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December 7, 2009
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New Amalgam Comics: Elementals by Red-Rum-18 New Amalgam Comics: Elementals by Red-Rum-18
The Elementals:
The Elementals are beings created by Maya, the Mother Spirit, to protect the planet Earth.

Red Sentry:
Amalgamation of: Sentry (Robert Reynolds) + Red Tornado (android)
Alias: John Reynolds
Elemental of: Air
Biography: Before WWII, the new Air Elemental was supposed to possess the infant son of Professor Nick O’Teim (Turner D. Century + T.O. Morrow), but he died due to complications during labor, so the Air spirit possessed an android that O’Teim was working on. The android came to life and O’Teim raised it as his own son. During WWII, the android dubbed itself the “Red Sentry” and helped the All-Star Invaders (Invaders + All-Star Squadron) battle the evil Axis forces. Nazi scientists stole the original blueprints to Red Sentry’s robot body, and created their own android super-weapon, called the “Flame Void” (The Void + Red Volcano). The final battle between the Red Sentry and the Flame Void resulted in the destruction of a small Eastern European village and the deaths of about 100 villagers. Though he destroyed the Flame Void, the destruction he caused disheartened Red Sentry, and so he asked the One of Order (Ancient One + Lord of Order), Earth's then Sorcerer Supreme, to remove the memories of him from everyone on Earth.
Years later, Red Sentry, now living in the human guise of John Reynolds, was summoned by the Mother Spirit to stop the second coming of the Flame Void. With the Flame Void becoming more powerful by the minute, Red Sentry was forced to join forces with the other elementals, Naiaduct of Water, Swampman of Earth, and Martin Parrish of Fire. The elementals finally destroyed the Flame Void, and the scientists of the criminal organization AHEM (AIM + HIVE), who recreated to Flame Void, were brought into custody. Ready to take on evil again, the Red Sentry joined the Justice Avengers (Avengers + Justice League).
Powers: Superhuman strength/speed/stamina/agility/reflexes/senses/durability; wind manipulation (flight and wind blasts); light manipulation (energy blasts and energy shields); self repair/accelerated healing; space survival.

Amalgamation of: Aqueduct (aka Water Wizard) + Naiad
Real Name: Mia Van Zante
Elemental of: Water
Biography: Mia Van Zante was an American enviromentalist who was protesting RoxTAR Inc.’s (Roxxon + STAR Labs) off-shore oil drilling. While breaking up the rally she organized, RoxTAR’s hired muscles grabbed her and threw her off the pier, leaving her to drown. A freak electrical storm then converged, and a lightning bolt struck the seawater, mutating Mia into a water-manipulating superhuman. Mia used her powers to attack RoxTAR’s oil rigs and finally their center of operations, but she was eventually stopped by the infernal motorcyclist Demon Rider (Ghost Rider + Etrigan the Demon). After she was subdued, Maya appeared before Mia and explained that she was chosen to be the Earth’s new Water Elemental. Mia quickly accepted her destiny, using her aquakinetic powers to battle threats to nature, either alone or with the other elementals.
Powers: Water manipulation; underwater survival; can ‘teleport’ to any body of water on Earth; can also manipulate other liquids to lesser effect.

Amalgamation of: Man-Thing + Swamp Thing
Real Name: Alec Sallis
Elemental of: Earth
Biography: Dr. Alec Sallis was a scientist who was working in the Florida Everglades to create a vegetation-restoration formula from collected samples of alien plants. His co-worker, Dr. Damian Allen, who secretly wanted Alec’s fiancé Linda Brandt all to himself, exposed the secret location of their lab to AHEM. Alec burned all of his notes (having memorized them) and injected the only sample of the formula into his bloodstream before fleeing the AHEM soldiers. He was eventually shot by one soldier, and his body was tossed into the swamp. The spirit Maya saw that Alec’s corpse was floating towards the Nexus of All Realities, a mystical portal to all universes in the New Amalgam Multiverse; if Alec’s slowly-mutating body interacted with the Nexus, it could yield catastrophic results! Maya then used her powers to restore Alec, transforming him into the new Earth Elemental, Swampman. While Swampman remains in the Everglades to protect the Nexus, he sometimes journeys beyond the swamp to aid the other Elementals against major threats.
Powers: Super strength/stamina/durability; can manipulate all plant-life in the vicinity, including the vegetation that makes up his body; can generate poisonous gasses and liquids from his body; immunity to toxins, bacteria, and viruses; senses the emotions of all humans in the area.

Martin Parrish:
Amalgamation of: Max Parrish + Martin Stein (Firestorm)
Elemental of: Fire
Biography: Prof. Martin Parrish, a genius in the field of nuclear physics, was selected to research a cosmic anomaly on-board the private space station of millionaire Vandal Von Doom (Dr. Doom + Vandal Savage). The other members of the research team were Dr. Patrick Richards, Dr. Susan Hoshi, Ronald Storm (engineer and Susan’s step brother), and the ship’s pilot Benjamin Parr. When the anomaly went haywire and bathed the station in waves of cosmic energy, Parrish and Storm were fused together as one being with powers of nuclear flame. The crew members were mutated into superpowered beings, and they decided to band together as the Justice Four (Fantastic Four + Justice League). Parrish’s brilliant mind and soul laid within Storm’s body as Storm used his flame powers as “Torchstorm” (Human Torch + Firestorm). Eventually, Maya appeared before the Justice Four, exclaiming that Martin Parrish was to be the true Fire Elemental, not Ronnie Storm. Maya stripped Ronnie of Martin’s soul and the flame powers, creating a new body for Martin out of living flame. Martin Parrish took to his new duties as the Fire Elemental with ease, helping Red Sentry and the other Elementals battle Flame Void. Ronnie eventually regained his fire powers and rejoined the J4.
Powers: High Intelligence. Can generate an intense amount of fiery plasma from his skin without burning himself. Can fly in his “flame aura” and shoot fireballs at his enemies. Can will his flame aura to not engulf any part of his body, so he can safely carry people from danger by flight. Can absorb fire and mentally control it. Space survival. Can emit energy that rearranges matter (down to the molecular level) according to his will; the transmutations last until he is either out of range or he loses focus.

Brother Straw:
Amalgamation of: Straw Man + Brother Power, the Geek
Elemental of: Puppets… seriously.
Biography: One stormy night, a renegade biker gang raided an art museum. One biker draped his blood-crusted jacket on an eerie straw sculpture of a ghastly and emaciated beast. Then, a lightning bolt crashed through the skyline and struck the statue and it came to life! The creature attacked the interlopers before making its way to the outside world. Without any knowledge or a place to call its own, the monster was befriended by a pacifistic hippie commune, who gave them clothes, a basic education, and a name: "Brother Straw."
Brother Straw had many more encounters with the biker gang, and he teamed up with the Demon Rider to take down their mystical leader, Deathwatch (The Orb + Cicada). When powerful demons threatened to invade Earth, and the only ones who had any chance of defeating them were the Elementals, Brother Straw used his magic powers to aide them. Maya, the Mother Elemental, was thankful to Straw, and made him an honorary Elemental.
Powers: Can astral project and possess any artificial representation of humans; new body morphs into original "scarecrow" form. Magic control. Accelerated healing. Super strength/stamina/durability. Martial arts prowess.
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Lordwormm Featured By Owner May 2, 2011  Hobbyist
You know what, if you used the Straw Man micro, I originally made that guy before he got circulated! :) Awesome stuff!

I never minded because I mostly cobbled mine together with parts from template boards. :)
bkno Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014
Hey! In Brother Straw's bio there is a typo. The amalgam The Orb + Cicada is called Orcada not Deathwatch.
bkno Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2010
I don't like Sentry as Norman Osborn's walking weapon of mass destruction. I found ripping the God of War in half too exaggerated.

Don't make Red Sentry a killer. Keep him heroic.
Red-Rum-18 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2010  Student General Artist
Fine by me.
bkno Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2010
You are the only one who created a cool amalgam for Brother Power the Geek.
Red-Rum-18 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2010  Student General Artist
Thank You
Elgorfo1 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2010
Elgorfo1 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2010
this is so much like my amalgam
Red-Rum-18 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2010  Student General Artist
And which amalgam is that?
Elgorfo1 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2010
Swampman is I combine them with a few other swamp monsters but that is basically it where do you get these models I cant find them.
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