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NAComics: The Brotherhood by Red-Rum-18 NAComics: The Brotherhood by Red-Rum-18
The Brotherhood (Brotherhood of Mutants + Brotherhood of Evil ):

Top Row, L-R:
Elenaut, Monsieur Grenouille, Magnetron, Madame Myst, Sabronth

Amalgamation of: Magneto + The Brain
Real Name: Jean-Luc Magnus
Biography: Born in Paris, France, Jewish college student Jean-Luc Magnus' family was killed by Nazi soldiers during the occupation of France in the late 1930s. Magnus soon discovered his metamutant (mutant + metahuman) abilities of magnetism, and he joined the French Resistance. Magnus became friends with Resistance member and American college student Niles Xavier (Charles Xavier + Niles Caulder), who has telepathic powers. After the Second World War, Niles and Magnus, both graduated from college, became entrenched in the controversy of human/metamutant relations; while Niles believed that metamutants and normal humans can coexist in peace, while Magnus, after facing the persecution of his Jewish people by the Nazis, believed that metamutants deserved to rule over normal humans. Magnus was later forced to abandon his twin children in America, knowing that they’ll be happy and successful without him; the children grew up to become the heroes Silverflash (Quicksilver + Flash II) and Scarlet Magician (Scarlet Witch + Zatanna Zatara). When Xavier learned that Magnus was going to invade Washington DC with an army of genetically enhanced animals, Magnus sent a metamutant assassin named Kalcifer (Lucifer + Kalki) to implant micro-explosives in his spine, threatening to blast him in half if he tried to stop him. As Magnus (now called Magnetron) and his army encroached on Washington in 1962, Dr. Xavier's team of heroic metamutants, the X-Patrol (X-Men + Doom Patrol), rose to defeat them. In a bloody battle, most of Magnetron's super-animals were killed, X-Patrol member Robust-Man's (Colossus + Robotman) organic metal body was ripped apart by Magnetron's powers, and the Washington Monument collapsed on top of Magnus, killing him. The remaining super-animal, an intelligent human-sized toad named Monsieur Grenouille, managed to rescue his master's brain and place it inside a robotic body that Magnus created just in case. Magnetron is now the leader of The Brotherhood, an allegiance of metamutants and other super-powered beings loyal to him and his beliefs.
Powers: Super-human intelligence; the ability to control the Earth's magnetic fields, allowing him to manipulate metal and electricity; robotic body provides durability, several cameras for a 360 degree view, remote computer interfacing, and flight with his magnetic powers.

Monsieur Grenouille:
Amalgamation of: Toad + Monsieur Mallah
Biography: Jean-Luc Magnus used gene transplantation to experiment on a toad, making the creature stronger and much larger than other toads. Through secret methods and shock treatments, the scientist greatly increased the toad's intelligence to an IQ of 178, making him a genius, capable of speaking human languages. He named the gorilla Monsieur Grenouille and trained him to read and write, and taught him all about science and medicine. Jean-Luc, now calling himself Magnetron, made Grenouille his second-in-command of their army of humanoid animals, who were given the same strength though not the same level of intellect. When the humanoid animals were destroyed by the X-Patrol, who were protecting Washington from Magnetron’s invasion, and Magnus’ human body was killed, Grenouille saved his master’s brain and placed it in a robotic shell. Grenouille could have easily let Jean-Luc die, but he felt a great appreciation to Magnetron for his gift of intelligence. Grenouille is now Magnetron’s second-in-command of their supervillain team, the Brotherhood.
Powers: Super strength/stamina/agility/reflexes/senses; can leap up to 300 ft; adhesive tongue can reach up to 19 ft and can be fired at high speeds; above-human intellect; underwater survival; speaks English and French and can communicate with other animals; use of military-grade weapons..

Madame Myst:
Amalgamation of: Mystique + Madame Rouge
Real Name: Raven De Mille
Biography: Raven De Mille was born in the early 1900s in France. Her metamutant shape-shifting powers have also decreased her aging rate, maintaining the beauty that made her famous as an actress. In the Second World War, her Paris apartment complex was bombed by the Nazi air-force, and the explosions deformed her and left her in a coma. When Magnetron became a cyborg, he and Grenouille woke Raven from her coma and offered her surgery to restore her powers and beauty. The procedure restored her abilities, but her base form was permanently altered, giving her red skin and blue hair. Since she could still change into not only her original form, but the form of anyone or anything she can think of, Raven was grateful to Magnetron and offered her loyalty to him. As Madame Myst, Raven is the Brotherhood’s feared spy and assassin, though her duty to Magnetron puts her at odds with her two children, who now serve the X-Patrol as Nightbug (Nightcrawler + Ambush Bug) and Doppelganger (Rogue + Gemini). Madame Myst later recruited into the Brotherhood Irene Clay, who is the daughter of Raven De Mille’s childhood friend.
Powers: Shapeshifting; super-elasticity; accelerated healing; decreased aging; super agility/reflexes/speed/senses/aim. Her gauntlets and leg braces, which she uses as weapons, are made from an organic metal that changes shape along with her.

Amalgamation of: Sabretooth + Glonth
Biography: Sabronth is the half-brother of Logo the Wolf (Wolverine + Lobo), an alien warrior and member of the X-Patrol. When governmental scientists from their home planet of Czarnada experimented on Logo, he escaped and killed the entire staff. The remaining members then contacted Sabronth, who is older and a more experienced fighter, to undergo a procedure to make him capable of killing Logo. Sabronth agreed, due to his ongoing vendetta against his half-brother, and he became a cyborg with advanced powers. Logo and Sabronth’s battles took them to Earth, where Logo believed he killed his brother. While Sabronth recovered with his accelerated healing, Earth scientists took samples of his alien blood to experiment with, creating a splinter race of disfigured metamutants called the Bloodlocks (Morlocks + New Bloods). Sabronth eventually healed and began tracking down Logo again. By this time, Logo had joined the heroic X-Patrol, so Sabronth joined with the X-Patrol’s enemies, the Brotherhood. Through experimentation, Sabronth was able to control several members of the Bloodlocks and pit them against the X-Patrol, but, due to this connection, the alien savage nearly died of mental shock when his Bloodlock minions were slaughtered by the Metal Marauders (Marauders + Metal Men), anti-metamutant cyborgs created by Dr. Traknus (Dr. Trask + Doc Magnus).
Powers: Superhuman strength/agility/reflexes/stamina/durability/senses; accelerated healing; cyborg implants for red skin, a row of spikes along his spine, hand-talons, a spiked tail, and sharp fangs for draining the bodily fluids from other organisms for sustenance.

Amalgamation of: Juggernaut + Elephant Man
Real Name: Cain Mann
Biography: A former soldier who seized an ancient ruby from the temple of an Indian elephant god, Cain Mann was transformed into a gigantic humanoid elephant with beyond-human strength. The Brotherhood recruited Cain into their fold while traveling through Asia and sent him, along with Blackbriar Tom and Pyrolocks, to assassinate Doc X while the X-Patrol was out on a mission. Unfortunately for the villains, the heroes Booster Lad (Iron Lad + Booster Gold), Blue Spider (Spider-Woman + Blue Beetle), and Speed Kid (Speed + Kid Flash), three members of the Teen Avengers (Young Avengers + Teen Titans), were there to help Doc X repair his mansion’s computer systems. The young heroes protected the doctor and defeated two of the sent Brotherhood members, but they needed all of their combined talents to even slow down the rampaging Elenaut, as Cain was now called. Doc X soon recovered from being knocked-out and he used his telepathy to sent Elenaut into a comatose state. Cain and the captured villains were sent to the Iron Vault, a prison island for superhuman inmates, with specialized constraints used to hold back Cain’s strength. When he escaped, he was able to create a metallic helm that shields his mind from psychic attacks. Now, whenever the X-Patrol battles Elenaut, they have to find away to remove his helmet before attacking his mind with telepathy.
Powers: Superhuman strength/agility/stamina/durability/senses; black and red armor, including a helmet that shields him from mental attacks; a prehensile trunk, tusks plated with sharpened armor, large ears, thick gray skin and an increased memory.

Bottom Row, L-R:

Blackbriar Tom:
Amalgamation of: Black Tom Cassidy + Blackbriar Thorn
Real Name: Thomas Cormac
Biography: Tom Cormac is the cousin of Sean Duncan, a biracial metamutant with sonic powers. Tom became an arms dealer while Sean became an Interpol agent; when Sean’s wife was killed by a terrorist bomb, Tom took their daughter Jackelyn and raised her as his own, turning her into a criminal like himself. Sean later joined the X-Patrol as Reverb (Banshee + Vox), and they managed to reunite him with his daughter and bring down Tom’s illegal arms trade cell. While Tom was escaping into the woods, Reverb fatally wounded him with his sonic powers and left him for dead; Tom’s powers over wood affected the surrounding flora, which absorbed him into the fold. Now resurrected with a body of living vegetation, Blackbriar Tom attacked the X-Patrol, against whom he swore vengeance. He defeated the X-Patrol and tried to kill them in a timber death trap, but the magic flames of the hellish hero Demon Rider (Ghost Rider + Etrigan the Demon) burned away at the living wood, revealing Tom’s human flesh beneath. Less powerful than before, but still retaining his abilities, Blackbriar Tom joined the Brotherhood. When he and two other Brotherhood agents were escaping from prison, Blackbriar risked his chances of escape while he freed his partner Elenaut from his strength-dampening shackles.
Powers: Extensive control over vegetation; projection of energy through an organic medium (concussive and searing blasts); accelerated healing; drawing strength from contact with the planet; formerly possessed a body of sentient wood, which he could control with his usual powers.

Amalgamation of: Avalanche + Plasmus
Real Name: Otto Petrakis
Biography: Otto Petrakis, a Greek immigrant, was a coal miner who was trapped inside a collapsed underground shaft for nearly a week. The stress of the isolation and threat of death triggered Otto’s latent metamutant gene, making him turn his flesh into pink protoplasm that he has total control over. The crazed miner escaped the death trap in his plasma form, and he went on a rampage on the surface world. After being frozen by X-Patrol member Rhinovirus (Iceman + Fever), Otto was rushed to the hospital but the ambulance was intercepted by the Brotherhood, who took Otto’s frozen form to their hidden headquarters. With his sanity restored, Otto joined the Brotherhood as “Avalus.” His first supervillain act as Avalus was to help the Brotherhood assassinate President Graydon Ross (Graydon Creed + Pete Ross); the villains were successful, but some of them were captured late. Avalus was invited by government agent Amanda Gyrich (Henry Gyrich + Amanda Waller) to join the Thunder Squad (Thunderbolts + Suicide Squad), a government-controlled super-human strike force, before they faced the threat of Imperislaught (Onslaught + Imperiex).
Powers: Transformation of normal flesh into a blob of acidic protoplasm that he has total control over; he can solidify his ooze body to generate high-frequency vibrations; super strength/durability/stamina.

Amalgamation of: Blob + Garguax
Biography: Denormus was once a ruler of the dead planet of Taalu (Taa + Colu), a planet of green-skinned humanoid aliens. One of the few survivors, Denormus used a gigantic starship and an army of robotic minions to conquer several planets. When his next conquest was foiled by the Omega Guard (Imperial Guard of the Shi’ar + The Omega Men), his fleet was decimated and he was stranded on Earth after crashing his escape pod in the state of Texas. Powerless without his technology, Denormus was captured by a traveling circus and made into a freakshow attraction. The Brotherhood, wishing to utilize the alien’s superior strength, told him they would recreate his technology after he served them after a given time. After a major battle with the X-Patrol, it was revealed that a minority of Denormus’ robot soldiers and fleet survived the Omega Guard’s attack and came to Earth to find their master. After regaining his technology, Denormus betrayed the Brotherhood and tried to leave in his starship. Magnetron used his magnetic powers to destroy the ship and the robots and the X-Patrol believe the alien tyrant to be dead. However, the Brotherhood revived Denormus and planted micro-explosions in the base of his skull, in case they ever betrayed them again.
Powers: Superhuman strength/durability/stamina; able to control his own gravitational field through a machine devised by Magnetron; control over an army of robots.

Amalgamation of: Pyro + Goldilocks
Real Name: Jonathan Leigh
Biography: A British metamutant, John Leigh is the younger brother of Megan Leigh, now called the heroine Megiva (Megan + Godiva). John is a sadistic, manipulative young man, and his parents sent him away to a boarding school in Australia. When he discovered he could generate fire from his scalp and mentally control it, he burned the school down and went on a hedonistic rampage throughout the city of Sidney. The news of the crisis reached England, and Megiva asked for the help of her love, the hero Captain Lionheart (Cpt. Britain + Lionheart), to stop John. John’s powers was a certainly a match for the heroes, until they realized that his pyrokinesis only worked on the flames he generated from his own body! John was badly burned by the Australian armies’ flamethrower assault, but Megiva used her powers to heal him. With his scalp plunged in water, John was carted onto a police ambulance for transport to a super-human prison; it turned out that the driver was actually Madame Myst of the Brotherhood, who recruited john to their team.
After a failed attempt to assassinate the leader of the X-Patrol, Pyrolocks and his teammates managed to start a mass jailbreak and summon the attention of several heroes. While the escaping super-villains fought the heroes, John cornered the heroine Stephanie “Alert” Elkins (Sentry [Curtis Elkins] Spoiler) and stripped her of her armor. About to rape Stephanie, John was attacked from behind by Stephanie’s mentor, the Iron Bat (Iron Man + Batman), who proceeded to tear off all the skin from John’s scalp, to disable his flame generating powers.
Powers: Generation of flame from the skin of his scalp and mental control over it. His weaknesses are an inability to control flames not generated from his own body and that he isn’t immune to fire and heat.

Amalgamation of: Destiny + Omen
Real Name: Irene Clay
Biography: Irene Clay’s mother was an Austrian peasant who moved to France before the Second World War, where she would meet her future friend Raven De Mille. When the Nazi forces invaded France, Raven was presumed dead in a bombing raid and her friend escaped to America, where she gave up for adoption her newborn daughter. The child was adopted and given the name Irene by her new parents, the Clays. Irene was born death and learned to communicate through text and sign language, but as her metamutant psychic powers emerged in puberty, she began hearing voices in her head, which taught her to speak, though with a malformed accent. She also discovered that she was adopted and began searching for her true parentage. The first leg of her journey led Irene to meet Raven De Mille, the age-less friend of her birth mother, who is now Madame Myst of the Brotherhood. Irene joined the Brotherhood as the psychic Harbinger. Harbinger made her debut when the Brotherhood attempted to assassinate President Graydon Ross. In the end, Irene’s premonitions of the future saved the lives of the Teen Avengers from the wrath of immortal metamutants better known as The Olympians. She learned that her true father is Apollo, one of the Olympians worshiped as the Greek God of the Sun. Apollo and his brother Zeus, the ruler of the Olympians, agreed to spare the lives of the Teen Avengers in exchange for Irene’s residence on Mt. Olympus. Currently, Irene is residing on Olympus with her father, writing the Diaries of Tomorrow, which are a series of scrolls that depict the coming events for the Earth, including the Great Disaster and the rise of the Legion of the Galaxy (Guardians of the Galaxy + Legion of Super-Heroes).
Powers: Telepathy, precognition, danger sense, enhanced remaining senses due to deafness; use of gilded armor and a crossbow as her main weapon; average athleticism.

Phobia Master:
Amalgamation of: Mastermind + Phobia
Real Name: Angela Wyngarde II
Biography: A British black sheep with dangerous powers, Angela Wyngarde has the power to attack you with your worst fears. She discarded her aristocratic family in favor of the life of a traveling vagabond who uses her skills for profit. One of the first beings she encountered who was able to resist her powers was none other than the cyborg metamutant Magneton, who invited her to join his Brotherhood. The Brotherhood’s headquarters were eventually discovered by the X-Patrol, and they traveled to the island of Zanosha (Genosha + Zandia), which the Brotherhood rules with a promise for super-human prosperity. Unfortunately, the terrorist group AHEM (AIM + HIVE), which was reeling from the lost of their last island headquarters, attempted to enslave the metamutant people of the island and dispose of the Brotherhood. The X-Patrol stepped in to protect the innocent native peoples caught in the crossfire and to polish off the weakened victor of the villains’ war, whoever that may be. Phobia Master tried to use her mental powers against AHEM’s leader B.L.O.O.D. (M.O.D.O.K. + Brother Blood), who also used his mental powers against her, but when the X-psychic Phoenix Girl (Phoenix + Elasti-Girl) tried to defeat them both with her telepathy, the psychic conflux deeply affected the heroine, turning her into an insane and destructive force called Dark Phoenix Girl! DPG decimated both forces with her amplified powers and then turned her gaze to the X-Patrol! Without restraint and mercy, the DPG attacked her former teammates, and the increased magical power of the Phoenix Portrait (Phoenix Force + The Painting That Ate Paris) attracted the attention of the alien Omega Guard. The Omega Guard aided the remaining X-Patrollers against the DPG, giving Doc X enough time to force Phobia Master to reverse her affect on Phoenix Girl. Phoenix Girl regained her sanity, and the Omega Guard left Earth, warning them that if the Dark Phoenix Girl returns, they will not hesitate to kill her. AHEM and the Brotherhood then abandoned their claims to Zanosha while the heroes stayed to undo the damage the battles caused.
Powers: Angela can subconsciously access the fear centers of all nearby people’s minds, allowing her to project realistic auditory and visual illusions of the subjects’ worst fears, driving them into a panic. She can also project illusions of whatever she can think of, including disguises for herself. Her illusionary powers, however, cannot affect electronic scanners, sentient machines, or creatures with shielded minds or strong wills.

Amalgamation of: Mimic + AVM-Man
Real Name: Calvin Larsen
Biography: Before the event that destroyed his spine and led to the first line-up of the X-Patrol, Dr. Niles Xavier (later called “Doc X”), was a college professor of genetics and the human Cal Larsen was one of his best students. Cal asked Dr. Xavier to help him with an experiment that would revolutionize the relationship between normal humans and the metamutants; since Niles was so trusting of his student, he had no cause to read Cal’s mind, otherwise he would have discovered something shocking… When Niles arrived at Cal’s personal lab, the student revealed that his invention was a cure for metamutations! Niles tried to reason with Cal that this advancement was completely unethical as stripping one of their powers was to forever strip them of their their cultural identity, harkening back to the African slaves forced to adopt Christian names. Cal was angered at his mentor’s disapproval and tried to attack him, but Xavier used his telepathy to disorient his assailant; Cal then fell backwards and spilled the chemicals on himself, killing him. But it was later revealed that not only would his ‘cure’ not work the chemicals gave him powers of his own! With the power to copy the properties of nearby animals, vegetation, and minerals, Calvin took on the name Mimic-Man and attacked Xavier and his X-Patrol, where they discovered he can also copy the biological powers of other super-humans. After his initial defeat, Mimic-Man joined with their enemies, The Brotherhood. In an alternate universe, the metamutation cure was improved upon by the robotic villain Jack Bastion (Bastion + Red Jack).
Powers: Mimicry of the properties of nearby (50 ft.) animals, vegetation, and minerals, and that includes the super-powers of creatures given those powers through genetics.

Amalgamation of: Lorelei + Trinity
Real Name: Lani
Biography: Known only as “Lani”, Trinilei was a metamutant born in Skarwali (Savage Land + Skartaris), a jungle hidden deep in the Antarctic. Her mysterious allegiance to the Brotherhood was instrumental to Magnetron’s plans to reverse the alien tech preserving Skarwali from the ravaging cold outside; if he succeeds, then Magnetron would have the power to melt the Antarctic ice, flooding the world unless the United Nations made him the ruler of Earth. To prevent this plan form being carried out, the X-Patrol teamed up with Ka-War (Ka-Zar + Warlord), a powerful warrior who serves as the benevolent ruler of one of the jungle’s city-states. Ka-War, his allies, and the X-Patrol fought through the native peoples dominated by Trinilei’s sound-based mind-control, and Ka-War managed to slay the ‘witch.” Unfortunately, Trinilei’s psyche implanted itself into the Brotherhood and the weak natives, becoming a hive-mind that would have effectively destroyed Skarwali if Magnetron wasn’t immune. Magnetron was able to unleash an electro-magnetic pulse that affected the bio-electric signals of the hive-mind, effectively erasing Lani’s conscious from existence. Without the control over the numerous natives, the Brotherhood retreated back to the outside world.
Powers: Trinilei’s voice had the power to control all those hear it, forcing the affected to either fear her, worship her, or fight for her. When her material body died, her mind instantly scattered and implanted itself in various beings, becoming a dangerous hive-mind until Magnetron used his powers to temporarily shut down their bio-electric impulses all at once.

Chicken Bones:
Amalgamation of: Beak + Houngan
Real Name: Jean-Louis Bohusk
Biography: A metamutant of Haitian descent and raised in Europe, the bird-like Jean-Louis Bohusk worked out of his house as a computer programmer to hide his disfigured appearance. He found a metamutation support group that was actually a front for the Brotherhood, who indoctrinated him with the belief that the birthright of the empowered is the total domination of the weak and normal people. Using his powers, Bohusk snuck his way into various biomedical companies to steal various computer systems, allowing him to create a remote control system for biological nervous systems molded in the style of the Voodoo religions of his Haitian people. He now calls himself Chicken Bones, a member of the Brotherhood.
Powers: Bird-like mutations grant him a sharp beak, feathers, sharpened nails, hyper-acute senses, double-jointed limbs, hollow bones, and flight capabilities; his knowledge of computers, nervous systems, and Haitian magicks allow him to remotely control the bodies of other creatures by way of a machine modeled after a Voodoo Doll.

Amalgamation of: Unus + Warp
Real Name: Angelo LaSalle
Biography: French-Italian metamutant Angelo LaSalle (aka Emil Bain) was a world-traveling art thief, using his force-field and teleportation powers to elude police capture. While battling the Canadian superheroine Lily Flower (Vindicator + Fleur-De-Lis), she used her powers to advance the ambient energy flux that is connected to Angelo’s powers; Angelo’s powers increased to the point where he couldn’t control them, and, faced with either suffocating inside a force field or teleporting into the Earth’s molten core, he promised to reform. Lily Flower reduced the energy flux and he was able to return all of the money and treasures he stole. He soon enough returned to his life of crime when he agreed to join the Brotherhood, who gave him the codename Vast and a suit that makes him immune to outside influences on his powers. Vast battles the X-Patrol, the Justice Avengers (Avengers + Justice League), and even a few villains who proved to be a threat to the Brotherhood, such as the Laugh Monger (Iron Monger + The Joker), who infected many super-criminals, including Vast, with a sanity-breaking chemical in an attempt to destroy Earth.
Powers: Force-field generation and teleportation.
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shakil123456 Featured By Owner May 18, 2013
another idea tempo with dr.tyme
shakil123456 Featured By Owner May 18, 2013
why not combine mammomax with elephant-man? maybe you could try combining sabertooth withone of lobos enemies like bludhound or Loo,you can a list of lobos enemies on comicvine. Also mayby you could combine the characters skreet and dog? you could also try combining the mutant trio with the kleinstock brothers.
Folstagg Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Elenaut= Juggernaut + Elephant man + Mammomax?
Picassamia Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2011
I actually thought Harbinger was a little cliche name. Seer would've been okay.
bkno Featured By Owner May 30, 2011
I don't like some of the new names.

Madame Bleu rather than Madame Myst.

Bloodfang (Viglor) rather than Sabronth.

Rampage rather than Elenaut.
* I don't mind Cain Mann instead of Marcus Kane as his real name.

Fat Man rather than Pyrolocks.
*The first name sounds a lot more creative and destructive.

However some of the new names I actually found adequate. Like Denormus, Harbinger, Mimic-Man, Trinilei and Vast.
CBFox Featured By Owner May 17, 2011
uh did you just couple magneto and toad technically?
Red-Rum-18 Featured By Owner May 17, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Lordwormm Featured By Owner May 2, 2011  Hobbyist
I so wish you had written the Amalgam series!

My faves here are Plasmus/Avalanche, Brain/Magneto and Blob/Garguax!
bkno Featured By Owner May 3, 2011
Me 2!
bkno Featured By Owner May 2, 2011
Monsieur Grenouille looks like the baddest amphibian ever with that humongous machine gun.
Picassamia Featured By Owner May 2, 2011
Nice revamp! Although these are the questions I have:
-Why did you make Madame Myst's skin red and hair blue? And why Myst instead of Bleu?
-Is Elenaut still Dr. X's half-brother?
-If Mimic-Man was killed when the chemicals spilled on him, then how did he come back to life?
-What happened to that figure you made of Magnetron's human body?
-If Sabertooth is mixed with Glonth (who was one of the parasites from the Bloodlines storyline), is he still a glutton and will there be amalgams of the other parasites?
-What went into the various name-changes you implemented here?
-And finally, what happened to that aspect of Chicken Bones originally using a hologram projector to hide his appearance?
Red-Rum-18 Featured By Owner May 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
1.) Just to switch things up. Just so you know that there's still Mystique in there.
2.) No.
3.) Wasn't really dead, for real.
4.) Wanted to add the mystery of what Magnetron looked like as a flesh-and-blood person with a villain costume.
5.) He still likes to eat living substances. May look into the alien parasite amalgams and the Bloodlocks.
6.) and &.) Not sure...
marvelgonzo Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013
I would be excited to see what Magnetron's human body looks like. Or it could even be a duplicate he uses now in public.
Red-Rum-18 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Picassamia Featured By Owner May 2, 2011
Tanks for the clarification.
bkno Featured By Owner May 2, 2011
I always know that you one day will redesign the Brotherhood.
Red-Rum-18 Featured By Owner May 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
More to come.
bkno Featured By Owner May 2, 2011
I hope that this include coming back on redesigning the three remaining Global Flight teams.
Red-Rum-18 Featured By Owner May 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes it will.
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