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New Amalgam Comics: Godlikes and Super Young Gods by Red-Rum-18 New Amalgam Comics: Godlikes and Super Young Gods by Red-Rum-18
The Godlikes (The Inhumans + The Forever People): In the primordial genesis of Earth, a race of alien scientists known as The Consecrated (The Celestials + The Citadel) experimented on early humans, using DNA from a dead New Eternal (Eternals + New Gods) and created an empowered offshoot race of humankind. They were deemed failures by The Consecrated and left on Earth, but they became intelligent enough to form a super-advanced society. Calling themselves Godlikes, the splinter race hid itself from humanity until it developed space travel and left Earth, erasing all evidence of their existence. They traced their origins to the system that holds The Source, and they were attacked by the forces of the planet Apoktan (Titan + Apokolips). The rival planet New Uranus took them in and they established a new home on their moon: Forelan (Attilan + Forevertown).
An elder Godlike scientist isolated the catalyst that The Consecrated used to create them, the T-Element (Terrigenesis + X-Element). While poisonous to New Eternals, the catalyst gives young Godlikes their powers when they earn it in a traditional rite of passage. The T-Element was also, recently, used to restore the genetic abilities of metamutants (mutants + metahuman), another offshoot of humanity, when many of them lost their powers after the collapse of the M-Point pocket universe (House of M + Flashpoint).

Left to Right:
Trilance, Karifan, Big Gorgon, Vykin the Bolt, Moonstone, Dream Crystal, Sirilock, and Infinistar.

Vykin the Bolt:
Amalgamation of: Black Bolt + Vykin the Black
Real Name: Vykin Boltagon
Biography: The son of Valnda (Rynda + Valkyra), the previous queen of Forelan, Vykin Boltagon was exposed to the T-Element when he was still a fetus, and he was born with abilities that surpasses the Godlikes' norm. His voice is so powerful that even a whisper can obliterate an entire city, so he was trained to never speak a word. His elder brother Maxisaad (Maximus the Mad + Desaad) was chosen to be the heir to the Godlike Royal Family, but he betrayed the secrets of the T-Element to Apoktan's master Deathseid (Thanos + Darkseid) for promises of even greater power. The Godlikes and the New Uranians managed to destroy the stolen files about the T-Element, but Maxisaad was beyond redemption; Vykin the Bolt became the king of Forelan.
Powers: Immortality; superhuman physical ability; use of a Uni-Box computer (Uni-Mind + Mother Box) provided by the New Uranians; magnetism manipulation/technopathy (focused through head antenna); sonic scream with the forces of 100 megaton bombs (though Deathseid is powerful enough to survive it and defeat Vykin the Bolt after); anti-gravitational flight.

Amalgamation of: Medusa + Mark Moonrider
Real Name: Marcusalith “Marc” Amaquider-Boltagon
Biography: Marc, alias Moonstone, is the wife of Vykin Boltagon, the king of the Godlikes. Her exposure to the T-Element in her youth gave her extremely-long hair, which she can manipulate like tentacles, and the ability to generate concussive blasts through her hair. Her sister Dream Crystal was kidnapped by an unknown force and the royal family personally traced it to Earth to find her. They started out as enemies of some heroes of Earth, especially when Moonstone was captured and brainwashed by Psizard (Wizard + Psimon) into doing his bidding, but the Godlikes and the heroes of Earth became allies after finding Dream Crystal and liberating Forelan from Maxisaad (who forcibly sent Dream Crystal to Earth so he could invade Forelan while the other Godlikes were distracted by this).
Powers: Immortality; superhuman physical ability; use of a Uni-Box computer; manipulation of her extremely-long hair; concussive blasts conducted through hair.

Dream Crystal:
Amalgamation of: Crystal + Beautiful Dreamer
Real Name: Dream Crystal Amaquider
Alias: DC
Biography: Dream Crystal, or “DC” for short, is the younger sister of Moonstone. When she was exposed to the T-Element, she gained the power to cast illusions and the ability to control water, earth, fire, and wind.  Dream Crystal was kidnapped by Maxisaad and her family and kinsmen personally traveled to Earth to find her. The Godlikes started out as enemies of some heroes of Earth, but they and the heroes became allies after finding Dream Crystal and then liberating Forelan from Maxisaad (and his Apoktanian army), who used the kidnapping as a distraction to do so. This team up is when DC met Silverflash (Quicksilver + The Flash) of the Justice Avengers (Avengers + Justice League); DC fell in love with Silverflash, but his heart belongs to Stevie West (Stevie Hunter + Iris West). In an alternate future, Stevie West perished in the crossfire of a crisis, so Silverflash married DC and they had a daughter, Mana (Luna + Maya).
Powers: Immortality; superhuman physical ability; use of a Uni-Box computer; illusion casting; mental manipulation of water, earth, fire, and wind.

Big Gorgon:
Amalgamation of: Gorgon + Big Bear
Real Name: Gorgon Betragon
Biography: Big Gorgon is the cousin of King Vykin Boltagon and thus a member of the Godlikes' royal family. Exposure to the T-Element in infancy gave him superhuman strength, which is higher than average Godlikes, density control, and the ability to generate seismic waves through stomping his cloven hooves for feet. His duty is to train Godlike youths in using their new powers correctly and responsibly. Big Gorgon also has a crush on Dream Crystal, but he could never tell her because of her infatuation for Silverflash.  
Powers: Immortality; superhuman strength/stamina/durability/healing/senses higher than normal Godlikes; use of a Uni-Box computer; density manipulation; cloven hooves that generate seismic waves when stomped hard enough.

Amalgamation of: Karnak + Serifan
Biography: Karifan is the cousin of Vykin the Bolt and Big Gorgon. Exposure to the T-Element gave him superior senses. He's also the master of the Godlikes' unique martial arts and wield dual enerby pistols. During the event that resulted in the deaths of the New Eternals, Karifan's will was broken and Deathseid took control of him...
Powers: Immortality; superhuman physical ability; use of a Uni-Box computer; martial arts mastery; dual energy pistols; superhuman senses, to the point that he can see the weak points of any opponent or object.

Amalgamation of: Triton + Devilance
Biography: Trilance is not a Godlike, but a New Eternal from Apoktan. Trained from birth to be a hunter and genetically reshaped into an aquatic predator, Trilance was originally a member of the Deep Sword (Sword + Deep Six), Deathseid's team of amphibious assassins. Trilance was teleported to the sewers of Forelan to assassinate the Godlike Royal Family; Trilance was about to succeed when their ally Infinistar seized his energy spear; the combined energy signatures from the spear and Infinistar's powers reverberated and crucially injured Trilance, giving him amnesia. The Godlikes rehabilitated Trilance and, after almost a year, accepted their former enemy as a friend. Now Trilance is a great friend of Vykin the Bolt and his family, and an opponent of Deathseid.
Powers: Immortality; superhuman physical ability; use of a Uni-Box computer; underwater survival; super-fast swimming; expert hunter/tracker; armor provides enhanced durability and the ability to survive outside of water; energy spear.

Amalgamation of: Lockjaw + Sirius
Biography: Born in the era of the Old Eternals, Sirilock the Eternal Wolf was perhaps the only survivor of the cataclysmic civil war that decimated the Old Eternals and split their planet in two. Roaming the sewers of the hellscape known as Apoktan, Sirilock found Dream Crystal, a member of the Godlikes. Dream Crystal and Sirilock helped each other escaped from Apoktan and return to the territory of New Uranus, home of the good New Eternals that oppose Deathseid. Sirilock became Dream Crystal's pet, and Vykin the Bolt gave Sirilock an implant that allows him to create portals. Sirilock also became a member of a team of superheroes' pets, called the The Legion of Pet Avengers (Pet Avengers + Legion of Super Pets).
Powers: Immortality; beyond-average physical abilities; claws and fangs; teleportation portal creation.

Amalgamation of: Starfox + Infinity Man
Real Name: Eroax
Biography: Eroax a New Eternal and the brother of Thanxas, now known as... Deathseid. Before the war between New Uranus and Apoktan, their mother Heg-San (Sui-San + Heggra) ruled Apoktan and chose the younger brother Eroax as her successor. While the forces of Apoktan under Heg-San's rule tried to make it a fertile, beautiful planet, her sons found the Omega Pit; Thanxas critically injured his brother, leaving him for dead, and absorbed the Omega Effect inside the Omega Pit, leading to his rebirth as Deathseid. Left inside to die, Eroax met another dying being, Astorr the Infinistar; Astorr gave Eroax is power to revive him, and he became the new Infinistar. Infinistar challenged his brother Deathseid's tyranny over Apoktan (especially after learning he banished their mother and also admitted to killing their father Menkhan (Mentor + Yuga Khan), but the villain won and banished Infinistar to another dimension. The Godlikes found the frequency of this pocket dimension and now use a device to bring Infinistar back, even though it only works temporary.  
Powers: Immortality; superhuman physical ability; emotion manipulation; flight; force fields; psychic powers; energy blasts; healing; magnetism control; phasing; teleportation.

Super Young Gods (Young Gods + Super Young Team): The Super Young Gods were normal humans on Earth until the deaths of the royal family of the Godlikes at the hands of Deathseid. The evil lord of Apoktan launched missiles full of the T-Element at Earth to instantly create more superhumans with uncontrollable powers, thus throwing the human population into chaos. But the T-Element didn't work as fast as he wanted due to the atmosphere, and the effects were less noticeable. Five teens from various cultures found their powers and met each other online, at a support site for metamutants, and they decided to form a hero team; egotist Impromptu named the team the Super Young Gods.

Left to Right:

Amalgamation of: Splice + Most Excellent Superbat
Real Name: Otaka Ku
Biography: Half-Zulu, half-Japanese Otaka Ku is Impromptu, the self-appointed leader of the Super Young Gods. He is an egotist more interested in fame, despite his Japanese mother's wealth, and his ability is super-advanced engineering acumen (as though he could “form technology from thin air”). When the Consecrated came to Earth, Impromptu sacrificed his freedom to lead the alien superbeings away from Earth for good, using technology he is intelligent enough to use and maintain...
Powers: Superhuman intelligence, engineering acumen, and gathering/construction speed.

Amalgamation of: Varua + Big Atomic Lantern Boy
Real Name: Mira
Biography: Half-Polynesian Mira is Fission of the Super Young Gods. She can generate blue energy that gives her various powers. Fission portrays an animosity towards her teammate Hydrogue to cover up her true feelings towards her.
Powers: Blue energy generation for flight, teleportation, energy blasts, and holograms.

Amalgamation of: Highnote + Shy Crazy Lolita Canary
Real Name: Raoul
Biography: Raoul, from the Philippines, was a dancer and musician before his powers manifested. He gained bird-like wings and a powerful sonic scream. Raoul became frequency of the Super Young Gods.
Powers: Bird wings for flight; sonic voice (energy blasts, telekinesis, mass teleportation).

Amalgamation of: Sea Witch + Shiny Happy Aquazon
Real Name: Bridgit Kimura
Biography: Bridgit Kimura is the half-Irish daughter of Tomago Kimura, aka Wavegoer (GoGo Tomago + Waveman Kimura), a member of the Japanese superhero team Big Science Six (Big Hero Six + Big Science Action). She grew into a wild, hot-tempered, and lusty teenager who loved dancing. She also mastered the skill of sailing and loved the sea, like her mother Tomago. When her powers formed, she developed amphibious physiology and the power to manipulate water. Bridgit became the Hydrogue of the Super Young Gods.
Powers: Trained martial artist and seafarer; amphibious biology; underwater survival; superfast swimming; water manipulation.

Amalgamation of: Moonstalker + Well-Spoken Sonic Lightning Flash
Real Name: Keigo Kiana
Biography: Keigo Kiana is a Native American teenager from Alaska. When he gained his powers, he discovered he possessed superhuman speed. Keigo chose the codename Alaruk when he joined the Super Young Gods, which is from the Inupiat word for “move”.
Powers: Superhuman speed/agility/reflexes/senses/healing.
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