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New Amalgam Comics: Absolvers by Red-Rum-18 New Amalgam Comics: Absolvers by Red-Rum-18
The Absolvers (Redeemers + Justifiers):
Counterpart of The Outer-Warriors (New Warriors + Outsiders)
A team of heroes from universe “Amalgam-2” formed by Satellite to combat Squadron Maximum (Squadron Supreme + Champions of Angor/Maximums), who attempted to take over the United States and the world.

Members (Left to Right):
Thermeye, Red Beetle, Satellite, Lioness, Chernobyrd, Golden Bow, Berzerkess, and Sergeant Lash.

Amalgamation of: Nighthawk + Tin Man
Counterpart of: Iron Bat (Iron Man + Batman)
Real Name: Timothy “Tim” Richmond
Biography: Timothy Richmond is a wealthy politically-minded businessman who inherited his father’s fortune after he died of a heart attack. Ready and willing to fight crime and supervillains, Tim built himself a robotic suit of armor, powered by his own bio-kinetic energy, and became the Satellite. He soon joined American Frag’s (Hyperion + Americommando) [Super-Soldier (Captain America + Superman)] superhero team, the Squadron Maximum. When Tim’s teammate Yardstick (Tom Thumb + Skyscraper) was slain in battle with a supervillain, American Frag and other Squadron members decided to use one of Yardstick’s inventions, the “Behavior Modification Machine”, to force criminals they capture to end their criminal ways. Satellite was disgusted by this blatant misuse of their power and left the Squadron. As Squadron Maximum slowly lost their moral compasses and attempted to take control of the American government, Satellite formed the Absolvers to combat the oppressive uprising. Satellite and American Frag eventually came to blows, but the Absolver Chernobyrd poisoned Frag with the radioactivity of radion, an alien ore that’s deadly to New Eternals (Eternals + New Gods), like Frag. While Frag was incapacitated, Satellite explained to him that Yardstick told him that he was diagnosed with cancer, and that his dying wish was to die fighting for justice. Frag, wishing to not further taint his friend’s memory, had the Squadron reverse the effects of the BMM on the villains, destroy the machine, and relinquish control of the USA. The Absolvers disbanded after that.
Powers: Wears a robotic suit of armor that grants him super strength/durability/reflexes, flight, various weapons and tools, and remote computer interfacing. Tim has a high intelligence, and extensive combat training.

Amalgamation of: Nuke + Blue Jay
Counterpart of: Torchstorm (Human Torch II + Firestorm I)
Real Name: Albert Abrams
Biography: Albert Abrams gained his powers from exposure to nuclear radiation. He was recruited by Satellite into the Absolvers for his ability to control radion energy, which can harm their enemy, American Frag. During the battle the Absolvers and the Squadron Maximum, Chernobyrd damaged Glowtesque’s (Dr. Spectrum + Monster) [Green Giant (Hulk + Green Lantern {Hal Jordan})] energy crystal, and the combined energies sent Albert two years into the future for two seconds, where he caught a glimpse of American Frag as the evil ruler of Earth. Even though the Squadron was defeated and they relinquished control of America, Chernobyrd joined the Squadron after the Absolvers’ disbanded in order to keep this future from coming to pass, willing to kill Frag if necessary.
Powers: Generation of energy wings for flight, energy blasts, super strength/durability/stamina. The ability to manipulate the radiation of different elements. Wears a radiation-suit, designed by Satellite, to keep his powers in check.

Golden Bow:
Amalgamation of: Golden Archer + Bowman
Counterpart of: Hawk Arrow (Hawkeye + Green Arrow)
Real Name: Wyatt Manson
Biography: A womanizing hero from the United Kingdom, Golden Bow was originally the “beau” (pun intended) of his Squadron Maximum teammate Hornet Lady (Lady Lark/Skylark + Hornet) [Wasp Girl (Wasp + Hawkgirl)]. He took advantage of her trust, however, and she ended up dumping him for fellow Squadron member Yardstick. Wyatt tried to beg her for forgiveness, but she couldn’t bring herself to reconcile with him. Distraught, he took a walk while still in his costume, and was captured by their enemies, Institute Extreme (Institute of Evil + Extremists) [Secret Society of Evil (Masters of Evil + Secret Society of Super Villains)]. The villains tortured him into revealing the Squadron’s secret headquarters, and they captured the heroes and used Yardstick’s Behavior Modification Machine to enslave their minds. Golden Bow managed to escape captivity and fight off the mind-controlled heroes by himself, but in the end they shook off the effects of the machine and turned against the Institute. Squadron Maximum, soon after, voted on expelling GB from their ranks. When the Squadron started taking control of the US, Golden Bow joined Satellite’s Absolvers in order to redeem himself.
Powers: Expert archer with superhuman accuracy and a variety of “trick arrows”, each armed with a different effect, such as “exploding,” “electrified,” “tear gas,” and “grappling.”

Amalgamation of: Thermite + One-Eye
Counterpart of: Mindsye (Cyclops + Mento)
Real Name: Sam Summers
Biography: Sam Summers was a normal teenager, until he was kidnapped by The Doctor (Doctor Decibel + Doctor Diehard) [Magnetron (Magneto + The Brain)] and converted into a cyborg to serve him. During a battle between Squadron Maximum and the Doctor’s “Xen-Men”, The Doctor set his hideout to self destruct upon his defeat, and it appeared that Hornet Lady was the only Xen-Man to survive the explosion. Sam managed to escape, but lived in exile, unable to hide his altered form. He used his powers to fight crime as “Thermeye”, and he was later recruited into the Absolvers.
Powers: Cybernetic implants in his head allow him to project beams of intense heat or reverse-fusion energy (freeze beams) from his eyes. The visor-like machine grafted over his eyes keeps his powers in check.

Red Beetle:
Amalgamation of: Redstone + Bug
Counterpart of: Spider Boy (Spider-Man + Superboy)
Real Name: Peter Stone-Thrown-In-River, aka “Peter Stone”
Biography: Native American teenager Peter Stone gained his powers in a magic ritual. While going to college in San Francisco, California, he took on the costumed identity of “Red Beetle” to fight criminals, such as Kostume (Remnant + Halloween). Peter was later recruited into the Absolvers.
Powers: Magically draws strength from minerals and crystals and translates it to superhuman strength/speed/agility/stamina/durability. Can grow and retract an extra set of arms, cling to walls and ceilings, and sense danger before it happens.

Amalgamation of: Mink + Wolfen
Counterpart of: Tigris (Tigra + Tigress II)
Real Name: Willemina “Mina” Worth
Biography: A metamutant (mutant + metahuman) woman covered with white-and-blue fur, Lioness is an enemy of Satellite. She also has a flirtatious relationship with the cybernetic shadow-walker, also making her the Madame Cat (Madame Masque + Catwoman) to Satellite’s Iron Bat. She joined the Absolvers in order to protect Satellite.
Powers: Superhuman agility/speed/reflexes/stamina/senses. Advanced healing factor. Retractable blades in forearms made from bone. Emission of a debilitating gas.

Amalgamation of: Inertia + Viking
Counterpart of: Thunder Girl (Thor Girl + Wonder Girl)
Real Name: Edikin, aka “Eddy”
Biography: When the Utopians learned of their Princess Zardjina’s (aka Lady Windshear [Power Princess + Wandjina]{Thunder Woman [Thor + Wonder Woman]}) attempt to conquer Earth with the Squadron, they sent a platoon of warriors to Earth to capture her and bring her into their custody. Zardjina slain most of the soldiers, save for 1 rookie named Edikin. Edikin trained herself for weeks for her her rematch with Zardjina, and she joined the Absolvers in order to prevent the Squadron’s overthrow of Earth.
Powers: Superhuman strength/speed/stamina/agility/reflexes; longevity; combat experience; her battle axe can manipulate kinetic energy.

Sergeant Lash:
Amalgamation of: Haywire + Soldier
Counterpart of: Mr. Plastic (Mr. Fantastic + Plastic Man)
Real Name: Harold Lashley
Biography: Pvt. Harold Lashley was recruited into the U.S. Army’s “Project: Lash”, which hoped to create a series of cyborgs capable of fighting the now-threatening Squadron Maximum. The Squadron decimated the facility, and Harold was the only survivor. He soon joined the Absolvers to combat the Squadron.
Powers: Generation of nanotech-metal wires from skin; these wires are razor-sharp, can grow up to 15 ft. in length, and are mentally controlled by Lash. The wires retract into his body when he loses focus or consciousness.
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bkno Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2010
I can't wait to see the Institute Extreme.
Red-Rum-18 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Don't worry, it'll be Off-The-Chizzain!
bkno Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2010
Do you liked the Countdown to Final Crisis tie-in Lord Havok and the Extremists?
Red-Rum-18 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
From Earth-8? Yeah, I guess...
bkno Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2010
Nice bios!
Red-Rum-18 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! I try really hard.
Red-Rum-18 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, and if you are wondering about the big battle between the Squadron and the Absolvers (Winner):

American Frag Vs. Satellite
Glowtesque Vs. Chernobyrd
Sonic Boom Vs. Red Beetle
Silver Moon Vs. Thermeye
Planeteer Vs. Sgt. Lash
Lady Windshear Vs. Berzerkess
Hornet Lady Vs. Lioness & Golden Bow
bkno Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2010
I like the American Frag Vs. Satellite battle outcome.
Red-Rum-18 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist

When Glowtesque accidentally sent Chernobyrd into the future, it was drained of all its power and changed back into its human form. 2 seconds later, Chernobyrd crash-landed near the site of Frag's and Satellite's battle, with only enough energy left to poison Frag with radion energy.
bkno Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2010
Excellent groupshot!
Red-Rum-18 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, I'm especially proud of Lioness' pose.
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