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New Amalgam Comics: Thunder Woman's Foes I by Red-Rum-18 New Amalgam Comics: Thunder Woman's Foes I by Red-Rum-18
Mortal Foes of Thunder Woman: (Thor + Wonder Woman)

Top Row, L-R:

Amalgamation Of: Man-Beast + Cheetah
Real Name: Barbara Carpenter
Biography: Decades ago, in England, a scientist named Herbert McIntyre had perfected a device capable of accelerating the process of evolution. After creating several humanoid animals, McIntyre was chastised for creating human-animal abominations, so he eventually left Earth for a new world, becoming the villain known as the Evolutionary Triumph (High Evolutionary + Triumph). Meanwhile, his humanoid animals were driven from London and made their way to the base of a mountain in Eastern Europe, where a cult that worshiped the dark god Urtzkartaga once roosted, to make their new home. Years later, tourists accidentally stumbled upon the beast-men's home and alerted the nation's military to them. The soldiers slaughtered them, but the tourists found an infant amongst the ruins, a female capable of passing off as human, and they adopted her. In the USA, Barbara Carpenter grew up to be an archaeologist, but she accidentally discovered her powers when she was attacked. That night, the dark god Urtzkartaga revealed her true parentage to her, man-beasts that once worshiped him, and that they performed a ritual sacrifice to make her human. The spell was wearing off, so now Barbara's cat-human form was revealing itself. If she wants to live the rest of her life in the human world, she will follow Urtzkartaga's commands. Those commands include taking revenge on the immortal warrior who stripped him of his power and bannished him to the abyss... Thorana the Thunder Woman! As Havoc, Barbara battled the Thunder Woman, but lost every time. Urtzkartaga would later strip Havoc of her powers, though not her cat-like appearance, and give them to one Sebastian Carracus (Esteban Carracus + Sebastian Ballestros) to kill Thunder Woman; Barbara then killed Sebastian and regained her powers and Urtzkartaga's favor.
Powers: Superhuman speed/strength/stamina/reflexes/agility/senses; fangs and claws; can sense multiple ranges of light; limited telekinetic powers (bestowed by Urtzkartaga).

Amalgamation Of: Absorbing Man + Cyborgirl
Real Name: Charles Creel
Biography: Charles Creel was a former boxer who turned to leg breaking for a street gang. When a new drug was introduced that gave normal people random superpowers (really a magic potion created by Cerki [Loki + Circe] to create an army to destroy her sister Thunder Woman), Creel's gang became the main trafficker for the drug. Thunder Woman managed to help the police defeat the gang and create a cure for the drug and the powers. Creel escaped from prison, using his ball-and-chain shackle as a weapon, and retreat back to their last hiding place for the drug. He took too much of the drug in a bid to destroy Thunder Woman, and the side-effects destroyed his body. Scientists implanted him with a cybernetic system that can help him replicate his remaining healthy cells and reconstruct his body, but the remnants of the drug mess up the system and made him into a half-man, half-machine. Charles decided to use his new powers, including the ability to change his flesh and machine parts into whatever material he touches, to become a gang leader in his own right. As the Absorborg, Charles became a recurring nemesis of Thunder Woman, and also started dating a fellow supervillainess, Enorma.
Powers: Above-average strength/stamina/durability; his flesh and machine parts can duplicate the properties of any material he touches (wood, stone, crystal, ect.); his ball-and-chain weapon can also change properties, since he was in contact with it when he drank to much of Cerki's potion; he can duplicate the metal of his weapon, but not the metal of his cyborg parts.

Amalgamation Of: Titania + Giganta
Real Name: Dr. Mary Zeul
Biography: Mary Zeul was a doctor and researcher who suffered from a cancer that made her frail and sickly while it slowly killed her. She had no idea that her colleague Diana Blake was really the heroic Thunder Woman when she was brutally injured trying to save the city. Lying comatose, Thorana was experimented on by Zeul and her colleague Zara Rosenberg to find a way to harness the heroine's mystical nature and cure Mary. Thorana woke up and broke free from the torturous experiments, and she ended up causing an accident that transferred Mary's brain patterns into a female gorilla. Mary and Zara disappeared until the event known as the Secret Wars of Infinite Earths (Secret Wars + Crisis on Infinite Earths); the evil Vandal Doom (Dr. Doom + Vandal Savage) used his technology to change Mary and Zara into superhumans in exchange for serving him. Zara Rosenberg was changed into the energy-blasting Crimsona (Volcana + Zara of the Crimson Flame), while Mary's ape body was evolved into a healthy and strong human with size-changing abilities; as the villainess Enorma, Mary battled Thunder Woman during the event, and now harbors a resentment towards her. Now a solo villainess and enemy of Thunder Woman, Enorma was the girlfriend of Charles “Absorborg” Creel, another enemy of Thunder Woman. They broke up when she caught him flirting with the heroine She-Nova (She-Hulk + Jade), and Mary decided to get back at him by dating Eric Choi (Eric O'Grady + Ryan Choi), the second hero to take up the name and shrinking powers of Atom-Ant (Ant-Man + The Atom).
Powers: Able to grow up to fifty stories in height and thus gain superhuman strength/stamina/durability in proportion to that current size; highly-intelligent doctor.

Dr. Radioactive:
Amalgamation Of: Radioactive Man + Doctor Poison
Real Name: Dr. Chen Maru
Biography: A nuclear physicist from the People’s Republic of China, Chen Maru developed a mind-altering energy array to use for the Communist state’s invasion of India. The army was defeated and the weapon destroyed by Thunder Woman, and Chen was imprisoned for his war crimes. After escaping, he altered his physiology with atomic radiation, turning him into Dr. Radioactive, a living nuclear stockpile. Dr. Radioactive has been a recurring enemy of Thunder Woman. After being captured, tried, and imprisoned, he gets the chance for a presidential pardon by serving in the Thunder Squad (Thunderbolts + Suicide Squad), a government-controlled team of supervillains who take on the most dangerous missions to save the world. When Paul Osborn (Norman Osborn + Paul Westfield) was dethroned as director of Task Force S (SHIELD + Task Force X), Dr. Radioactive left Thunder Squad and went back to China; he was arrested for further crimes and achieved amnesty in exchange for service in China's govt-controlled super-team, the Great Force (People's Defense Force + The Great Ten).
Powers: Body is constantly radioactive, giving his flesh a green glow and allows him to fire blasts of heat, light, and atomic energy (which induces nausea and radiation poisoning). He needs to wear a black skin-suit to keep his powers in check. Expert in the fields of radiation, energy, and nuclear physics.

Silver Gargoyle:
Amalgamation Of: Grey Gargoyle + Silver Swan
Real Name: Vanessa Duval
Biography: Vanessa Duval was a teenage girl from Paris, France who looked up to the heroine Thunder Woman. However, when her father and best friend were killed in a disaster that Thunder Woma couldn't prevent, Vanessa became engulfed in rage and swore to steal her immortality and kill her. The sorcerer known as Amorko the Enchanter (Amora the Enchantress + Dr. Psycho) gave Vanesssa a magic potion that gave her powers, but only to secretly manipulate her so that he can have Thorana for himself. Given metal skin, bat-like wings, amazing strength, and the ability to turn others into metal statues, Vanessa Duval became the Silver Gargoyle. Silver Gargoyle traveled to the American city under Thunder Woman's protection, and manages to turn a large number of people into metal statues to lure out the heroine. Thorana was turned to metal, as well, but Vanessa was unable to lift her Enchanted Flail (Mjolnir + Lasso of Truth); the Enchanted Flail was dropped to the ground, and the magic shockwave turned Thorana back to normal. Thunder Woman and Silver Gargoyle battled again, and the heroine unleashed an energy blast that fused Vanessa's metal arms together, disabling her ability to turn others to metal. The villainess' victims were changed back after an hour, and Vanessa was hauled off to jail, swearing revenge on Thunder Woman.
Powers: Superhuman strength/durability/stamina; organic metal flesh; wings for flight; can transform organic beings into immobile metal statues through touch, which turn back after an hour (later gains the ability to change victims into mobile minions under her verbal control).

Bottom Row, L-R:

Amalgamation Of: Locus + Angle Man
Real Name: Angelo Piper
Biography: Angelo Piper was a scientist who used his invention, which allows him to teleport great distances, manipulate his personal gravity, and phase through walls. Paired with the energy being known as the Reignworks (Reignfire + Fireworks Man), Anglocus became a master criminal who clashed with the heroic Thunder Woman. Thunder Woman thought that his invention was permanently destroyed when she smashed it with her Enchanted Flail, but prolonged exposure to the device gave Anglocus the same powers, internalized within his body. He teamed up with Havoc to destroy Thunder Woman, but he turned on the villainess when he was smitten by Donna Tarane, the first heroine to be Thunder Woman's sidekick Thunder Girl (Thor Girl + Wonder Girl).
Powers: Teleportation of himself and other over long distances; manipulation of gravity to levitate and adhere to walls and ceilings; intangibility.

Doctor Sand:
Amalgamation Of: Quicksand + Doctor Cyber
Real Name: “Cylvia”
Biography: A Vietnamese nuclear engineer named Cylvia was attacked at her work by a thug working for a Chinese gang whom her family owed money to. The thug burned her face with burning embers and she stumbled into an experiment that changed her body into a hivemind of robotic nanograins. The panic and pained woman used her powers to cause a nuclear meltdown, but Thunder Woman used the magics of her Enchanted Flail to teleport the facility to another dimension before it exploded, saving the other people. Cylvia's mind was twisted, and she now believes that Thunder Woman caused her transformation. She mastered her new body and powers and became the evil Doctor Sand. She and other evil geniuses banded together to steal Thunder Woman's cells and genetically engineer an army of god-like beings, but they failed.
Powers: High intelligence; shape-shifting; enhanced strength/stamina/durability; energy absorption and expulsion; duplication.

Amalgamation Of: Malekith the Accursed + Psycho-Pirate
Real Name: Malcolm Hayden
Biography: The Mask of Ancient Winters (Cask of Ancient Winters + Medusa Masks) is an ancient weapon forged by the Dark Elves, the now-deceased enemies of Thunder Woman's immortal race, the Amazardians (Asgardians + Amazons). King Hippodin (Odin + Hippolyta), ruler of the Amazardians and father of Thorana, placed the Mask beyond their hidden island nation and trusted a mortal family to keep it out of the hands of evil. But evil struck pretty close to home for this family. In modern times, Malcolm Hayden killed his abusive father to find the location of the Mask of Ancient Winters, using it's powers for his own selfish gain. As the evil Psycurse, Hayden initially used the Mask to drain the emotions of others to fuel elemental magic, but then he discovered that he could reverse it and drain natural energy from around him to mentally manipulate others. When the news came to him that the Mask was being used for evil, King Hippodin sent the Warriors Three, composed of the Amazardians Sodral (Fandral + Sofia), Volsana (Volstagg + Orana), and Philigun (Hogun + Philippus), to use iron weapons to counteract the magic of the Mask. Thunder Woman, who was exiled from her home of Themsgard (Asgard + Themyscira) for wanting to protect the other nations of Earth, caught the battle between her friends and Psycurse, and she bound the head of her Enchanted Flail in iron to damage the mask and end the villain's reign of terror. Hayden would later break out of jail and strike a deal with the evil Queen Curse (Kurse + Queen Clea): she would repair the Mask of Ancient Winters and he would help her take over Themsgard. Queen Curse killed Malcolm when it was certain that she was in control, but Thunder Woman returned to her world to dethrone her. However, Psycurse returned from apparent death to harness the negative energies during a massive battle between the heroes of Earth and the evil Black Dragon (Dragon of the Moon + Black Adam), but Black Dragon shoved his Mask through his face, killing Malcolm for reals this time.
Powers: The magics of the Mask of Ancient Winters allows Malcolm Hayden to drain the emotional energy of others to control the environment and weather and he can also drain environmental energies to mentally control others.

Amalgamation Of: Arsenal + Egg Fu
Real Name: Systematic Enemy Elimination Droid
Biography: The Systematic Enemy Elimination Droid was originally built during the late 1930s for the American War effort during WWII. Using an alien device (revealed to be from the planet Apoktan [Titan + Apokolips]), a cadre of scientists created SEED in the event that the US's genetic engineering program failed or was sabotaged beyond repair. Scientist Howard Wayne (Howard Stark + Thomas Wayne) advised on both, and the SEED project was shut down when the genetics program produced the hero called the Super-Soldier (Captain America + Superman), who helped the Allies defeat the Axis before disappearing. During a crisis in the city of San Gateway (San Francisco + Gateway City), the commotion caused SEED to activate for the first time and attack the populace, mistaking them for invading Axis forces. Thunder Woman defeated the mad machine, but it had vanished. While it was gone, the Apoktanian components of its being were activated, making SEED highly intelligent and loyal to the alien dictator of Apoktan, Deathseid (Thanos + Darkseid). It later joins a group of evil scientists called the Intelligence Squad (Intelligencia + Science Squad).
Powers: Super intelligence/strength/stamina/durability; hidden tools and weapondry; clawed tentacle to manipulate objects that his bigger hands cannot; left eye is equipped with various scanners and laser cannon.

Paula Abbott:
Amalgamation Of: Black Abbot + Paula Von Gunther
Alias: The Black Baroness
Biography: Also called the Black Baroness, Paula Abbott was a cultist whose expertise in dark magics lead to her joining the Nazis research teams as they looked into magic as a weapon during WWII. She was defeated and captured by Super Soldier, and the allied forces had her executed; Paula's soul left her body minutes before her execution, and she traveled the abyss for years, gaining darker knowledge of magic, before returning turn our plain and reconstituting her body. She started a new sect of black magicians and began mentally manipulating crime gangs. This attracted the attention of Thunder Woman, who defeated her, but not before she could finally complete her goal: summon to Earth the demon known as the Fire Angel (Surter + Dark Angel)!
Powers: Magic powers; astral projection; telepathy; telekinesis; mind control; energy blasts.
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Red-Rum-18 Featured By Owner May 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I didn't know Chthon did that. I'll look into it.
Heart-Will-Wolf Featured By Owner May 11, 2012
first arc of the dark reign run of the mighty avengers.
Picassamia Featured By Owner May 9, 2012
So, for your take on the Warriors Three, are all three male, female or a mix of both?

Since you used the Barbara Ann Minerva version of Cheetah for Havoc (strange name, just saying), will you be doing anything with the previous two (Priscilla Rich and Debbie Domaine)? Same thing with the Silver Swan you used for Silver Gargoyle--you used Vanessa Kapatelis, but will Helen Alexandros (the first one) and Valerie Beaudry (the second one) be used at some point?

So far, you've named SEED as a member of the Intelligence Squad--who are the other members? Do they include Psizard, Red Grodd, and BLOOD?
bkno Featured By Owner May 11, 2012
Are Leadestro (The Leader + Sinestro), Wicked Thinker (Mad Thinker + Dr. Sivana) Nick O'Teim (Turner D. Century + T.O. Morrow) and the original Clock-Head (Egghead + Clock King) members of the Intelligence Squad?
Picassamia Featured By Owner May 11, 2012
I don't know. Maybe Red-Rum-18 will tell us. He did tell me the other four I mentioned were members....
Red-Rum-18 Featured By Owner May 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Volsana (Volstaag + Orana) is the only female on the Warriors Three team.

No plans for other versions of Cheetah and Silver Swan.

The guys you mentioned are indeed Intelligence Squad members.
Picassamia Featured By Owner May 9, 2012
Thanks for the answers!

Any other Intelligence Squad members I should know about?

Also, you misspelled Fandral's name in the bit in Psycurse's bio.
Red-Rum-18 Featured By Owner May 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Fixed it.
Picassamia Featured By Owner May 9, 2012
On the subject of Sodal--is the Sofia you used Sofia Constantinas, a character from the Bronze Age Wonder Woman comics?
Red-Rum-18 Featured By Owner May 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Picassamia Featured By Owner May 9, 2012
bkno Featured By Owner May 9, 2012
I want to see Amorko the Enchanter in the Part 2. Because it's the most unlikely mix ever. And maybe your coolest one.

I mean, Enchantress is a sultry Asgardian bombshell begging to be played by Doira Baird in Thor 2, accoriding to many fancasters on

Dr. Psycho, on the other hand, is a perverse midget so ugly that if a stone-drunk Ross Perrot makes out with the world's ugliest dog, Psycho would be the baby out of the equation. Okay, brain bleach.
wagdawgwag Featured By Owner May 9, 2012
Ah, egg-fu. What were we thinking back then?
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