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New Amalgam: Offending Society by Red-Rum-18 New Amalgam: Offending Society by Red-Rum-18
The Offending Society (Offenders + Injustice Society), the evil counterparts to the Defending Society (Defenders + Justice Society).

Top Row, L-R:

The Dark Baron:
Amalgamation of: Baron Mordo + Dark Lord Mordru
Real Name: Mordu
Alias: Karl Romdur
Biography: When the Yabu the One of Order (Yan, the Ancient One + Nabu, the Lord of Order), Earth’s most powerful magic-user, decided it was time for him to train an apprentice and appoint him the new Sorcerer Supreme, he created several magic helms and distributed them to multiple sacred sites across the planet. He then sent his servants, with blind Asian man Erik Wong (Wong + Mr. E) among them, to tell that many potential students that they have been chosen to receive the One of Order’s training in sorcery. Among these five students in this astral academy, accessed through the helmets they wore, were former surgeon Stephen Nelson, psychiatrist Dr. Anthony Zatara (Dr. Druid + John Zatara), and a mysterious man named Karl Romdur. Karl claimed to be a Transylvanian nobleman, but when his attempt to assassinate the One of Order was thwarted by Stephen, he shed his façade and revealed himself to be a villain called Mordu the Dark Baron. Mordu is an ancient master of dark magic and a perpetual nemesis to the lineage of Sorcerers Supreme, with magic powers rivaling his master, the demonic sorcerer Neromammu (Dormammu + Neron). Yabu and Mordu did battle with their magicks, and it was only through the other students’ assistance that the One of Order could banish the villain to the dark dimension. Sometime after Stephen Nelson became the new Sorcerer Supreme and took on the identity of Dr. Strangefate (Dr. Strange + Dr. Fate), the Dark Baron returned and tried to free Neromammu from the dark dimension as well. Dr. Strangefate defeated Mordu and a rivalry has existed since then. When Mordu learned that Strangefate formed a new team of heroes called the Defending Society, he became the founder and leader of a counterpart team of villains they call the Offending Society. Hundreds of years after the Great Disaster, Mordu’s spirit and the spirit of the good witch Ravothyst (Ravonna + Amethyst) became the mentors of the White Sorceress (Sorcerer Supreme 2099 + White Witch), a member of the Legion of the Galaxy (Guardians of the Galaxy + Legion of Super-Heroes).
Powers: One of the strongest magic-users in existence, his powers are far too numerous to go into detail, and his power-level is far too high to easily calculate, so it’s much easier to say that he manipulates reality.

Amalgamation of: Brain Drain + Per Degaton
Real Name: Percival “Per” Werner
Biography: Per Werner hails from the era of World War II, originally a lab assistant to the Nazi scientists working to achieve time travel and win the war in Nazi Germany’s favor. When the superhero team called the All-Star Invaders (Invaders + All-Star Squadron) attacked the Nazi lab holding the most potent time travel experiment, their interference disrupted a test and caused the chrono-gate to go haywire. The vortex absorbed Per and hurdled him 500 or so years into the future. The hyper-advanced inhabitants of the future found Per’s mangled body and reconstituted him with cyborg technology. The futurists’ procedure worked better than they anticipated, and they accidentally tapped into Per’s latent potential for mental abilities; Per took over the future people’s society and forced them to create weapons and a new chrono-gate so he could return to the 1940s, destroy the ASI and take over Earth for himself. Now calling himself Dega-Brain, he returned to the past and battled both the superheroes and the Nazis and their super-agents. In the end, once Dega-Brain’s resolve weakened with the battle, his own future troopers turned on him and nearly killed him, leaving the Nazi supervillain called the Green Skull (Red Skull + Lex Luthor) to finish the “traitor.” In a chronal fluke, an alternate version of Dega-Brain appeared in the main Amalgam universe, this one having survived and frozen in an avalanche. Dega-Brain’s preserved body was found by a hiker and reactivated, and he returned to his life of villainy. Even in this modern era, Nazism still exists, though in much smaller groups, so Dega-Brain recruited them to his cause, built them futuristic weapons, and tried to invade Washington DC. The uprising was quickly quelled by the Justice Avengers (Avengers + Justice League), a new team of heroes led by the formerly-frozen former leader of the All-Star Invaders, Super-Soldier (Captain America + Superman). Defeated, he was recruited from exile by the Dark Baron into the Offending Society, being made the second-in-command.
Powers: Cyborg implants increase his strength/speed/stamina/durability; high intelligence; use of several futuristic weapons

Solomon Purple:
Amalgamation of: Purple Man + Solomon Grundy
Real Name: Cyrus Killgrave
Biography: In the early days of Ellis Island and mass immigration to the United States, a Yugoslavian man moved from Eastern Europe to the city of Gothton, MS (Boston + Gotham City) and changed his name to Cyrus Killgrave. He became an industrial spy for hire in order to support his wife and daughter, but when he crossed the wrong people, he was murdered with caustic chemicals and his body was dumped in a swamp outside the city. The chemicals he was killed with mutated his corpse and, decades later, he was reanimated as purple-skinned zombie. He was able to retain his general intellect, but only a few snippets of his memories; he took on the new name Solomon Purple after his skin color and after remembering being “born on a Monday”, which was a line from the poem “Solomon Grundy.” In pre-WWII America, Solomon Purple became a wealthy but isolated crime lord, using his newfound mind control powers to force people to steal priceless valuables for him. The heroic Human Lantern (Human Torch [Hammond] + Green Lantern [Scott]) found and battled Solomon, but his magic green flames were unable to affect him, since his corpse of a body contains wood pieces, which are the antithesis of the Lantern’s powers. In the end, the Human Lantern managed to temporarily disable Solomon’s mind-control powers, but that only unleashed his second power: superior strength. Solomon Purple and the Human Lantern did battle until the villain was crushed beneath a passing train. Decades later, in today’s era, Solomon’s body was reconstituted by a scientist, whom he kills and begins setting up a new criminal enterprise in his lab. Solomon battled the Justice Avengers and the Seven Soldiers for Hire (Heroes for Hire + Seven Soldiers of Victory); when Solomon mentally enslaved a martial artist heroine named Judo (Jewel + Judomaster), he earned the ire of her lover Amazing Power (Luke “Power Man” Cage + Amazing-Man), leader of the Seven Soldiers. Seeking to harness both his strength and mind control abilities, he willingly joined the Offending Society.
Powers: Mind control and superhuman strength/durability/stamina/healing, though not both at the same time.

Amalgamation of: Terrax + Atlee
Real Name: Tyree
Biography: Tyree is the ruthless queen of the planet Petrant (Terran + Strata), who uses her earth-manipulation powers to keep her subjects in total fear. When the Justice Four (Fantastic Four + Justice League) needed the supervillain Galactiac’s (Galactus + Brainiac) help to defeat the Oversphinx (Sphinx + Overmaster) and his minions, Galactiac agreed under the condition that they capture Queen Tyree and bring her to his spaceship. The J4 defeated Tyree, freeing Petrant from her tyranny, and brought her to Galactiac’s spaceship; Galactiac, sensing her mercilessness and deeming her the perfect replacement Herald, imbued her with the Power Cosmic and changed her into Atlax. Atlax was Galactiac’s most successful Herald, but she soon rebelled against him, and returned to Petrant; when she returned, Atlax saw that her people were enslaved by a powerful energy parasite and the capital city was pulled into the planet’s orbit. Atlax teamed up with Power Soldier (Nomad + Power Girl) to free the people from the parasite; Atlax cut a hole in the planet’s surface leading to the molten core while Power Soldier pushed the orbiting city, with the parasite on it, into the core, destroying the creature, but imprisoning Atlax, too (just as Power Soldier intended). After escaping her prison, Atlax returned to Earth and joined the Offending Society to take her revenge on Power Soldier and the Defending Society.
Powers: Super strength/stamina/durability/speed; space survival; flight; earth manipulation (amplified by the Power Cosmic); cosmic axe (energy manipulation, invulnerability).

Amalgamation of: Orka + Shark
Biography: Dr. Karshan Dorcas was a scientist and a nemesis of the Aquariner (Sub-Mariner + Aquaman), the heroic ruler of the undersea kingdom of Atlantis and one of the Justice Avengers.Through use of experiments in atomic radiation, Karshan mutated several aquatic animals into humanoid creatures who he controlled. The monsters managed to drive Aquariner off the throne and Karshan Dorcas took control of Atlantis. But then, one of his mutant whale sharks, now called the Predator, killed Karshan and took control. Several other enemies of Atlantis tried to invade and control the kingdom for themselves, and during the two week this civil war raged, the Aquariner found and trained a group of Atlantean researchers in warfare to help him reclaim their kingdom in the ensuing chaos that swallowed the attention of the bad guys. The warriors and the Aquariner managed to slay all of the other mutant sea animals and the Predator was put on trial, sentenced to banishment from the sea by having his amphibious powers removed by Atlantis’ greatest scientists. Stuck on the surface, the Predator battled several heroes, including another JA member called the Green Giant (Hulk + Green Lantern), until he received made a deal with the wizard Mordu to restore his amphibiousness in exchange for service in the Offending Society.
Powers: Superhuman strength/durability/stamina/senses; telepathy and telekinesis; formerly had underwater survival and super-fast swimming.

Bottom Row, L-R:

Amalgamation of: Nitro + Icicle
Real Name: Cameron Hunter
Biography: Cameron Hunter’s father was a cryogenics expert working for the terror group AHEM (AIM + HIVE). His exposure to reverse-fusion energies altered his genetics, which his son inherited. Cameron’s metamutant powers (mutant + metahuman) allow him to explode and reform at will, leaving behind a landscape of frozen tundra in the blast’s wake. As an agent of AHEM, Ictro battled frequently Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell + Billy Batson). In a battle between him and the gov’t-controlled Thunder Squad (Thunderbolts + Suicide Squad), Ictro caused an explosion large enough to freeze most of Stamford, Connecticut. While casualties were minimum in the main Amalgam universe, in an alternate one, the death rate was around 600, causing the American government to force all heroes to reveal their identities to the government, sparking a “superhero civil war.” After he reformed in the mainstream universe, Ictro joined the evil Offending Society.
Powers: Can self-explode with the force of 1000 lbs. and a radius of 50 feet. Can later reform anywhere in ground zero from his scattered molecules. His explosions generate reverse-fusion energy, which encases everything within range in a sheet of ice. Cameron has recently learned to explode parts of his body with less force, allowing him to freeze specific targets with shotgun-like blasts.

Amalgamation of: Mad Dog + Hellhound II
Real Name: Robert Chifford
Biography: A military consultant for the R&D company RoxTAR (Roxxon + STAR Labs), Col. Bob Chifford married his college sweetheart Patsy Montez but they ended up divorcing years later, due to the stress of his job. When RoxTAR started capturing superhumans for unscrupulous experiments, Patsy took on her heroic identity of the second Wild Puma (Hellcat + Wildcat II) to force Bob and RoxTAR to release them; somehow, Bob was able to recognize his ex-wife through her costume and sought revenge on her for his company’s financial slump after their illegal business practices came into light. RoxTAR’s head scientist Anthony Kuttler (Prof. Power + Calculator) mutated Bob and gave him enhanced strength and poison-squirting fangs. Taking on the identity of the Mad-Hound, Bob attacked Patsy and raped her! After he took his revenge, he became a mercenary until he was crucially injured by Patsy’s godfather, the original Wild Puma (Puma + Wildcat I). After recuperating, Mad-Hound joined the Offending Society to continue his vendetta against Patsy and her teammates in the Defending Society.
Powers: Above-human strength/agility/stamina/reflexes/durability/senses; martial arts expertise; hollow fangs that project a foaming poison; use of trained hunting dogs.

Gold Wasp:
Amalgamation of: Goldbug + Killer Wasp
Real Name: Unrevealed
Biography: A professional thief obsessed with gold, a nameless minion of the Intermaggia (Maggia + Intergang) was subjected to scientific experiments that infused him with insect genetics. His body was gruesomely mutated, so he was given a body suit that disguises his appearance; he was also given several weapons, including a gun that traps targets in a fast-hardening gold polymer. As the Gold Wasp, he fought several superheroes and committed crimes for the Intermaggia; however his obsession with gold got the better of him and he disappeared into the night with a stolen gold shipment, making him a target of the crime syndicate’s wrath. But the Gold Wasp isn’t as dumb as his Intermaggia superiors thought he was, and the gold-based villain was able to manipulate the Defending Society into helping him find El Dorado, the Lost City of Gold. When they discovered his ruse, Wild Puma defeated Gold Wasp in combat, and Dr. Strangefate use his magic to seal away the city. Seeking revenge, Gold Wasp joined the Offending Society.
Powers: Enhanced strength and stamina; high intellect; wings for flight; a skin-suit with an electric-pulse defense system; a gun the fires a fast-hardening gold polymer.

Fear Fiddler:
Amalgamation of: Mr. Fear + The Fiddler
Real Name: Isaac Cranston
Biography: British native Isaac Cranston was once a professor of musicology the New Metropolis University (New York City + Metropolis), but his failing health forced him to spend his life savings to support himself. Running out of money, he resorted to theft and robbery to make ends meet until he was arrested in India and sent to jail. In prison, he met a snake charmer who taught him how to manipulate the minds of others (even his own self) through music and sounds. Using what he learned, Isaac hypnotized himself into believing he was cured of his illness, which actually suppressed his disease by way of the placebo effect. Using a violin to channel his hypnotic powers, Isaac struck terror into the hearts of innocent people as the villainous Fear Fiddler. He came into conflict with the hero Dr. Dare (Daredevil + Dr. Mid-Nite) when he sought to steal from the hospital Dr. Dare works at in his civilian identity; the Fear Fiddler was defeated by the hero, but escaped police custody by faking his own death. He would later return to plague Dr. Dare’s life and the people he protects, and the Fear Fiddler later joined the Offending Society.
Powers: High intelligence. The ability to control minds through music he can generate through normal instruments he carries; whatever instrument he uses dictates what hypnotic effect will happen to his victims (such as his violin giving him the power to instill fear, hence his name).

Amalgamation of: Dr. Demonicus + The Wizard
Real Name: Douglas Zard
Biography: Douglas Zard, the villain known as Wizardicus, is one of the few remaining villains from the Golden Age of costumed crime and crime-fighting (which is roughly 1930-1960). A scientist with criminal ambitions, Wizardicus was one of America’s most dangerous crimelords in that era of time, who always managed to escape the authorities and the watchful eyes of the superhero community while sending his mutated, brain-washed minions to steal priceless treasures. But in the end, Wizardicus’s plans for dominion were undone by an undercover police officer, who was able to summon the speedster hero called The Whiz (Whizzer + Flash [Garrick]). The officer, Larry Morse, testified against Douglas Zard in court, and his testimony was enough to have the villain put away for 50 years. Zard managed to sneak in one last syringe of mutagenic chemicals into prison and he sent a goon to poison Officer Morse’s wife; this caused their daughter to be born with hypersonic screams, which led her to becoming the heroine Black Bird (Mockingbird + Black Canary). Wizardicus was later broken out of prison by the Dark Baron and given back his laboratory and resources, in exchange for helping the Offending Society with a major plan to destroy the Defending Society.
Powers: High intelligence in the fields of genetics and mutations; command over many resources, minions, and scientific equipment; use of various devices that allow him to generate complex and realistic illusions.
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ZoKpooL1 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2012
I really love Fear Fiddler
Picassamia Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2011
One thing I want to know-how come there isn't a skull mask for Fear Fiddler, since Mr. Fear used a skull mask. I know the guy has a half-cowl or something, but still....and no purple, either?
Red-Rum-18 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Mr. Fear's costume became all black after a while. Since most of the costume is Fiddler, I figured it would make things uneven to include some green. He would look like Fiddler in a cowl instead of a balanced amalgamation.
Picassamia Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2011
I see. Thanks for clarifying.
Picassamia Featured By Owner May 26, 2011
Wow, so this group has a mix of mostly JSA villains and Daredevil villains, with the exceptions of Baron Mordru, Dega-Brain, Ictro, Predator, Wizardicus, Atlax, Gold Wasp, and Mad Hound. (Who's Brain Drain?) Predator I'm confused about-he has Tiger Shark's colors, but it looks like he has nothing of Todd Arliss in his bio. And I know DC's Orca is a woman, but is the Orka the one from Marvel that you used?

Also, please, let the next one be the All-Star Invaders!
Red-Rum-18 Featured By Owner May 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
1.) [link]

2.) That's not Tiger Shark from Marvel, that's just Shark from DC. Tiger Shark is mixed with Black Manta to become Black Shark.

3.) Yes, Marvel's Orca is the one I used for Predator.

4.) The next New Amalgam is just a redo, sorry.
wwenmdc Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Can you put a link for Shark and Orka?
Red-Rum-18 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Microheroes or actual characters?
wwenmdc Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Both would be nice.
Picassamia Featured By Owner May 26, 2011
No problem on that part, totally forgot about black shark. Other than that, good job with the Offending Society. Let me guess, the redo is the third team of Global Flight, and it focuses on the Middle Eastern members.
Red-Rum-18 Featured By Owner May 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Africa and the Middle East.
Picassamia Featured By Owner May 26, 2011
Ah. And I take it that the final team is made up of their Asian-Australian members.
Red-Rum-18 Featured By Owner May 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
And Antarctica, but you'll have to wait to see what I mean...
bkno Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2011
I can't wait for the revamped Rina Thunder.

She was my favourite non-Chinese and non-Japanese member of the asian heroes who part of the Global Flight fka Global Guardians.
Picassamia Featured By Owner May 26, 2011
Oh, no're doing an amalgam of Justice League Antarctica!
Red-Rum-18 Featured By Owner May 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Not what I meant...sorry...
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bkno Featured By Owner May 18, 2011
Great job as always.

Especially, I like how shiny Golden Wasp's costume is.
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