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New Amalgam: Allies and Enemies of The Aquariner by Red-Rum-18 New Amalgam: Allies and Enemies of The Aquariner by Red-Rum-18
Allies and enemies of The Aquariner (Sub-Mariner + Aquaman):…

Top Row, L-R:
Dolgos, Nadebra, Aquarita, Aquariner, Dormera, Vishko, Quarion

Amalgamation of: Lady Dorma + Queen Mera
Alias: Queen Dormera
Biography: The planet Xebel was home to a race of humanoid aliens with amphibious biology, almost completely like the Atlanteans of Earth (except for a unique ability to control water). When the tyrant Faindex (Plodex + Fain Y'Onia) took over, many xebelians fled for other planets that they could live on, and some came to Earth. Dormera and her family escaped to Atlantis when she was a child, and were able to pass off as Atlanteans. Young Dormera was friends with Prince Namorin, the young son of Queen Fenlanna (Fen + Atlanna), and they fell in love as young adults. After Namorin quelled an invasion of Nazi submarines upon Atlantis in the 1940s, he became the Aquariner and joined the All-Star Invaders (Invaders + All-Star Squadron) to take down Nazi Germany. The Atlanetan military aided the ASI against their enemies, but one general, Lerang (Krang + Leron) told Dormera that Namorin was killed in action so he could court her; she eventually found out the truth and rejected him. Years after WWII, Namorin's mother was assassinated by the Black Shark, and so Namorin became King of Atlantis. Namorin married Dormera and they now peacefully rule Atlantis as King and Queen.
Powers: Superhuman strength/speed/stamina/agility/durability/senses/reflexes; underwater survival; super-fast swimming; water manipulation; master of Atlantean combat arts and weapons. As Queen of Atlantis, Dormera has diplomatic immunity.

Amalgamation of: Namorita + Aqualad
Real Name: Namorita Garth
Alias: Temera (Kymaera + Tempest)
Biography: Namorita Garth is the daughter of Nadebra, which makes her the niece of King Namorin Marius. Nadebra’s husband Garth was a soldier who perished trying to protect their home from Nazi submarines in the 1930s, and their daughter, Namorita, was was born while Namorin began working with America in World War II. Because of the Nazis' attack on Atlantis, Nadebra took her daughter and left the kingdom with other separatists to live in a new ocean kingdom as pacifists, but their ruler, Namorita's mentor, went mad and told her lies to manipulate her; Namorita was told that her rare mutation, poisons she can secrete from her skin, was a sign that she would be the one to raise an ancient Atlantean villain from death. Namorin rescued Nadebra and Namorita from this mad scheme and took the young girl under his guidance. As Namorin was the hero "Aquariner", Namorita became his sidekick “Aquarita”. As Aquarita, she formed the Teen Avengers (Young Avengers + Teen Titans) with other young allies of the Justice Avengers (Avengers + Justice League); she also worked alongside the Outer-Warriors (New Warriors + Outsiders) and Rich Rayner (Rich Rider + Kyle Rayner) of the Green Nova Corps (Nova Corps + Green Lantern Corps). Aquarita was killed at one point, but was resurrected due to the cosmic meddling of the Oversphinx (Sphinx + Overmaster), who altered her appearance, gave her new powers, and gave her the new name “Temera”.
Powers: Underwater survival; super-fast swimming; super strength/stamina/durability/senses; mental communication with marine animals; secretion of corrosive or paralyzing chemicals from skin. As Temera, she was given blue skin and powers over extreme heat and cold.

Amalgamation of: Argos + Dolphin
Biography: Dolgos is the Atlantean name of a former human, one who was experimented on as a baby by alien scientists. The child was abandoned on Earth, left to roam the seas with his new ability to survive underwater. The child was found by Atlantis and was adopted. As a boy, Dolgos was flighty and free-spirited, and with bad long-term memory. Through proper education and training, Dolgos became a skilled and well-respected officer of the Atlantean military, spoken highly of by King Namorin himself; when Namorin, as the Aquariner, traveled to the surface in pursuit of Atlantean terrorists, he left Atlantis' security in Dolgos' hands. Dolgos later fell in love with Namorin's niece Aquarita, and they soon after married. When Aquarita and Dolgos had their first child, Namorin took on a new apprentice, a Xebelian-Atlantean girl named Tulina (Marrina + Tula).
Powers: Underwater survival; super-fast swimming; super strength/stamina/durability/senses; highly disciplined military officer and warrior.

Amalgamation of: Namora + Deep Blue
Real Name: Nadebra Naunia
Biography: Nadebra Naunia is the cousin of King Namorin. Nadebra's father was the previous king of Atlantis, and when he died when she was little, he passed on leadership to his twin sister, Fenlanna. Queen Fenlanna has since passed away and Atlantis is prosperous under the kingship of her son Namorin Marius; Namorin’s ascension to the throne has led to a rivalry between him and Orrah, Nadebra’s older brother, who was the heir to the throne before Namorin became known. Nadebra’s husband Garth was a soldier who perished trying to protect their home from Nazi submarines, and their daughter Namorita is now “Aquarita”, a hero who works with both her uncle Namorin, the Aquariner, and the superhero team called the Teen Avengers. Using her powers and skills, Nadebra was able to help the sorcerer Dr. Strangefate (Dr. Strange + Dr. Fate) and other heroes defeat a demon horde, and they decided to stay together as the Defending Society (Defenders + Justice Society).
Powers: Superhuman strength/speed/stamina/agility/durability/senses/reflexes; underwater survival; super-fast swimming; draws strength from moisture; the ability to telepathically communicate with marine animals; master of Atlantean combat arts and weapons. Her powers are less considerable when compared to her male relatives.

Amalgamation of: Vashti + Vulko
Real Name: Vishko Nuidis-Son
Biography: Vishko was once a peasant in Atlantean society, but found himself rising through the ranks of the kingdom's scientific community. His achievements even reached the ears of King Namorin himself, who appointed Vishko as his chief adviser.
Powers: Superhuman strength/speed/stamina/agility/durability/senses/reflexes; underwater survival; super-fast swimming; draws strength from moisture; highly intelligent.

Amalgamation of: Aquarion + Arion
Real Name: Ahri'darr
Biography: Ahri'darr was born in a heavenly plain of existence to Caletku (Hetku + Calchulha), a god of light, and Majiso (Soja + Majistra), a goddess of darkness. His twin brother Garn Rakkhal (Overlord Rakkhal + Garn Daanuth) was taken by the evil mother to raise as an acolyte of the Lords of Chaos and the infant Ahri'darr, born with potential as a bringer of goodness, was banished to Earth. Ahri'darr's mystical nature made him able to breath underwater naturally, so when his magic cocoon landed in the ocean, he was adopted by ancient Atlantean royalty. As a powerful sorcerer and respected king of Atlantis, Ahri'darr, now known by his Atlantean name Quarion, ruled with distinction. When he learned of his true heritage and of his brother's threat, however, Quarion exiled himself to prepare for the threat. As years upon centuries passed, the immortal Quarion wandered the surface world, going by many aliases. In modern times, he was ambushed and knocked out by government agents studying supernatural abilities; trapped and subjected to torturous experiments, Quarion called out to the Swampman (Man-Thing + Swamp Thing), elemental of Earth, to save him. Swampman succeeds, but Quarion is left mentally unstable. The Super-Soldier (Cpt. America + Superman) aides in his recovery, and Quarion returns to Atlantis to help Aquariner repel the invasion forces of Garn Rakkhal. He later served as the caretaker of an amnesiac girl, who later returned to her superhero career as “Power Soldier” (Nomad + Power Girl).
Powers: Superhuman strength/speed/stamina/agility/durability/senses/reflexes; immortality; great magical knowledge; undersea and space survival; magical abilities, such as energy negation, animal empathy, concussive blasts, healing, illusion casting, levitation, intangibility, and weather manipulation

Bottom Row, L-R:
Predator, U-Fish, Orrah, Black Shark, Thanaron, Cpt. Manowar, Eel

Black Shark:
Amalgamation of: Tiger Shark + Black Manta
Real Name: David Arliss
Biography: David Arliss was an autistic child who only felt comfortable in water; he had an abusive childhood attributed to parents who couldn't control him and locked him up in a mental asylum. As an adult, David claims that he escaped the asylum, was assaulted by the pursuing orderlies, and he saw the Aquariner in the distance but he couldn't help him. David Arliss survived his childhood and became not only a well-adjusted adult, but a famed Olympian swimmer. He cripples himself accidentally when rescuing a drowning man, and Dr. Karshan Dorcas agrees to help him recover. The catch? David will be mutated into an amphibious creature after his DNA is blended with that of the Aquariner's and a shark's, and his payment for the treatment will be to destroy The Aquariner. David, regressing back to his childhood trauma, agrees and become the Black Shark! Though no longer controlled by Dorcas, David assassinated Namorin's mother, the Queen of Atlantis, leading to the first major battle between Aquariner and Black Shark; the hero won, but Black Shark escaped the Atlantean prison, vowing to complete his revenge. At one point, Aquariner realizes David's mental illness and cures him of this and his inhuman appearance, though allows him to retain his water-breathing; David revokes his evil ways and marries a woman from an Atlantean nomad tribe, but after his pregnant wife and her people are slaughtered by sea monsters, David turns insane again from rage and mutates back into the Black Shark!
In an alternate future, where the war between good and evil is fought by the children and successors of heroes and villains, Black Shark's infant son survived and became a hero working alongside Aquariner.
Powers: Superhuman strength/stamina/durability/reflexes; undersea survival; super-fast swimming; sharp teeth and claws; skin rough and barbed enough to draw blood; the helmet of his costume is equipped with various sensors and lasers that project from eye lenses.

Amalgamation of: Byrrah + Orm
Real Name: Orrah Naunia
Alias: “Ocean Lord”
Biography: Orrah was once the heir to the throne of Atlantis when his aunt, Queen Fenlanna Marius, was to pass, but when it became known she had a son, Namorin, Orrah was usurped of this opportunity. Orrah kept to himself, and acted as a brother to his cousin, but deep down he was furious that not only was he denied his birthright of Atlantean rule, but it was a “filthy half-breed” who took it from him. As a member of the royal family, Lord Orrah was in charge of weapons production for the military of Atlantis. When terrorists from the surface world attacked Atlantis, Namorin tracked them to South America and led troops there to investigate; Orrah, seizing this opportunity, left an anonymous tip to Brazilian authorities that said it was an Atlantean invasion. King Namorin and his men were arrested, and Orrah was sure he would be out of the picture for good so he took over kingship of Atlantis. The Justice Avengers proved Aquariner's innocence, and Namorin defeated Orrah to take back his kingdom. Orrah went into exile and swore revenge.
Powers: Underwater survival; super-fast swimming; super strength/stamina/durability/senses; mental communication with marine animals; skills with Atlantean weapons and combat skills.

Amalgamation of: Orka + Shark
Biography: Dr. Karshan Dorcas was a scientist and a nemesis of the Aquariner. Through the use of experiments in atomic radiation, Karshan mutated several aquatic animals into humanoid creatures who he controlled. The monsters once managed to drive Aquariner off the throne and Karshan Dorcas took control of Atlantis. But then, one of his mutant whale-sharks, now called the Predator, killed Karshan and took control. Several other enemies of Atlantis tried to invade and control the kingdom for themselves, and during the two weeks this civil war raged, the Aquariner found and trained a group of Atlantean researchers in warfare to help him reclaim their kingdom in the ensuing chaos that swallowed the attention of the bad guys. The warriors and the Aquariner managed to slay all of the other mutant sea animals and the Predator was put on trial, sentenced to banishment from the sea by having his amphibious powers removed by Atlantis’ greatest scientists. Stuck on the surface, the Predator battled several heroes, including another JA member called the Green Giant (Hulk + Green Lantern), until he received made a deal with the Dark Baron Mordu (Baron Mordo + Dark Lord Mordru) to restore his amphibiousness in exchange for service in the Offending Society (Offenders + Injustice Society), the enemies of the Defending Society.
Powers: Superhuman strength/durability/stamina/senses; telepathy and telekinesis; formerly had underwater survival and super-fast swimming.

Amalgamation of: U-Man + Fisherman
Alias: Mr. Merrano
Biography: His true name known not outside of the undersea kingdom of Atlantis, the Atlantean called “Mr. Merrano” by surface-worlders sought to be more powerful, so he allied himself with the Nazis in exchange for Atlantis’ conquest. Using weapons and a costume supplied by Adolf Hitler’s men, the one called U-Fish led a battalion of Nazi submarines to attack Atlantis. Prince Namorin led the resistance and defeated the Nazis, but U-Fish escaped. Now going by the alias Aquariner, Namorin and his fellow heroes in the All-Star Invaders battled U-Fish and the Nazis until they were defeated. U-Fish was brought back to Atlantis for a trial, was found guilty, and was sentenced to life imprisonment. He would later escape, ditch the Nazi insignia, and battle the Aquariner numerous times after.
Powers: Underwater survival; super-fast swimming; enhanced strength/agility/reflexes/senses/stamina/durability; use of a titanium rod that ejects razor-sharp metal wire attached to a hook.

Amalgamation of: Llyron + Thanatos
Biography: The Fearful Six (Frightful Four + Fearsome Five) are a team of supervillains, one amongst their number being Reflectia (Llyra + Shimmer), a metamutant (mutant + metahuman) with amphibious biology and elemental transmutation powers. The Fearful Six usually battle the Justice Four (Fantastic Four + Plastic Man, Dr. Light 2, Firestorm, Bulletman), but they also battled the Justice Avengers. On one occasion, Reflectia's powers had a negative reaction when she tried to use them directly against Aquariner, and she was injured. The villains retreated back to their lair, where the leader Psizard (Wizard + Psimon) examined Reflectia in their med bay and discovered she was pregnant. She ordered the termination of the fetus, but somehow the byproduct of the abortion vanished from the med bay.
Months later, Aquariner finds himself incapacitated and trapped in a pocket dimension called Netherspace, a captive of an imperfect duplicate of himself going by the Atlantean name “Thanaron”. Possessing Namorin's abilities, intelligence, and memories, the clone wants nothing more than total dominion of Atlantis and then the entire Earth. Using the Netherspace's magicks to mentally dominate the people of Atlantis, Thanaron kidnapped his “mother” Reflectia to have her join him and declared war on the surface. The brainwashed soldiers attacked Beijing, China, but Aquariner escaped his confines and battled his “son”. They both proved equal to each other, but Dr. Radioactive (Radioactive Man + Dr. Poison), a member of the Chinese hero team Great Force (People's Defense Force + Great Ten), killed Thanaron in retaliation for all the Chinese citizens he killed.
Powers: Superhuman strength/speed/stamina/agility/durability/senses/reflexes; underwater survival; super-fast swimming; draws strength from moisture; the ability to telepathically communicate with marine animals; master of Atlantean combat arts and weapons; mental domination magic; wings on ankles allow for flight.

Captain Manowar:
Amalgamation of: Cpt. Barracuda + Cpt. Stingaree
Real Name: “Captain Courtney”
Biography: Captain Manowar is a modern-day pirate who uses his cunning and resources to plunder cruise ships and cargo ships. In his first appearance, he attacks a cruise ship but attracts the attention of The Aquariner, and the sea-faring hero defeats Manowar's minions and had whales sink his submarine. Cpt. Manowar escapes prison and seeks revenge against Aquariner; he steals the magical Atlantean relic called The Serpent Crown, but his second submarine is sunk by another villain wanting the crown for themselves. In a later adventure, Captain Manowar goes on a rampage with Captain Ice (Icemaster + Captain Cold), but they are defeated by Torchstorm (Human Torch + Firestorm) and Rhinovirus (Iceman + Fever), a member of the X-Patrol (X-Men + Doom Patrol).
Powers: Skilled leader, pilot, undersea engineer, swordsman, and rifleman.

The Eel:
Amalgamation of: Eel (Leopold Stryke) + Eel (Mort Coolidge)
Real Name: Leopold Coolidge
Biography: Leopold Coolidge was an aquarium caretaker who began stealing money to buy superpowers from the criminal scientist Everypower (Power Broker + Everyman). When he got what he wanted, he began using his telekinetic powers to carve a criminal career as The Eel. He stole a prototype miniature nuclear reactor and escaped into the Pacific Ocean to hide, with the intention of selling it to the criminal or criminal organization with the deepest pockets. Aquariner heard of this from his fellow Justice Avengers and traced the trail of minute fallout to an undersea cave The Eel made into his HQ with stolen tech. Coolidge attacked the hero by using his telekinesis to manipulate water, but Aquariner used his telepathy to command millions of microscopic plankton to permeate the water wall and gunk up the Eel's costume's cyclopean visor. Blinded, Coolidge was beaten and the reactor was returned to safe hands. The Eel swears revenge on Aquariner. In the pocket universe of M-Point (House of M + Flashpoint), The Eel was a member of a crew of pirates led by Deathpool (Deadpool + Deathstroke); as they scoured the flooded remains of London, which was destroyed in a war between Atlantis and Themsgard (Asgard + Themyscira), Deathpool seeks a way to contact the one person who can help undo the chaos of M-Point's existence: Captain Cable (Cable + Captain Comet).
Powers: Telekinesis; above-average speed/agility/reflexes; costume enhances senses.
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druigdoan Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2015
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Bhatudis (Attuma + Charybdis)
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