human Torch (Jim Hammond) + Green Lantern (Alan Scott)
Real Name: Alan Hammond
Biography: Eons ago, the Elder Guardians (Elders of the Universe + Guardians of the Universe), an ancient race of powerful aliens, amassed all of the magic in the universe into one object to be rid of it, allowing science to prevail and create an intergalactic police force (now the Green Nova Corps [Nova Corps + Green Lantern Corps]). The meteor brimming with magic wandered the cosmos for centuries, and it eventually crashed into the planet Earth. It was uncovered in the late 1930s by a Prof. Phineas Horton, who discovered a mineral-based lifeform within the radioactive rock. His team brought the rock back to his lab, where he tried to create a synthetic lifeform. An accident in the lab would affect Horton’s genes, making his two grandchildren capable of surviving the energy accidents that changed them into the heroes Green Giant (Hulk + Green Lantern [Hal]) and She-Nova (She-Hulk + Jade); a janitor who survived the accident had a daughter, who developed energy powers and became Novastorm (Nova [Raye] + Firestorm [Rusch]). In the end, the experiment was a success and the techno-organic humanoid became sentient! Learning the ways of humanity at a high rate, the android developed his own personality and took the human name Alan Hammond. Alan’s synthetic flesh was exposed to the magical radiation in its previous form, so he unexpectedly developed the ability to generate and control a green fire. He became the superhero Human Lantern and served in the All-Star Invaders during WWII. Alan, being a robot, doesn’t age like everyone else, so he’s still an active hero today. Soviet Union scientists attempted to recreate Alan’s magical tech, resulting in a cyborg agent with shadow powers instead of flames. This superhuman, Omega Black (Omega Red + Obsidian), regards the Human Lantern as a sort of father.
Powers: As a synthetic organism, Human Lantern has reduced aging and enhanced strength/speed/agility/stamina/senses/reflexes/durability. He has the ability to generate a green flame and control it to fly and change it into whatever tool or weapon he needs. The only weakness of the green flame is the inability to affect wood, as the flame is also a sort of living entity.

Blue Spider:
Amalgamation of: Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) + Blue Beetle (Dan Garrett)
Real Name: Jessica Garrett
Biography: Jessica Garrett was born in the late 1940s; her parents were archaeologists excavating the ruins of a civilization in the Middle East. There, they discovered an amulet with a blue spider engraved on it. A fellow scientist, jealous of Jessica’s father, tried to kill them with a high dosage of radiation, but Jessica survived because she was wearing the amulet. After returning to London, England, she was raised by her grandparents and studied the amulet’s mystic properties. Using these powers, Jessica began fighting crime as the Blue Spider. After graduating from college, Jessica moved to New Metropolis, NY in the USA to continue her fight against evil. She eventually found her parents’ killer, Dr. Jarvis Carpenter, and brought him to justice, but not before he crippled her with a cyborg minion called Spine (Needle + Carapax). Though both villains were defeated, Jessica was paralyzed from the waist down, and the Amulet couldn’t heal her. She decided to pass along the Amulet and the Blue Spider mantel to Jarvis’ niece Julia Kord (Julia Carpenter + Ted Kord), who willingly became the second Blue Spider. It was later revealed that Jessica had not only faked her paralysis, but that she was really Veralfec (Veranke + Malefic), queen of the alien Skrultians (Skrulls + Martians). The Skrultians replaced Jessica before the supposed accident, along with other heroes, in a decades-long plan to conquer Earth. When the Identity Invasion (Secret Invasion/Avengers Disassembled + Identity Crisis) was finally thwarted, the heroes found Jessica and the others in cryogenic stasis; Jessica went into therapy to deal with her kidnapping trauma and allowed Mattie Reyes (Mattie Franklin + Jaime Reyes), Julia’s successor, to continue her duties as the current Blue Spider.
Powers: Super physical attributes; energy blasts; flight; pheromone generation; wall-crawling; immunity to poisons and radiations.

Isaiah Everett:
Amalgamation of: Isaiah Bradley (“The Black Cpt. America”) + Amazing Man I (Will Everett)
Alias: Captain Amazing
Biography: Isaiah Everett was an American athlete who competed in the 1936 Olympics, which was held in Nazi-controlled Germany. Everett’s post-Olympic career devolved into janitorial service, but when the US joined the Second World War, he volunteered for service. Everett and hundreds of other black soldiers were enlisted into laboratory tests to recreate the alien DNA formula that turned one Clark Rogers into the Super-Soldier after the formula was lost; Everett and 4 other men were the only survivors. Angered by the deaths of his fellow soldiers at their own government’s hands, Everett escaped the facility, stole several notes as evidence, and escaped into the American wilderness. In hiding, Everett waited until the war was over before he could expose the atrocities to the public; this sparked the African-American to begin their fight for equality in law an community, which was won under the leadership of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Taking on the costumed identity of “Captain Amazing”, Everett defended the civil rights protestors and other African-American communities from crime and violence using his super strength and the ability to transform into whatever element he touches. Now retired, Isaiah Everett is an inspiration to many African-Americans, both normal people and superheroes. Everett had had a son and a daughter, and their sons became heroes; Luke Everett inherited his grandpa’s mimicry powers and became Amazing Power (Luke “Power Man” Cage + Amazing Man II) while his cousin Victor Bradley became a half-mechanical hero called Cyber-Patriot (Patriot + Cyborg).
Powers: Superhuman strength/stamina/reflexes/senses; conversion of flesh into whatever solid substance he touches (wood, steel, stone, ect.) while retaining organic properties; a trained soldier and athlete.

Bottom Row, L-R:

Mr. Phantom:
Amalgamation of: Blonde Phantom + Mr. Terrific (Terry Sloane)
Real Name: Terrance “Terry” Grant
Biography: Wouldn’t it seem that Terry Grant, a highly intelligent and athletic man by the standards of the late 1940s, would be able to procure a job more prominent than desk secretary for the Chief of Police? Little do you know that he willingly took that job in order to keep tabs on the police’s organized crime cases, because he’s secretly a costumed hero called Mr. Phantom. When he rescued a woman from suicide and her brother from the mob, Terry was inspired to become Mr. Phantom, using his strength and intelligence to take down criminal scum. Mr. Phantom was the pillar of his community, with his strong morals and catchphrase “Fair Play” leading children on the path of good.
Now in his 80s, Terry has since retired and passed the torch to Michael Mason, the second Mr. Phantom (Phantom Blonde + Mr. Terrific II).
Later, it was revealed that Terry has a granddaughter, and she became the villainess called Russian Roulette (The Russian + Roulette), an enemy of the hero Punishunter (The Punisher + Manhunter).
Powers: Above-human strength/speed/stamina/agility/reflexes; super intelligence; martial arts, stealth and disguise.

The Cell:
Amalgamation of: Puck (Eugene Judd) + The Atom (Al Pratt)
Real Name: Eugene Pratt
Biography: Before his career as a superhero, Eugene Pratt, a Canadian-American college student, was studying abroad in the Middle East. His archaeological studies in Iraq led to him accidentally freeing a demonic force; the successful attempt to seal the demon back within its prison affected Eugene’s body, reducing his height and physique to a dwarf-like state. He moved to America, since he was unable to explain what happened to his Canadian family. Living in New Metropolis, New York (New York City + Metropolis), Eugene discovered that despite his reduced stature, his strength and speed has increased dramatically. He trained his body and mind in several combat disciplines and became a costumed crime-fighter called The Cell. Traveling all over the world with his fellow heroes, the Cell was exposed to energies expelled by the villain known as Mastron (Master of the World + Cyclotron) which changed his body further. The ability to control his own energies only further aided him in his crime-fighting career. Eventually, The Cell retired from superheroics, and his two children carry on his legacy: his godson Smasher Man (Bill Foster [Giant-Man] + Al Rothstein [Atom-Smasher]) and his illegitimate daughter Abrasion (Puck II + Damage).
Powers: Above-human strength/speed/agility/stamina/durability/reflexes; mastery of several martial arts; after being afflicted by Mastron’s energies, Cell gained the ability to manipulate his biokinetic energies, allowing him to increase his durability tenfold and focus his energy in his fists for devastating punches.

Wild Puma:
Amalgamation of: Puma + Wildcat (Ted Grant)
Real Name: Theodore “Ted” Fireheart
Biography: Ted Fireheart is a Native-American man who trained his mind, body, and spirit to top condition, a regiment that began since he was a teenager. The elder mystics of the tribe Ted grew up with had spoken of a coming doom, and that the young man was destined to combat it. They endowed him with the spirits of 9 of Ted’s warrior ancestors, so that if he ever fell in battle, he would only lose one attached spirit instead of succumbing to death. Ted Fireheart to his combat skills to the ring, eventually becoming the Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World. He even trained Tony Wayne in combat, a skill that would be bolstered by the robotic armor he wears as the hero Iron Bat (Iron Man + Batman). When another boxer was killed in the ring in the middle of a gambling conspiracy, Grant was framed and sought to clear his name. Donning a costume and taking the name Wild Puma, Ted dismantled the gambling ring and decided to become a superhero. Wild Puma fought crime throughout the Golden Age, and soon enough retired from both boxing and heroics. Ted invested his fortune in a national chain of martial arts gyms and continued training fledgling heroes, such as Spider Boy (Spider-Man + Superboy). Wild Puma temporarily came out of retirement to help the Defending Society (Defenders + Justice Society) investigate the rape of one of their members: Ted’s goddaughter Patsy “Wild Puma II” Montez (Hellcat + Wildcat II).
Powers: Olympic-level strength/speed/senses/reflexes/agility/durability/stamina; control over his life energy, or ‘chi’; above-human combat skills; can sense the chi of others.

Dr. Zatara:
Amalgamation of: Dr. Druid + John Zatara
Real Name: Dr. Anthony Zatara
Biography: Anthony Zatara’s family immigrated from Italy to America when he was just a baby, and he grew up in the city of New Metropolis. As an adult, Anthony became a psychiatrist and married his college love Jillian (Shadowoman + Sindella). An Asian man, claiming to be a servant of a powerful sorcerer, brought Anthony to a temple in China. Donning the golden helm on the pedestal, Anthony’s mind was transported to an academy of sorcerery, headed by Yabu, the One of Order (Ancient One + Lord of Order), also known as Earth’s most powerful magic-user, the Sorcerer Supreme! Anthony and many other students were taught many powerful forms of magic, but it was another student named Stephen Nelson (now called Dr. Strangefate [Dr. Strange + Dr. Fate]) who was chosen to become the next Sorcerer Supreme. Anthony Zatara, who uses a personal technique of speaking backwards to control his magic, took his skills back to his home. Dr. Zatara began a life of three careers, a psychiatrist and a part-time stage magician to support his family and crime fighter in the meantime. Anthony and Jillian Zatara adopted a baby girl they named Wanda, and he began training her in magic when she was young. After Jillian passed away, teenaged Wanda ran away from home, but later reconciled with her dad and continued her magical training. Dr. Zatara retired from the stage and crime fighting world, and Wanda replaced him and became the Scarlet Magician (Scarlet Witch + Zatanna Zatara). Other members of Anthony Zatara’s family include his magic-using nephew Zach “Brother Goth” Minoru (Sister Grim + Zach Zatara), the son of Anthony’s younger sister Tina Zatara-Minoru and leader of Runaway Justice (Runaways + Young Justice), and his granddaughter Rachel, aka Ravican (Wiccan + Raven) of the Teen Avengers (Young Avengers + Teen Titans), who was conceived when Wanda was raped by the demon Mephistrigon (Mephisto + Trigon). Dr. Zatara med his end when he allied with the Defending Society against a demonic force.
Powers: His mantra, which helps focus his spells, is saying the desired effect backwards; for example, if he wants to set a tree on fire, he simply says “ezalba eert ”. Dr. Zatara also possess other magical talents that don’t require him to speak his mantra to be activated, such as sensing other magical forces, above-human cellular regeneration, and high intelligence in the realm of sorcery.

Red Sentry:
Amalgamation of: Sentry (Bob Reynolds) + Red Tornado (John Smith)
Real Name: John Reynolds
Alias: The Air Elemental
Biography: Before WWII, the new Air Elemental was supposed to possess the infant son of Professor Nick O’Teim (Turner D. Century + T.O. Morrow), but he died due to complications during labor, so the Air spirit possessed an android that O’Teim was working on. The android came to life and O’Teim raised it as his own son. During WWII, the android dubbed itself the “Red Sentry” and helped the All-Star Invaders (Invaders + All-Star Squadron) battle the evil Axis forces. Nazi scientists stole the original blueprints to Red Sentry’s robot body, and created their own android super-weapon, called the “Flame Void” (The Void + Red Volcano). The final battle between the Red Sentry and the Flame Void resulted in the destruction of a small Eastern European village and the deaths of about 100 villagers. Though he destroyed the Flame Void, the destruction he caused disheartened Red Sentry, and so he asked the One of Order (Ancient One + Lord of Order), Earth's then Sorcerer Supreme, to remove the memories of him from everyone on Earth. Years later, Red Sentry, now living in the human guise of John Reynolds, was summoned by the Mother Spirit to stop the second coming of the Flame Void. With the Flame Void becoming more powerful by the minute, Red Sentry was forced to join forces with the other Elementals, Naiaduct of Water (Aquaduct + Naiad), Swampman of Earth (Man-Thing + Swamp Thing), and Martin Parrish of Fire (Max Parrish + Martin Stein). The elementals finally destroyed the Flame Void, and the scientists of the criminal organization AHEM (AIM + HIVE), who recreated to Flame Void, were brought into custody. Ready to take on evil again, the Red Sentry joined the Justice Avengers.
Powers: Superhuman strength/speed/stamina/agility/reflexes/senses/durability; wind manipulation (flight and wind blasts); light manipulation (energy blasts and energy shields); self repair/accelerated healing; space survival.
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