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New Amalgam Comics: Thunder Woman's Foes II by Red-Rum-18 New Amalgam Comics: Thunder Woman's Foes II by Red-Rum-18
Magical enemies of the heroic Thunder Woman (Thor + Wonder Woman).

Top Row, L-R:
Helyta, Cerki, Phoris & Deigandr

Amalgamation Of: Loki + Circe
Alias: Cassandra Serrure
Biography: When the immortal Amazardians (Asgardians + Amazons), thousands of years ago, relocated their home, Themsgard (Asgard + Themyscira), to escape the wrath of the Olympians, they discovered their new island home was already inhabited. King Hippodin (Odin + Hippolyta) and his greatest weaponers created magic weapons, including the gigantic Amethyst Tree (Yggdrasil + Purple Life Ray), to defend their territories from their warring neighbors, including the frost giants, the fire demons, and the rock trolls. After slaying the king and queen of the frost giants at the climax of a horrible war, Hippodin discovered a female frost giant infant in the dungeon of the castle; they had her hidden away because they were ashamed of her size. Hippodin adopted the baby girl and changed her appearance to that of an Amazardian, naming her Cerki. Cerki grew up in Themsgard with Hippodin's biological daughter, Thorana, as her sister. Cerki resented her sister's popularity amongst the citizens of Themsgard, especially after she bested her in a contest and became the wielder of the Enchanted Flail (Mjolnir + Lasso of Truth), and plotted against her. She learned powerful magics from the dark sorcerer Elcate (Eldred + Hecate), whom told her of a prophecy that Cerki will take control of Themsgard after destroying Thorana (this prophecy is a lie, told so that Elcate can take revenge on Themsgard by plunging it into chaos with a war between the sisters). Cerki struck a deal with Hippodin's enemies, the Olympians, to gain an army loyal to her in exchange for becoming the consort of Ares, Olympian God of War. Cerki's army nearly decimated Themsgard, but they were all defeated by Thorana, who became the champion Thunder Woman upon receiving the Enchanted Flail. Cerki was tried and sentenced to exile for her betrayal. She realized that there was a world beyond Themsgard, and now she wants control of Earth, too. In modern times, she took control of the demon Starro-Gorath (Shuma-Gorath + Starro) to invade the minds of the mortals of Earth, while she kept the superhuman heroes busy by impersonating a monster called the Green Giant (Hulk + Green Lantern) and attacking them. The real Green Giant was later freed from Cerki's and Starro-Gorath's caves to team up with Thunder Woman and other heroes to defeat the villains (later becoming the heroic Justice Avengers [Avengers + Justice League]). Once again, Cerki was exiled from both the worlds of Man and Amazardian, but she would later return to try and destroy her sister and take control of Earth.
Powers: Magical powers such as energy control, force fields, flight, illusion casting, teleportation, and the ability to change people and objects into animals that she can control.

Amalgamation Of: Hela + Lyta
Biography: During her time as the consort of the Olympian called Ares, before her first battle with her sister Thunder Woman, Cerki bore the war god twin sons, the demons Phoris and Deigandr. After her armies, given to her in exchange for her relationship with Ares, were driven from Themsgard by Thunder Woman, Cerki was exiled for her treachery, but she had no idea that she was once more pregnant with Ares' child during these events. Unlike her first children, her daughter Helyta was born as normal looking as her. Cerki raised her as best she could during her exile, but her wrath towards Thunder Woman was stronger than her love for her daughter. The teenaged Helyta was abandoned while Cerki attempted to take over Earth with Starro-Gorath, and she was later found by her aunt Thorana, who opened a portal back to Themsgard. Taken care of by the other Amazardians, Helyta realized her potential for magic, seeing as she is the daughter of a god and an immortal sorceress, so her grandfather Hippodin appointed her as the apprentice of the warden who controls the inter-dimensional prison that holds the magically-empowered enemies of Themsgard. But Helyta turned against her master and took control of the prison, seceding it from Themsgard and turning the prisoners into her army. Teaming up frequently with her mother and long-lost brothers, Helyta seeks to destroy Thunder Woman so that Cerki will be able to be with her again.
Powers: Magical powers, such as levitation, hyper-sense, use of a magical bow and arrow set, astral projection, illusion-casting, and the ability to kill with but a touch.

Phoris & Deigandr:
Amalgamation Of: Fenris & Jormungandr + Phobos & Deimos
Biography: Phoris and Deigandr were the first children born from the union of Ares, Olympian God of War, and the Amazardian sorceress Cerki. These twin sons were born with demonic features, with Phoris as a humanoid wolf and Deigandr having serpentine body parts. Cerki became Ares' concubine in exchange for an army to help her conquer Themsgard, but part of that deal included the Olympians having no idea where the new Themsgard was located when they left. The clever Ares impregnated Cerki once more before she set offand tracked the fetus' life energy to find Themsgard; when Cerki's army failed, Ares plotted to destroy Themsgard to gain the favor of his father Zeus, king of the Olympians, using his sons Phoris and Deigandr as his minions. Cerki's sister Thorana, the Thunder Woman, defeated Phoris and Deigandr when they threatened Themsgard, and they were imprisoned. Centuries later, their little sister Helyta took control of the dimensional prison and freed her brothers. They planned to destroy Thunder Woman and her allies in the Justice Avengers, first by taking over the bodies of three of Iron Bat's (Iron Man + Batman) enemies: Laugh Monger (Iron Monger + The Joker), Black Ivy (Blackheath + Poison Ivy), and the Living Scare (Living Laser + Scarecrow). Thunder Woman and Iron Bat battled these villains, and when Deigandr was expunged from Laugh Monger's body, Thorana killed him in a blind fury (suffering from a poison). Helyta and Phoris escaped and swore revenge. Deigandr was later resurrected by the witch called Morgan Le Fey to use against her nemesis, the Demon Rider (Ghost Rider + Etrigan the Demon).
Powers: Phoris: Superhuman strength/durability/stamina; immortality; fangs and claws; increasing strength through eating people; fear-causing illusions. Deigandr: Superhuman strength/durability/stamina; immortality; serpentine lower body and poisonous snakes for hair; flame and poison breath.

Middle Row, L-R:
Karnemis, The Torment Armor, Lorota, Amorko the Enchanter, Finish, The Fire Angel

Amorko the Enchanter:
Amalgamation Of: Amora the Enchantress + Doctor Psycho
Alias: Edgar Collins
Biography: Amorko was born in Themsgard to unknown parents, though it was later revealed that he has a sister named Lorota. As a young man Amorko traveled to Norn-Mighdall (Nornheim + Bana-Mighdall), a kingdom of Amazardians separate from Themsgard, to learn magic from the sorceress queen Karnemis. He fell in love with a woman from Norn-Mighdall, but she ended up betraying him and framing him for an attempt to steal from Karnemis. Amorko became brutally distrustful of all women and greatly expanded his magic powers to take revenge on the woman he loved, and later tried to kill his former teacher Karnemis. As the Enchanter, Amorko became obsessed with the beauty of Thorana the Thunder Woman, wanting to take her for his own. To this end, he created a female golem called Finish to serve him. The Enchanter and Finish are regular enemies of Thunder Woman, and they are also responsible for the creation of another villain, the Silver Gargoyle (Grey Gargoyle + Silver Swan). The Enchanter and Finish later serve in the Secret Society of Evil (Master of Evil + Secret Society of Super-Villains).
Powers: Magical powers, such as hypnotism (works best on female subjects), energy manipulation, ectoplasm control, teleportation, and telekinesis.

Amalgamation Of: Skurge the Executioner + Genocide
Biography: Finish is a female golem created and controlled by the Enchanter, nemesis of Thunder Woman. The genesis of this brutal warrior came from the soils of lands throughout Themsgard and its neighbors where the most brutal battles and mass killings took place. Collecting these soil samples, infused with the essence of these horrific events, the Enchanter then took the corpse of a female frost giant and implanted this power into it. Finish was hereby created. The Enchanter's misogynistic obsession with women demanded him to create one eternally loyal to him and powerful enough to subdue the Thunder Woman, the one woman he hates and loves above all else. With the power to gain energy from negative emotions, Finish is able to draw strength from the enemies she fights, which she uses to match the power of Thunder Woman. One time, the polarized energies from Finish's magic axe and Thorana's Enchanted Flail resulted in the creation of a humanoid mass of energy that went on a rampage until they destroyed it. The end result of this was Finish gaining a small fraction of Thorana's essence, which now allows the golem to disguise herself as Thunder Woman.
Powers: Superhuman strength/speed/durability/senses/agility/reflexes/stamina; draws strength from negative energy; accelerated healing; magic axe can fire blasts of heat and cold and can open rifts in space-time; can disguise herself as Thunder Woman and steal the Enchanted Flail from her.

Amalgamation Of: Lorelei + Hypnota
Alias: Idolem
Biography: Lorota is the younger sister of Amorko the Enchanter, nemesis of Thunder Woman. When Amorko became a mysoginist with an obsessive hatred for women, he tried to kill his sister and left Lorota for dead as he set out to take control of Thunder Woman, but his former teacher, Karnemis, saved the girl's life. Karnemis taught Lorota her magic skills so that she could take revenge on Amorko for his treachery. With a mastery of her hypnotic powers, she disguised herself as a man named Idolem and returned to Themsgard. Time and again Lorota sought to take control of Thunder Woman herself, and use Amorko's obsession with her as a weapon against him. In her male disguise, Lorota traveled to the lands outside of Themsgard to ally with the evil Psycurse (Malekith the Accursed + Psycho-Pirate) to brainwash Thunder Woman. In her human disguise of Dr. Diana Blake, she was ambushed and forced to drink the mind-control potion. Diana then traveled with the to attack the Enchanter and his minion, Finish, but it was revealed that the potion only affected Diana, not Thunder Woman, so the spell was broken when she changed into her superhuman form. Psycurse was defeated, but Amorko, Finish, and Lorota escaped, with Amorko swearing revenge against his sister.
Powers: Magical skills such as hypnotism and a paralyzing kiss; great knowledge of magic and potions.

Amalgamation Of: Karnilla + Artemis
Biography: Norn-Mighdall is a kingdom of Amazardians separate from Themsgard, located somewhere in North Africa. Norn-Mighdall was founded thousands of years ago by King Vilope (Vili + Antiope), brother of Themsgard's King Hippodin. The child of a warrior and a priestess, Karnemis became skilled in both combat skills and skills as a sorceress and became the most trusted adviser to King Vilope; she is also the former teacher of Amorko the Enchanter and his sister Lorota. When Vilope was assassinated, his final requests made Karnemis into the Queen of Norn-Mighdall. Hippodin, his daughters Thorana and Cerki, and some of Themsgard's finest warriors attended the funeral of Vilope in Norn-Mighdall; it was then that Karnemis fell in love with the Themsgardian warrior Balippe (Balder + Menalippe). When it became apparent the Norn Stones, the most powerful weapons of Norn-Mighdall, were stolen, the demons that serve the horrid Fire Angel began to siege the city. Thunder Woman and her Amazardian allies from Themsgard, including Balippe, traveled to Norn-Mighdall to repel the demons and find the Norn Stones. Balippe stayed behind to protect Karnemis while Thunder Woman and the others infiltrated the demons' hold to retrieve the stones; Karnemis confessed her love for Balippe, but Thunder Woman returned with the Norn Stones. She and her party had learned that Karnemis gave the demons the Norn Stones to instigate the war between her kingdom and the demons, but they didn't know why. She confessed that she wanted Balippe for herself and a war against Norn-Mighdall would give him reason to stay and protect her. She then ordered her guards to attack the Themsgardian heroes, blaming the for the Norn Stones' theft. War had been declared between Themsgard and Norn-Mighdall, and if Balippe didn't agree to become Karnemis' husband, then his homeland will fell the wrath of her second-most powerful weapon: The Torment Armor!
Powers: Magical powers such as teleportation, energy control, and illusion-casting; skills as a warrior with superhuman strength/speed/stamina/durability/reflexes/senses and an enchanted bow and arrow set.

The Torment Armor:
Amalgamation Of: Destroyer Armor + Shim'Tar
Biography: Much like the Amethyst Tree of Themsgard, the Norn Stones of Norn-Mighdall are the magically-empowered security system of that kingdom. They cannot be used as a weapon of invasion, so the old king Vilope commissioned the creation of the Torment Armor to serve as Norn-Mighdall's second most powerful weapon. The armor can only be controlled by the most powerful warrior in all of Norn-Mighdall, whose soul is transplanted into the armor to give it automation. The Torment Armor was sent along with a contingent of Norn-Mighdallian warriors to commence the invasion of Themsgard; the armor's strength and the warrior soul's skill equally matched Thunder Woman. A dissident of Norn-Mighdall was appalled by queen Karnemis invading Themsgard because she was spurned by Themsgardian warrior Balippe, so he was able to convince the warrior controlling the Torment Armor to turn against the queen and try to kill her. Thunder Woman was able to defeat it in the Norn-Mighdallian palace by having it accidentally attack the crystal containing the body of the warrior controlling the armor. With the armor out of commission, the war between Themsgard and Norn-Mighdall ended. The Torment Armor was later stolen by Cerki to use against her sister Thunder Woman...
Powers: Superhuman strength/stamina/durability/speed/agility/reflexes/senses; combat skills (based on the skills of the soul of the one controlling it); energy blasts from faceplate.

The Fire Angel:
Amalgamation Of: Surtur + Dark Angel
Biography: The terror known as the Fire Angel is the malicious leader of the horrid fire demons from the volcanic regions south of Themsgard. The Fire Angel was imprisoned within the crust of the Earth years ago when he was defeated by King Hippodin, but was released in modern times by the human sorceress Paula Abbott (Black Abbott + Paula Von Gunther) in a bid to destroy her nemesis Thunder Woman, the daughter of Hippodin. Thunder Woman decimated the evil being, but his soul remained and tried to possess Thunder Woman's body; Donna Tarane, the first to take up the mantle of Thunder Woman's sidekick Thunder Girl (Thor Girl + Wonder Girl), intercepted the spirit and absorbed it into her body. Donna exiled herself into space to keep the power of the Fire Angel from harming the people of Earth, where she was enslaved by Aron the Anti-Observer (Aron the Rogue Watcher + The Anti-Monitor). The Event (Blink + Harbinger), a wanderer of the multiverse, helped the heroes of our Earth defeat the Fire Angel and free Donna from him. The Amazardian seer Volera (Volla + Alera) predicts that Cerki will bring the Fire Angel back to the material plain.
Powers: Fire manipulation; superhuman strength/size/stamina/durability; mind control; teleportation; levitation; shape-shifting; wields a magic sword.

Bottom Row, L-R:
Queen Curse, Blizmir, Delik, Deicide

Queen Curse:
Amalgamation Of: Kurse + Queen Clea
Real Name: Clea Algrim
Biography: Clea is the daughter of a dark elf, one of a now-gone race that opposed the Amazardians, and an Atlantean, an amphibious humanoid race now ruled by the heroic Aquariner (Sub-Mariner + Aquaman), Clea Algrim lead a revolution against the kingdom of Atlantis and formed a new kingdom, Venturia, on an island above the ocean surface. Her agents managed to steal the Trident of Poseidon, the Olympian God of the Seas, and used it to conquer Atlantis and bring it to the surface. When Thunder Woman found this out, she traveled to Venturia to steal back the Trident and strip the villainess, now called Queen Curse, of its power; she was captured and forced into gladitorial combat against the Aquariner, her Justice Avengers teammate, who was weakened and made subservient by the Trident's powers. Thorana regained the Enchanted Flail and had no choice but to destroy the Trident, freeing the Atlanteans. Using her enchanted armor, Queen Curse battled Thunder Woman and Aquariner, but she fell into a pit of lava and was believed to have been killed. However, the armor protected her, but the shock gave her amnesia; all she can remember is her title, Queen Curse, and her hatred for the Thunder Woman. She returns to destroy Thunder Woman, but was crucially injured by the villainess Beta Ray Woman (Beta Ray Bill + Superwoman), a member of the Revenge Syndicate (Dark Avengers + Crime Syndicate) whom Curse mistook for Thunder Woman. Cerki, Thunder Woman's evil sister, revives Queen Curse and enhances her powers to use against Thorana.
Powers: Superhuman strength/speed/stamina; enchanted armor enhances her durability and senses; underwater survival and super-fast swimming; combat prowess.

Amalgamation Of: Ymir + Minister Blizzard
Biography: The frost giants are a race of titanic beings with power over ice and coldness who reside in the frozen territories north of Themsgard. When a human scientist from the outside world plans to turn the Arctic Circle and the colder surrounding areas into a more humid region, the frost giants discovered this and Blizmir, the adviser to Queen Lauina (Laufey + Snowina), lead a platoon of frost giant soldiers against the scientists' encampment to stop the endangerment of their realm. Thunder Woman defeats the frost giants and is able to convince the humans to leave the frost giants' territory, but Blizmir has other plans. Blizmir, who hates all non-frost giant races and despises the queen for not taking action against their enemies, tried to kill the Queen with the device and combined his powers with the heating technology to flood a nearby human city. Thunder Woman stopped this plan and Blizmir was incarcerated by the other frost giants for his attempt on the Queen's life.
Powers: Superhuman strength/size/durability/stamina; ice and cold generation; regeneration.

Amalgamation Of: Ulik + Decay
Biography: When Deigandr, son of Cerki, was first slain at the hands of his heroic aunt Thorana, the Thunder Woman, his twin brother Phoris traveled to the pits of the rock trolls with the heart of a gorgon, a dreaded creature that serves his father Ares and the other god-like Olympians. The king of the rock trolls, who despises the kingdom of Themsgard, uses the heart to craft a powerful being to serve him. With the power of a gorgon and a rock troll, the creature called Delik started off as a statuette that was delivered to Thunder Woman's human identity in the outside world. When Diana Blake touched the statuette, it came to life as the full-sized Delik and attacked the hospital she worked in. Diana was unable to transform into Thunder Woman in time, and Delik seized the cane that was the disguise of the Enchanted Flail; Delik tried to activate the cane's transformation and gain Thunder Woman's power, but only she was changed, not Delik. The cane changed to, and not only was the monster unable to lift the Enchanted Flail, his touching it caused him to begin to crumble to dust. Thunder Woman took back her weapon and wrapped the chain of the Flail around the monster, killing him. Delik later returns to life to plague Thunder Woman on a regular basis.
Powers: Superhuman strength/stamina/durability; flesh made of living stone; unbreakable gauntlets; touch that causes rapid aging and decay; breath that turns living flesh to dust.

Amalgamation Of: Ragnarok + Devastation
Biography: In the universe of the Revenge Syndicate, the civil war that devastated the superhero community took the life of that universe's version of Thunder Woman; the Olympians took the life essence of Thorana and infused it into a metallic, female statue to create their own Thunder Woman to use against the Amazardians. This dark Thunder Woman, named Deicide, destroyed Themsgard and slaughtered the Amazardians, but the Olympians lost control of her when her mission was finished. They were nearly killed in her rampage and Zeus banished her to the cosmic void between the universes of the multiverse. Deicide then arrived in the mainstream universe, where the Amazardians, including Thunder Woman herself, were all still alive. Deicide resumed her mission once more, but was defeated and destroyed by Thorana after a brutal and costly battle. The Secret Society of Evil rebuilt Deicide's body with cybernetic implants, further increasing her mystic powers. Deicide and Thunder Woman proved too equally matched in battle, so the villainess used her powers of illusion to trick Cassie Watson (Mary-Jane Watson + Cassie Sandsmark), the second Thunder Girl, to attack her mentor Thorana (being made to think that Thorana was Deicide). Cassie's boyfriend Spider Boy (Spider-Man + Superboy), her fellow Teen Avenger (Young Avengers + Teen Titans), realized what was happening and attacked Deicide; Deicide nearly killed him, but her illusion was broken and the Thunder heroines drove Deicide away.
Powers: Superhuman strength/speed/stamina/durability/reflexes/agility; flight; illusion-casting; combat skills; wields a dark version of the Enchanted Flail.
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