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New Amalgam: Defending Society by Red-Rum-18 New Amalgam: Defending Society by Red-Rum-18
The Defending Society (Defenders + Justice Society)!

Top Row, L-to-R:

Doctor Strangefate:
Amalgamation of: Dr. Strange + Dr. Fate
Real Name: Stephen Nelson
Biography: Dr. Stephen Nelson began his fall and rise in early childhood, when he lost his father Eugene, an archaeologist and Stephen’s only parent, was killed in an accident while excavating a temple in the Valley of Ur. The temple was believed to be a site of religious worship for an ancient people, and the trauma made the poor young man into a bitter atheist. After being adopted, Stephen started studying medicine and grew up to become a brilliant neurosurgeon, but he also became selfish and materialistic. In random bit of happenstance, or perhaps a strange fate ordained by a higher power, Stephen’s car veered off the road in a snowstorm, and he crashed! He survived, but the doctors informed him that both of his hands have become permanently paralyzed. Unable to perform surgery ever again, Stephen lost his job and he spent all of his remaining money trying to find a cure for his condition. Homeless, alcoholic, and suicidal, he was about to end it all when he was contacted by a blind man named Erik Wong (Wong + Mr. E). Erik persuaded Stephen to spare his own life, telling him to return to the temple in the Valley of Ur where his father died. Using his last bit of money, Stephen flew to Iraq and returned to the archaeological site. After exploring the temple, he found the Golden Helm of Yabu (Yan + Nabu) and then Erik reappeared and told him to wear it. The spirit of the Helm, Yabu the One of Order (The Ancient One + The Lord of Order) then appeared before Stephen! Yabu offered to grant Stephen a new lease on life by becoming his student, and Stephen, finally convinced of the existence of a reality beyond what his mortal eyes can perceive, gladly accepted. For years, Stephen developed his mind and spirit in all known and unknown forms of magic, eventually surpassing his master Yabu and earning his Title of Sorcerer Supreme. It was with this title that Stephen finally learned the true meaning of not only his own existence, but the existence of the entire Multiverse: [link] !
As the new Sorcerer Supreme, Stephen subconsciously made the temple to transform into a rustic manor-home in the city of New Metropolis (New York City + Metropolis). Erik Wong, whose family served the Sorcerer Supreme lineage for generations, became Stephen’s manservant. As the new Sorcerer Supreme, Stephen inherited his master’s responsibility of protecting the fabric of reality from many powerful cosmic threats, from Yabu’s traitorous student Mordu (Baron Mordo + Dark Lord Mordru) to the demonic ruler of the Dark Dimension, Neromammu (Dormammu + Neron). When, Stephen’s war against evil reached public eyes, he was lauded as a hero and he adopted the monkier “Dr. Strangefate.” To defeat a horrid force that had already bested the Justice Avengers (Avengers + Justice League) and was beginning to sap Strangefate of his magic, he used his mental powers to unite the heroes Smasher-Man, Nadebra, the Silver Pariah and himself into a new hero team; this team stayed united after the demons were defeated and they called their new alliance the Defending Society. When the majority of the Defending Society was too busy to help Strangefate battle the demons Neromammu, Lilya (Lilith + Tanya), and Mephistrigon (Mephisto + Trigon), Stephen created a new team of magic users called the Sons of Shadow (Midnight Sons + Sentinels of Magic/Shadowpact), which includes Lilya’s enemy Hex Blade (Blade + Jonah Hex) and Mephistrigon’s daughter Ravican (Wiccan + Raven).
Powers: As the most powerful magic-user in the universe, as indicated by the official title of Sorcerer Supreme he holds, Dr. Strangefate is the master of all known magical arts and skills. His powers are far too numerous to go into detail, and his power-level is far too high to easily calculate, so it’s much easier to say that he manipulates reality. The Golden Helm of Yabu allows him to remain connected to the spirit of his deceased mentor, the previous Sorcerer Supreme. His residence, the Sanctum of Fate (Sanctum Sanctorum + Tower of Fate), is a magical spirit in its own right, able to mystically conform and adapt to the subconscious wishes of its master, the Sorcerer Supreme. The Sanctum has an infinite space magically confined within its finite housing, and this area is so grand, it can become a gateway to other countries, other planets, and even dimensions that are pocketed in our universe. The Sanctum is also the universe’s largest library of magical texts and items, many of which are dangerous in the wrong hands.

Smasher Man:
Amalgamation of: Bill Foster [Giant-Man/Goliath] + Atom-Smasher (Albert Rothstein)
Real Name: Albert Foster
Biography: Al Foster is a brilliant man and the godson of the retired Canadian-American hero called The Cell (Puck + Al Pratt [Atom]). He was the lab assistant of Dr. Carter Pym when he discovered that he was really the hero Wingspan (Hank Pym + Hawkman). Wingspan had recently become ill from the effects of using his technology to increase his height, and Al, along with Carter’s ally Tony Wayne (the Iron Bat [Iron Man + Batman]), discovered the cure. Carter henceforth refused to use size-increasing powers ever again, but he allowed Al to use the cure and the size-increasing tech to become a hero in his own right. Al Foster now fights evil as the titanic Smasher Man, a member of Dr. Strangefate’s Defending Society.
Powers: Dr. Pym’s molecular-advancement chemicals, in conjunction with a cardiac steroid, allow Al to safely change his height and strength. Smasher Man can grow from 6 feet in height to a staggering 50 ft while retaining his normal physique, and his strength and durability is increased eight-fold. Al is also a brilliant scientist in the field of molecular biology, having been trained under Dr. Pym. Al is also the pilot of the team’s jet plane, created by Mr. Phantom, but only on the rare occasions when they can’t use the warp-gates in Dr. Strangefate’s home.

Amalgamation of: Namora + Deep Blue
Real Name: Nadebra Naunia
Biography: Nadebra is a member of the royal family of Atlantis, the undersea kingdom of amphibious humanoids. Her father was the king of Atlantis, and when he died when she was little, he passed on leadership to his sister, Fenlanna (Fen + Atlanna). Nowadays, Fenlanna has since passed away and Atlantis is prosperous under the kingship of her half-human son Namorin Marius, also known as the heroic Aquariner (Sub-Mariner + Aquaman); Namorin’s ascention to the throne has led to a rivalry between him and his cousin Orrah (Byrrah + Orm), Nadebra’s older brother, who was the heir to the throne before Namorin became known. Nadebra’s husband Garth was a soldier who perished trying to protect their home, and their daughter, Namorita, who was conceived while Namorin served in World War II, is now Aquarita (Namorita + Aqualad/Tempest), who works with both her uncle Namorin and the superhero team called the Teen Avengers (Young Avengers + Teen Titans). Using her powers and skills, Nadebra was able to help Dr. Strangefate and other heroes defeat a demon horde, and they decided to stay together as the Defending Society.
Powers: Superhuman strength/speed/stamina/agility/durability/senses/reflexes; underwater survival; super-fast swimming; draws strength from moisture; the ability to telepathically communicate with marine animals; master of Atlantean combat arts and weapons. Her powers are less considerable when compared to her male relatives.

Silver Pariah:
Amalgamation of: Silver Surfer + Pariah
Real Name: Norrin Mossa
Biography: Norrin Mossa was a great scientist from the planet Zenn-Kell, but he always dreamed of a life of adventure. When the mighty Galactiac (Galactus + Brainiac) came to destroy the planet, Norrin struck a deal with the titan; he agreed to be Galactiac’s new Herald, in exchange for Zenn-Kell’s protection. Galactiac agreed and bestowed a small fraction of the Power Cosmic unto Norrin, transforming him into the Silver Pariah. Norrin was forced to lead Galactiac to hundreds of inhabited planets, and to watch in horror as he collected every cultures’ information and consume the planet afterwards. When Galactiac and the Silver Pariah finally came to Earth, Dr. Invisible (Invisible Woman + Dr. Light II) of the Justice Four (Fantastic Four + Justice League reserves) convinced Norrin to turn against Galactiac. Silver Pariah led the Four onto Galactiac’s spaceship and gave them the Gamma Nullifier (Ultimate Nullifier + Gamma Gong), an alien device that uses vibrational energy to break down any substance at the molecular level. After charging up the Nullifier with Torchstorm’s energy, Mr. Plastic blasted off Galactiac’s hand, threatening to destroy him if he didn’t leave Earth and ever returned. Galactiac left Earth, but not before using the Power Cosmic to prevent Norrin from ever leaving Earth. Silver Pariah eventually broke this curse, and set off on a crusade to destroy Galactiac, especially after he destroyed Zenn-Kell with his new herald, Typhoon-Walker (Air-Walker + Typhoon). When he was stuck on Earth, Norrin served as a member of the Defending Society.
Powers: Brilliant scientist. Channels the Power Cosmic through his board-like craft. Possesses great strength and durability. Longevity. Can fly faster than the speed of light on his board. Energy blasts from hands. Matter manipulation (for healing and intangibility). Teleportation.

Power Soldier:
Amalgamation of: Nomad + Power Girl
Real Name: Rebecca Starr
Alias: Rikki Starr
Biography: A mysterious young woman washed up on the shores of an uncharted island and the old man who lived on the island nursed the woman back to health. The woman was stricken with amnesia and can only remember the name “Rikki”, which she assumed was her own name. When it became clear that she had superhuman powers, her caretaker revealed himself to be the Atlantean sorcerer Quarion (Aquarion + Arion). Quarion helped Rikki control her new found strength and pointed her in the direction of his contemporary, the Sorcerer Supreme Dr. Strangefate. At the Sanctum of Fate, Strangefate and the other members of the Defending Society helped Rikki adjust to her new surroundings and, after witnessing her strength and skills, invited her to join the team. Rikki joined them, and designed a costume and chose the name Power Soldier, after her similarity to the heroine Soldiergirl (James “Bucky” Barnes + Supergirl). After many months with the Defending Society, the major battle with the monstrous Imperislaught claimed the lives of the majority of the Justice Avengers and other heroes. When the threat of the Revenge Syndicate (Dark Avengers + Crime Syndicate) reached its peak, the revived heroes appeared in a golden portal to quell the threat. Joining them was a new team of heroes, the Infinite Allies (Young Allies + Infinity, Inc.) who are heroes from the planet the killed heroes were restored on. After seeing the Infinite Allies in action, Rikki’s memories came flooding back!
Rebecca “Rikki” Starr is the granddaughter of Kara Barnes, the cousin of Clark “Super-Soldier” Rogers (Cpt. America + Superman); Rikki inherited her powers from her grandmom, who served as Soldiergirl. The world they knew turned out to be a lie, a creation called Second Earth (Counter-Earth + Earth-2) created by the planet’s unknown ruler, the Evolutionary Triumph (High Evolutionary + Triumph). The Infinite Allies, whom Power Solider was a part of, found out about this and tried to free their world from the ET, but he had the JA’s Second Earth version, the Avenging League, defeat the young heroes with mind control. Rikki tried to reach the First Earth with a golden portal she created, but as she entered, the Second Earth Martian Vision (Aarkus + Golden Age Martian Manhunter) used his telepathy to give her amnesia.
When the revived heroes ended up on Second Earth, they were able to help the Infinite Allies defeat ET and free the planet. Power Soldier returned to Second Earth with the Infinite Allies, and would come back periodically through the golden portal to help the Defending Society and other heroes.
Powers: Superhuman strength/speed/stamina/agility/reflexes/senses/aim. Absorption of yellow solar energy and conversion of it into her powers. Laser vision. X-Ray vision. Enhanced lung capacity. Freezing breath. Flight.

Bottom Row, L-to-R:

Wild Puma II:
Amalgamation of: Hellcat + Wildcat II
Real Name: Patricia “Patsy” Montez
Alias: La Gato (The Cat + La Garro)
Biography: The original Wild Puma was Ted Fireheart (Tom Fireheart + Ted Grant), a Native American boxer trained by his elders to control his own life energy (or “chi”). Ted is currently retired, but he briefly became the Wild Puma again to teach the young hero Spider Boy (Spider-Man + Superboy) his combat skills. The new Wild Puma is Patsy Montez, Ted’s goddaughter. Patsy idolized the Wild Puma and Ted taught her everything she needs to know to be a great hero, from his martial arts to his chi-control skills. Recruited into the Defending Society by Smasher-Man, Patsy begins a very one-sided relationship of flirtatious advances; she gave up on this when her teammate Blue Satan expressed his real emotions for her. Patsy, in her civilian form, was attacked and sexually assaulted by her ex-husband Bob Chifford, keeping her out of active duty on medical grounds; Ted Fireheart resumed the identity of Wild Puma to serve in the Defending Society and hunt down his goddaughter’s ex-husband, who is now the villain Mad-Hound (Mad Dog + Hellhound II).
Powers: Superhuman speed/stamina/agility/reflexes/senses; manipulation of chi to create energy shields and claws; above-human fighting skill; can sense the chi of other life-forms.

Doctor Dare:
Amalgamation of: Daredevil + Dr. Mid-Nite III
Real Name: Matthew Harrelson Cross
Biography: Matt Cross’ doctor father was killed by the thugs of the Intermaggia (Maggia + Intergang) for failing to save the life of their boss. When he was a teenager, he lost his reverend mother to an incurable disease, so he started studying medicine and ethics, becoming a local hospital’s attorney after graduating from Harvard. One day, while returning to his home in the Suicide Kitchen (Hell’s Kitchen + Suicide Slum), the worst neighborhood in New Metropolis, a tanker-truck crash exposed Matt to gallons of a toxic substance. He lost his sight, but his other senses increased 10-fold and he began sensing the body heat of other people. After investigating the scene of the chemical accident, Matt learned that the toxic sewage was bi-product of a new drug being developed by the Intermaggia! Matt Cross decided to become a hero to prevent more tragedies caused by organized crime. He developed various weapons, trained his senses, and became a martial artist under the guidance of the ninja Sensei Stick (Stick + Sensei), a member of the League of the Hand (The Hand + League of Assassins). Returning to his home city, Matthew Cross became the superhero Doctor Dare! He later joined the Defending Society.
Powers: Superhuman agility/stamina/reflexes/athleticism/senses/combat skills; though blind, Matt’s other sensory organs have evolve to where he can sense the body heat of people and animals within a half-mile radius. Matthew is very intelligent in the fields of legal studies and medicine, making him a very qualified hospital attorney; he has also developed a high scientific acumen, allowing him to build the tools he uses in crime-fighting. His weapons include a retractable staff that can also fire a grappling line and change into his civilian identity’s walking cane, and a set of “cryo-bombs”, which absorbs the entirety of the ambient heat in the room, which allows Dr. Dare to better track his opponents with his thermal senses.

Blue Satan:
Amalgamation of: Son of Satan + Blue Devil
Real Name: Daniel Hellstrom
Alias: Devilstorm
Biography: Massachusetts native Dan Hellstrom grew up to be a movie stuntman. While his parents and little brother Eddie were visiting him on set one day, his father was attacked by a man calling himself the Hell Slayer (Devil-Slayer + Hellblazer). The Hell Slayer ran his sword through Mr. Hellstrom’s chest, but instead of dying, he revealed that he was really a demon called Marduk Nebiros (Marduk Kurios + Nebiros), who escaped the underworld to conquer the human realm. Marduk used his magic to unlock his sons’ demonic heritage and place them under his control using their love for him. Hell Slayer was almost killed when Dan broke free from the mind control and attacked his father. He stole the Trident of Darkness from Marduk and nearly killed the demon with it, but Marduk escaped.
Dan and Eddie were introduced to the world of superheroes through Hell Slayer’s friend, the Scarlet Magician (Scarlet Witch + Zatanna), and they decided to use their powers to help the innocent, just in case Marduk Nebrios ever returned. Dan, now going by the name “Blue Satan” after the blue patches of demonic skin growing on him, joined the Defending Society, while his brother became Kid Satan (Satana Hellstrom + Kid Devil) of the Teen Avengers. Dan is also in a relationship with his teammate Patsy Montez.
Powers: Super strength/agility/durability/reflexes/healing, brought on by his demonic heritage; he can summon the unbreakable Trident of Darkness at any time, which allows him to access several magic spells, such as fire projection, concussive blasts, flight, demon banishment and others; Daniel can change into his Blue Satan identity and back again at will; Daniel is an expert stuntman and martial artist, and he’s self-taught in the fields of demonology and magic rituals.

Jesse Knight:
Amalgamation of: Misty Knight + Jesse Chambers
Real Name: Jessica Maya Knight
Biography: Jessica Knight is the daughter of two esteemed police officers. Working the beat on the mean streets of Gothton, MS (Boston + Gotham City), Detective Jesse Knight and her partner Maxine Wing (Colleen Wing + Maxine “Cyclone” Hunkel) were caught in a gun fight with drug smugglers. A propane tank was ignited and the resulting explosion horribly damaged Jesse’s right arm. Iron Bat appeared to finish off the criminals and he rushed Jesse to the hospital. She had to have her arm amputated, and instead of finishing her police career at her desk, she decided to quit. Iron Bat saw the potential for good in Jesse and didn’t want the GPD to lose such a fine officer, so he created a new robot arm for her. Despite her new arm, she was forced to retire from the force, and she decided to form a detective agency with Maxine, who quit the force in protest of her friend’s expulsion. After the Imperislaught crisis, Jesse Knight joined the Defending Society, which participated in a mission with a new hero team called the Seven Soldiers for Hire (Heroes for Hire + Seven Soldiers of Victory). It was on this mission that she was asked out on a date by Seven Soldiers member Dan Tyler, aka Hour-Fist (Iron Fist + Hourman II). Falling deeply in love, Dan and Jesse married and now want to have a child.
Powers: Jesse is a highly intelligent ex-police officer, with years of training and experience. Her right arm is now a bionic prosthetic (provided and paid for by Tony Wayne) equipped with a computer, communication systems, a laser cannon, and a biological-enhancement nerve-stimulus array; by typing in one of a dozen special codes, Jesse can temporarily enhance her strength, speed, senses, reflexes, aim, and senses.

Mr. Phantom II:
Amalgamation of: Phantom Blonde + Mr. Terrific II
Real Name: Michael Mason
Biography: Back in the late 1940s, Terry Grant operated as a masked crime-fighter named Mr. Phantom (Blonde Phantom + Mr. Terrific I). A brilliant and athletic hero, Terry was both a cancer to the criminal underworld and a champion of good morals and values, and his slogan “Fair Play” rang true in the ears of the young people who admired him. He was in his 20s when he began his campaign against evil, and now in his 80s Terry has since retired and passed the mantle onto a worthy successor.
Mike Mason is a brilliant child prodigy, but his intelligence provided no comfort as tragedy struck his family again and again, from the death of his older brother to the loss of his pregnant wife. After writing an entire book of his life, philosophies, and scientific theories, Mike was about to end it all when he was contacted by the elderly Terry Grant. Mike and Terry’s combined ingenuity aided them in a mission to dismantle a nuclear bomb acquired by a crime syndicate, and Mike, finding a new purpose in life, agreed to Terry making him the new Mr. Phantom. Decked out in an updated and upgraded costume marked with the Fair Play slogan, the new Mr. Phantom serves as the lead strategist and scientist for the Defending Society.
Powers: Olympic-level strength/speed/stamina/durability/reflexes/aim; superhuman intelligence (memory, thinking speed, ingenuity, logical analysis, typing speed, and the like); his costume is equipped with various functions, such as rendering himself undetectable to recording machines, hologram projecting, wireless communications access, and electric shocks. The green lens of his P-shaped mask is equipped with various scanners and viewing modes, and is adhered to his face with spirit gum.
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AKandrov Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013
Nice amalgams! :D How do you make these? Is there a site someplace?
Red-Rum-18 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Student General Artist
I could practically set my clock to how often I get asked this question.

1.) You can get "microhero" templates and pre-made models from these sites (that I normally go to though there are others):

Microhero Compendium on Blogspot: [link]
DC Microheroes Wikia: [link]
Marvel Microheroes Wikia: [link]
Golden Age Microheroes: [link]
Lilguyz: [link]
Links to other sites: [link]
Wicket-Harley: [link]
Ze Ball Breaker's: [link]

2.) Load up Paint or whatever you use and have fun!
AKandrov Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013
Ah okay! I just figured it was one of the hero creator websites. This is pretty fun though :D the hero creator tools kinda lag on IE and you cant seem to click anything on Firefox so this is the best way.

Thanks alot!
Tsuki222 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2012
Great amalgams! But isn't the Blue Devil more similar to the Ghost Rider(stuntman forging a pact with a archdemon, and becoming a demon?) But I understand it's for the sake of keeping the team whole.
Red-Rum-18 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2012  Student General Artist
The original Amalgam Comics already had Demon Rider, except GR and Etrigan were also amalgamated with The Flash, which doesn't make sense.
Tsuki222 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2012
I see now you also amalgamated the Ghost Rider with Etrigan, good idea. I think that they aded Flash to the mix to becouse the legacy idea.
wwenmdc Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Who does this leave with Valkyrie?
Red-Rum-18 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2012  Student General Artist
Black Racer.
wwenmdc Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Bringer of the dead. I like it. Is Black Valkyrie male or female.

Also, while on the topic of the New Gods, who do you have with the Forever Peoples? Originally they were put with the Inhumans into the Unpeople.
Red-Rum-18 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2012  Student General Artist
Black Valkyrie is female.

'The Godlikes' are the new name for the Unhumans.
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