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New Amalgam Comics: X-Patrol by Red-Rum-18 New Amalgam Comics: X-Patrol by Red-Rum-18
The X-Patrol (X-Men + Doom Patrol)

Dr. Niles Xavier and Prof. Jean-Luc Magnus both have dreams about the future of their people, the metamutants (mutants + metahumans), but their differing opinions on how to achieve their dreams is what drove these friends apart; while Niles believes that metamutants and normal humans can live together in peace, Jean-Luc believes that metamutants deserve to rule over humanity.
When Jean-Luc and his genetically-engineered army of super-animals tried to invade Washington, DC, Doc X. assembled a trio of metahumans to combat them. And thus was born the X-Patrol.

1st Row, L-to-R:

Doc X.:
Amalgamation of: Professor Charles Xavier + Dr. Niles Caulder
Real Name: Dr. Niles Xavier
Biography: In the 1930s, telepathic college student Niles Xavier was traveling abroad in France when it was invaded by the armies of Nazi Germany. Niles joined the French Resistance as one of the only members with superpowers, along with magnetism manipulator Jean-Luc Magnus, and metal-fleshed Claudius “Cliff ” Rasputin. After the war, Niles and Jean-Luc graduated from their respective colleges and became colleagues, but their contrasting thoughts on human-metamutant relations made them enemies. When Niles learned that Jean-Luc, now going by the name “Magnetron” (Magneto + The Brain), was raising an army of mutant animals to take over the United States, Magnetron's agent, Kalcifer (Lucifer + Kalki), injected the base of Niles' spine with nano-explosives and Magnetron threatened to blast Xavier's torso off if he ever interfered. Dr. Xavier managed to remove the bombs, but it cost him the ability to walk. So, in order to stop the invasion, Xavier used his telepathic powers, amplified by his prototype supercomputer CEREBRO (CEREbral Broadcasting and Receiving Operator), to summon his old friend “Cliff” Rasputin, and two new metamutants, Scott Dayton and Jean Farr. With the team's victory over Magnetron's army, the team decided to stay together as a team of superhuman crime-fighters, the X-Patrol. As a front for recruiting metamutants into the X-Patrol, Dr. Xavier transformed his mansion into “The Xavier Institute for Better Education.”
Powers: Super-genius; Telepathy (scanning people's minds, mental communication, astral projection, mental bolts, memory manipulation, illusion casting).

Amalgamation of: Cyclops + Mento
Real Name: Scott Dayton
Biography: When Scott was a young boy, he was involved with a plane crash that killed his parents and left him brain damaged. He eventually grew up to become an extremely wealthy young man (due to the inheritance his parents left him that allowed him to start an R&D firm), but the childhood trauma to his head left him incapable of controlling the continuous beams of psychic energy that shoot from his eyes, forcing him to construct a special visor that prevents this. His employees eventually learn that he’s a metamutant and try to kill him, but Scott is saved by Dr. Xavier erasing the mob’s memories. Scott, grateful to Dr. Xavier, soon joined the X-Patrol as Mindsye. Steve later married teammate Jean Farr, and the couple adopted Garfield Altman as their son.
Powers: Continuous mental energies from eyes that can manifest as telekinesis, illusion casting, or concussive blasts. Psychic blasts stymied by helmet.

Elasti-Marvel, aka Phoenix Girl:
Amalgamation of: Marvel Girl/Phoenix + Elasti-Girl
Real Name: Jean Farr-Dayton
Biography: While on a trip to the jungles of Africa, Jean Farr and her friend Anne Richards were exposed to volcanic gases that killed Annie and prematurely activated Jean's metamutant abilities. Jean was reclusive, feeling responsible for her friend's death, until she was contacted by Dr. Xavier and made a member of the X-Patrol. Jean eventually married her teammate Scott Dayton (Mindsye) and the couple adopted Garfield Altman as their son. Jean originally went by the codename 'Elasti-Marvel', but changed it to "Phoenix Girl" after acquiring the advanced mystical powers of the Phoenix Portrait (Phoenix Force + the Painting that Ate Paris).
Powers: Generation of a psychic aura that she can manipulate to her will; can stretch, make giant, make razor-sharp claws, multiple arms, shields, wings, ect.

Amalgamation of: Hulkling + Beast Boy
Real Name: Garfield "Gar" Altman
Biography: Garfield Altman was orphaned while on an expedition to the jungles of South Africa and his parents died in a boating accident. Gar was later bitten by a green-skinned monkey that turned his skin green and gave him shape-shifting powers (the monkey, as it was later discovered, was experimented on with Skrultian [Skrull + Martian] DNA). Gar is later found by the superhero team, the X-Patrol, and adopted by Scott and Jean Dayton. Gar honed his shape-shifting powers and officially joined the X-Patrol under the alias “Beastling,” but when he chose to save his adoptive family over stopping Magnetron’s villain team, the Brotherhood, from escaping, Gar left the team after a falling out with his ‘father’, Scott. Beastling is now a member of the West Coast Teen Avengers (Young Avengers + Teen Titans).
Powers: Can change into any animal form while retaining his mentality and green skin. He also gains the characteristics of whatever animal form he’s in (gorilla strength, flight of a bird).

Robust Man:
Amalgamation of: Colossus + Robotman
Real Name: Claudius “Cliff” Rasputin
Biography: Claudius Rasputin was a farmer in the USSR before the invasion of the Nazis. While saving his little sister Illyana from Nazi soldiers, he discovered that his flesh can turn into living steel, making him superhumanly strong and durable. He joined the underground resistance along with Niles Xavier and Jean-Luc Magnus, and after the war became a race-car driver. Cliff was later summoned by Xavier’s telepathic powers to help battle Magnetron’s mutant animal army, but in the midst of the battle, his organic metal body was destroyed by Magnetron’s magnetic powers.
Dr. Xavier managed to save Cliff’s brain and then later place it into a robotic body forged from his organic steel flesh. Cliff, now codenamed Robust Man, is now the deputy leader of the X-Patrol.
Powers: Robotic body that grants superhuman strength, stamina, durability, and speed; superhuman vision; built-in radio communicator; electromagnetic feet for scaling metal walls; heating coils in his hands for melting metal; an oxygen tank for sustaining his brain in area of little or no fresh air.

Amalgamation of: Bishop + Negative Man
Real Name: Laurence “Larry” Bishop
Biography: Larry Bishop, born in an alternate universe (universe "3-Maglama"), was a pilot in a segregated branch of the US Air Force. He was forced to wear a tattoo of an ‘M’ over his right eye to identify that he’s a metamutant. He accidentally came into the past when he flew through a radioactive field in the atmosphere that clashed with his energy-controlling powers. This also augmented his powers, but also took off his arm and made his body extremely radioactive and deadly. Doc X. gave Larry a new, mechanical arm and wrapped Larry’s body in chemically-treated, lead-lined bandages to protect people from his radiation. When he discovered that his soul can exist outside his body as a nuclear ghost, he joined the X-Patrol as Anti-Man.
Powers: Soul can exist outside of body as a 'radioactive soul-self'; soul-self generates super-hot radiation, levitates, can project energy blasts, can become invisible and intangible, and absorb energy. Larry Bishop is an excellent sharp-shooter and pilot and his machine arm can fire the same type of energy as his soul-self.

2nd Row, L-to-R:

Amalgamation of: Wolverine + Lobo
Real Name: Logo is short for an unpronounceable name that means “The best there is at devouring your entrails.”
Biography: Logo was an alien warrior from the planet Czarnada who participated in many wars over his 200-year-old life. His lust for violence and a rare genetic quirk that accelerates his healing and slows his aging are what attract a group of scientists working for the Czarnadian government to kidnap Logo and make him into a government-controlled super-warrior by coating his bones with adamantium in a very painful procedure. A vengeful Logo then escaped and killed every scientist and military official in the facility by releasing a horde of scorpion-like monsters that they created.
Logo spent the next several years touring the galaxy as a mercenary/bounty hunter, even coming to Earth and battling Super-Soldier (Captain America + Superman) and Green Giant (Hulk + Green Lantern [Hal Jordan]). He eventually met the X-Patrol, and Doc X used his mental powers to unlock Logo’s ‘softer’ side, including his love for space dolphins ("HEY! Did they really need to know that, bastub? [Bub + Bastich]"). Logo is now a member of the X-Patrol, under the codename ‘Wolf.’
Powers: Superhuman senses, strength, agility, durability, and stamina; accelerated healing that allows him to survive any attack and retards his aging; above-average intelligence; adamantium-coated skeleton; three hooked adamantium claws that emerge from each hand.

Storm Wizard:
Amalgamation of: Storm + Weather Wizard
Real Name: Mark Munroe
Biography: Criminal Mark Munroe stole a special device from his scientist brother, Clyde, that allows him to harness his latent metamutant powers of weather control. This allowed Mark to further his criminal career as ‘Storm Wizard’, an enemy of the heroic speedster Silverflash (Quicksilver + Flash [Barry Allen]). When Mark’s brother died of a heart attack, he decided it was time to reform, and he joined the X-Patrol. Nowadays, Mark is the husband of Mari T'Challa, princess of Wakesi (Wakanda + Zambesi) and the superheroine Black Vixen (Black Panther + Vixen).
Powers: All powers channeled through a device called the ‘storm wand’: weather manipulation, ecological empathy, energy sensing. Storm Wizard now controls his powers internally, without the wand.

Beast Man:
Amalgamation of: Beast + Animal Man
Real Name: Dr. Bernhard “Buddy” McCoy
Biography: Beast Man is a well-known and well-liked superhero in his hometown of Denver, Colorado, but fearing that people will turn against him if they discovered that he’s a metamutant, he always stated that he gained his powers after being exposed to strange radiation exhuming from an alien spaceship. When he joined the X-Patrol, he no longer felt ashamed of his heritage, as he now had friends who shared his plight.
Powers: Super agility, strength, and intellect, sharpened finger nails, fangs, and blue hair. Buddy’s main ability is to access Earth’s ‘morphogenetic field’, allowing him to possess the abilities of any animal species on Earth, whether alive or extinct, for a certain amount of time, without changing into that animal; Beast Man has demonstrated the flight of a bird, the strength of a T-Rex, the underwater breathing of a fish, and other abilities. Buddy can also mentally communicate with animals and read their thoughts.

Shadow Gypsy:
Amalgamation of: Shadowcat + Gypsy
Real Name: Katherine “Kitty” Reynolds
Biography: Young metamutant Kitty Reynolds first encountered the war between good and evil metamutant when Magnetron tried to convince her to join the Brotherhood, connecting to her through their Jewish heritages; Doc X finally convinced Kitty that the Brotherhood will enact the same kind of prejudice and terror on normal humans that the Nazis enacted on the Jews, and Kitty joined the X-Patrol as “Shadow Gypsy”. Her first assignment was to spy on Antonia Frost’s hero team, the New Hellions (Hellions + New Teen Titans).
Powers: Intangibility, Illusion-casting, and precognition.

Amalgamation of: Banshee + Vox
Real Name: Sean Duncan
Biography: Sean Duncan, a metamutant of African-Irish descent, was forced by a criminal group called Hell’s Three (Factor Three + Hell Hawks) to destroy the X-Patrol with his powers. Sean, along with Karen Worthington, had bombs strapped to their foreheads to get them cooperate. Eventually, Mindsye learned of their predicament and used his telekinesis to remove the bombs, allowing Sean to return to Hell’s Three’s headquarters and beat the piss out of the leaders. Sean and Karen joined the X-Patrol under the names “Reverb” and “Humming Bird,” and the couple eventually fell in love and married. Sean has a daughter from a previous marriage named Jackelyn, who Sean thought died in an explosion along with her mother but was secretly raised by Sean’s evil cousin, ‘Blackbriar’ Tom Cormac (Black Tom Cassidy + Blackbriar Thorn).
Powers: Super-powered vocal cords generate sonic blasts that allow Reverb to fly, blast targets, and open portals in time-space.

Humming Bird:
Amalgamation of: Archangel + Bumblebee
Real Name: Karen Worthington II
Biography: Rich socialite Karen Worthington, who has bird-like metamutant abilities, was forced by Hell’s Three to destroy the X-Patrol. She and her unwilling partner Sean Duncan was eventually freed from the bomb strapped to her head by Mindsye. She eventually joined the X-Patrol as “Humming Bird”. Karen grew close to Sean and they eventually married. One time, when her wings were severed in a battle with Doompocalypse (Apocalypse + Doomsday), his right-hand man Sinitus (Sinister + Gen. Immortus) gave her organic-metal wings in exchange for her servitude. Karen, called “Elimination” at the time, eventually rejoined the X-Patrol and Doc X. reconstituted her original wings.
Powers: Can shrink to six inches tall; at her smallest size, she grows feathered wings with a span of about 9 inches capable of beating 70 beats per second, allowing her to fly at high speeds and even fly backwards. She has an above-average physiology that allows her to survive the stress of being six inches tall and flying at high velocities. Karen also carries a lance, created by her, that can shrink along with her, and fire electric and sonic blasts.

3rd Row, L-to-R:

Amalgamation of: Nightcrawler + Ambush Bug
Real Name: Kurt Schwab
Biography: Kurt Schwab, a clown for an international circus and a metamutant with teleportation powers, discovered an alien suit that came from a crashed space-pod. The suit permanently bonded with his skin and gave him more powers. Unfortunately, the pod also contained Argh the Red (Erik the Red + Argh!Yle!), a monster created by a rogue scientist from the alien Shinagarian Empire (Shi'ar + Thanagarian). Argh the Red killed several people in the city of Munich, Germany before Kurt drove him away, but the townspeople thought he was a demon and that he was responsible for the murders; Kurt was saved by Doc X's memory manipulation abilities, and out of gratitude, Kurt joined the X-Patrol as “Nightbug.” It was recently discovered that not only is his mother is Madame Myst (Mystique + Madame Rouge) of the Brotherhood, his father is Larfazel (Azazel + Larfleeze), leader of the evil Fourth Circle Corps (Neyaphem + Orange Lantern Corps).
Powers: Natural teleportation and sword skills; blue-green skinsuit provides some durability against attacks, night vision, the ability to blend into the shadows, advanced agility, and wall-crawling.

Amalgamation of: Rogue + Gemini
Real Name: Marie De Mille
Biography: Marie De Mille sought vengeance against the X-Patrol for the death of her mother, Raven De Mille, who she didn’t know was the villainous Madame Myst of the Brotherhood. When Myst reappeared and Marie learned the truth about her, she decided to join the X-Patrol instead of the Brotherhood. Marie, now called “Doppelganger,” later learned that her teammate Nightbug was her half-brother.
Powers: Can assume the physical appearance, gender, voice, memories, powers and talents of any living creature she makes skin-to-skin contact with; the longer they touch, the longer she retains those traits.

Amalgamation of: Gambit + Tempest
Real Name: Joshua LeBeau
Biography: Joshua LeBeau, from New Orleans, Louisiana, was raised in the enigmatic Thieves Guild, trained in stealth, theft, and sabotage. At age 18, Josh joined the US Military because he was hired to steal their experimental weapons by Joseph Stane, the crime lord Laugh Monger (Iron Monger + the Joker). Before Joshua could complete his assignment, the base was attacked by Magnetron’s Brotherhood, and he decided to help then after being saved from falling debris by Doppelganger. Smitten with Marie, Joshua left the Guild and abandoned his assignment to join the X-Patrol, under the codename “Gambest.”
Powers: Manipulation of kinetic energy; Joshua can charge any object he touches with kinetic energy, making it explode on impact; he can also fire bolts of pure energy, but they're much weaker than the explosions. By focusing his energy on his feet, he can fly through the air at 90 mph. Joshua has advanced strength, agility, stamina, and reflexes. His skills include thieving, martial arts, and medicine. His preferred weapons are a bo staff, and playing cards that he throws like shuriken (made deadlier with explosive kinetic energy).

Amalgamation of: Iceman + Fever
Real Name: Robert “Bobby” Lao
Biography: Bobby Lao join the X-Patrol as “Rhinovirus” to become rich and famous, but when he was told by Doc X. that the X-Patrol was a non-profit organization, he was this close to quitting… until he saved a group of teenage metamutants from a lynching mob. Bobby now understands what it means to be a hero and is now a full-time member of the X-Patrol.
Powers: Fire and Ice control.

Amalgamation of: Polaris + Lodestone
Real Name: Lorna Jones
Biography: Magnetron tried to convince Lorna Jones, who has similar magnetism powers, that she is his daughter and to join the Brotherhood, but she instantly saw through his ruse, since she can recognize the natural magnetic fields of anyone biologically related to her. Lorna later joined the Brotherhood's archenemies, the X-Patrol.
Powers: Magnetism manipulation, flight, force field generation, conversion of emotions into strength. Incorporeal pink butterfly wings manifest when she flies.

El Nino:
Amalgamation of: Havok + Celsius
Real Name: Alexander Dayton (Desai)
Biography: Alex Dayton was in the same plane crash that separated him from his older brother, Scott. Alex was soon adopted by an Arab-American family, the Desais, but he was later reunited with Scott. When Alex discovered his metamutant abilities, he joined the X-Patrol as “El Nino.” Alex was later forced to kill his adoptive father Ashok, who is really Doc X's potential assassin, Kalcifer, a member of the Brotherhood.
Powers: Surrounding temperatures determines his ability to control cosmic energy; the warmer it is, the stronger the blasts but the more unstable it is, and the colder it is, the weaker the blasts, but the more stable the control is. Alex’s tech-suit can change temperature at the push of a button, allowing him to adjust his cosmic energy control.

4th Row, L-to-R:

Amalgamation of: Magik + Coagula
Real Name: Kate Rasputin (formerly Clark)
Biography: Kate Rasputin is the male-to-female transsexual younger sister of Claudius Rasputin (aka Robust Man). Kate later joined her brother Claudius in the X-Patrol, as the teleporting metamutant “Doorway”. Kate was later corrupted by the demon Belasmodel (Belasco + Asmodel), and given the ability to control the “Soilsword,” a magic sword that controls the states of matter; Ivan was freed by the X-Patrol, and he rejoined them as “Coagik.”
Powers: Metamutant powers of teleportation gates and a magic sword that allows her to manipulate the states of matter (solid, liquid, gas) of any substance the sword touches.

Amalgamation of: Jubilee + Kid Slick
Real Name: Jubilation “Billie” Darge
Biography: When Billie's mall in Beverly Hills, California was attacked by metamutant-hunting Harvester robots (Sentinels + Scissormen), she and other metamutants were saved by none other than the X-Patrol's resident badass, Wolf. Billie was initially attracted to her savior, even though he's old enough to be her grandfather's grandfather, and she followed him back to the X-Estate. Billie is now an official member of the X-Patrol, going by the codename: “Kamuro”, and she was trained to master her powers by Phoenix Girl
Powers: Generation and manipulation of a frictionless force-field which allows her to glide across surfaces at high speeds; she can manipulate the shield's colors (for chameleon-like camoflage), release globules of energy as explosive bombs, make sharp claws, stretch, and lift extraordinary amounts of weight.

Amalgamation of: Rachel Summers + Faith
Real Name: Rachel Dayton (name of physical body: unknown)
Biography: In an alternate universe (universe "Amalgam-4") where nuclear war has evolved metamutants into powerful, but mindless, savages, Rachel Dayton is the descendant of Scott and Jean and leader of the Sect of the Askani Book (Clan Askani + Cult of the Unwritten Book), a cult of "pure" metamutants. When a rogue faction of the Sect killed her body, her spirit was contacted by the god-like Beyondus (Beyonder + Dominus), who made a deal with her: defeat three villains in the modern time and he will restore her planet to its former glory. Rachel agreed and her spirit and a small fraction of her powers were transferred into the body of an unknown woman in the X-Patrol's time. The first threat was the Society of Psychosis (Hellfire Club + Brotherhood of Dada), who tried to use the recently-discovered Phoenix Portrait to absorb the city of Paris, France; the X-Patrol helped Rachel absorb the Portrait's magic, and she rechristened herself “Lakhesis” after trapping the villains within the portrait.
The second threat was the Ancient Six (Deep Six + League of Ancients), lead by the evil Atlantean sorceress, Gamdromae (Andromeda + Gamemnae); Lakhesis was forced to team up with the Justice Avengers (Avengers + Justice League) to deal with these magical marauders. The final battle was against the universe-consuming techno-titan, Galactiac (Galactus + Brainiac), who had begun feeding on a planet in the Shinagarian Empire (Shi’ar + Thanagarian) where the X-Patrol was located; Lakhesis managed to drive Galactiac away, but when Beyondus came to return her to her own time, Rachel transferred the Phoenix’s powers to Jean Farr, so that the X-Patrol could escape the dying planet. The young girl who Rachel possessed returned back home, unharmed and without any memory of what happened.
Powers: Telekinesis, telepathy, confidence induction, teleportation, time manipulation, psychometry, and astral projection; also commanded the magic powers of the Phoenix Portrait.

Captain Cable:
Amalgamation of: Cable + Captain Comet
Real Name: Nathaniel Blake Dayton
Biography: In the future where Anti-Man hails from, Nathaniel Dayton, the long-lived son of Scott and Jean, is Captain Cable, leader of an organization of rogue metamutants who battle the oppressive rule of humanity. Studying the cloud of cosmic energy, Captain Cable traveled back in time to help the X-Patrol prevent the assassination of Senator June Kelly (Robert Kelly + June Robbins) and prevent the human-dominated timeline that he came from. Nathaniel stayed with the X-Patrol for a couple of years, bonding with his parents and his step-brother, Gar. After a couple of years in the Patrol, Cpt. Cable returned to his time, but he found that Doompacalypse, Sinitus, and Madness (Strife + The Weird), Nathan's evil clone, were ruling Earth with an iron fist. Captain Cable, Anti-Man and his sister Anti-Girl (Shard + Negative Woman) formed a new version of the X-Patrol to fight this new tyranny.
Powers:Telepathy, telekinesis, technopathy, clairvoyance, teleportation, organic-metal right arm, super-athleticism, longevity, weapon skills, and mastery of hand-to-hand combat.

Guardian X:
Amalgamation of: X-Man + Guardian
Real Name: James Jacob Grey
Biography: Guardian X came from an alternate future where Doompocalypse rules continental America.
This dimension's version of Project: Weapon C (Weapon Plus/X + Project Cadmus), a resistance front based in the Suicide Kitchen in New Metropolis (Hell's Kitchen/New York City + Suicide Slum/Metropolis), took DNA samples from the freshly slain X-Patrol and used it to create Guardian X, the ultimate weapon against Doompocalypse. Or so they thought...
The head of Project: Weapon C, Dr. James Jacob Grey, was actually Doompocalypse's right hand man, Sinitus, in disguise, and he wanted to create Guardian X to usurp Doompocalypse and rule the Earth. But Guardian X proved too powerful for Sinitus to control, and he escaped. Guardian X adopted the human name of James Jacob Grey, after his 'father's' identity, and traveled into the past to join the X-Patrol and prevent Doompocalypse from ruling Earth.
Powers: Telepathy, telekinesis, precognition, psychometry, magnetism control, cross-dimensional travel, super-strength, super-speed, accelerated healing, and use of an unbreakable shield.
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