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New Amalgam: Rough Night by Red-Rum-18 New Amalgam: Rough Night by Red-Rum-18
The Rough Night (Nightstalkers + Rough Bunch) was a team of Vampire Hunters from the American West in the Late 1800's to Early 1900's.

Heroes: Top Row, Left to Right:
Phantom .44,Dayhunter, Bible Diablo, Hannibal Lash, Hex Blade, Night Drake, Rachel Manser, Pow-Wow Harker, and Harold Firehair.

Hex Blade:
Amalgamation of: Blade + Jonah Hex
Real Name: Jonah Brooks
Biography: Jonah Brooks was born in 1838 in a small town in the American West; his mother a prostitute and former slave, and his absent father one of her clients. The mother suffered complications during her birth, so the supervisor of the whorehouse where she worked summoned the town doctor. The doctor turned out to be a vampire named Quentin Frost, who killed the woman during Jonah’s birth and drained her of her blood; Frost’s vampiric enzymes also turned the newborn into a half-vampire. The whorehouse’s supervisor raised Jonah for five years before falling into alcoholism and selling him into slavery to an Apache tribe called the Bloodshadow tribe. Jonah was raised by Jamal Afari, another slave to the apaches who taught Jonah how to fight. The tribe was later attacked by a group of vampires, but Jonah and Jamal slew them all, gaining their freedom in exchange for protecting the Bloodshadows. Jonah decided to stay with the tribe to protect them from more vampires, his half-vampire biology giving him great strength. The chief’s son grew jealous of his father’s favor towards Jonah, and challenged him to a tomahawk duel. Jonah’s weapon broke during the fight, and the Apache was about to land the killing blow when Jonah pulled out a knife and killed him. As punishment for breaking the rules, Jonah is banished from the Bloodshadows, but not before the chief presses a heated tomahawk to the right side of Jonah's face, giving him a horrible scar called "The Mark of the Demon."
Jonah Brooks continued his hunt for vampires, gaining a reputation as a maniacal killer and the nickname “Hex Blade.” When he learned that Dracula, the Lord of All Vampires, was making his big return, Hex Blade summoned his vampire-hunting allies and created the “Rough Night.”
Rough Night disbanded after Hex Blade slew Dracula, and he continued his hunt for vampires. Most of his allies had passed away, but he continued to live on thanks to his unique physiology. Hex Blade’s first encounter with the modern age of superheroes was when he was in New Metropolis (New York City + Metropolis), hunting down Morblood (Morbius + Bloodwynd), who Hex Blade didn’t know wasn’t technically a vampire. Morblood’s ally Spider Boy (Spider-Man + Superboy) battled Hex Blade, then they later teamed up to take down Dracula’s daughter Lilya (Lilith + Tanya). Later, when Lilya teamed up with the demons Mephistrigon (Mephisto + Trigon) and Neromammu (Dormammu + Neron), Hex Blade joined the Sons of Shadow (Midnight Sons + Sentinels of Magic/Shadowpact), a magical strike force led by Dr. Strangefate (Dr. Strange + Dr. Fate), to defeat them.
Powers: Hex Blade’s half-vampire biology grants him superhuman strength/agility/stamina, accelerated healing, and longevity. He possesses none of the weakness of full-blooded vampires, except for a constant thirst for human blood. Wields a variety of weapons for dealing with vampires, such as wooden stakes, garlic bombs, holy water vials, revolvers with silver bullets, and a silver-edged Japanese katana.

Hannibal Lash:
Amalgamation of: Hannibal King + Bat Lash
Biography: Hannibal Lash was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His parents lost their farm to a corrupt sheriff, and Lash shot him in cold blood. Unfortunately, the sheriff was a familiar (a human servant of a vampire) who served Quentin Frost, and so, Frost killed Lash’s parents and turned him into a vampire in retaliation. For five years, Lash roamed the Earth, searching for a cure for his vampirism. When he first encountered the vampire killer Hex Blade, Lash was able to stay alive long enough to regale his story to scarred slayer. The two decided to team up, and they traveled to Tibet, where they discovered the vampire bible, the Darkhold, in possession of the sorcerer Baron Mordu (Baron Mordo + Mordru). Hex Blade used a spell in the book to cure Lash, but the spiteful Mordu destroyed the book before they could use a more powerful spell to destroy every vampire on Earth. Hex Blade and Hannibal Lash, escaping from Mordu’s castle, decided to stay friends, later forming the Rough Night to eliminate Dracula.
Powers: Formerly possessed vampiric powers of immortality, strength, shapeshifting, and fangs. He’s an expert marksman, carries several anti-vampire weapons, and he’s also a great detective.

Night Drake:
Amalgamation of: Frank Drake + Night Hawk
Real Name: Frank Hawkes
Biography: Frank Hawkes’ wealthy parents were slaughtered by vampires, and so he dedicated his life to destroying their kind, going by the name “Night Drake”. He spent his parents’ fortune on studying the supernatural, and buying the best weapons available in the late 1800s. He was the first to be recruited into the Rough Night, and he soon fell in love with his teammate, Rachel Manser. It is later revealed that Frank and Rachel are the reincarnations of an Ancient Egyptian priest and priestess who gained reincarnation powers from exposure to strange energies emitted from an alien pod; when they died, they were reincarnated as the superheroes Wingspan (Hank Pym + Hawkman) and Wasp Girl (Janet Van Dyne + Hawkgirl).
Powers: Expert marksman, horseman, tracker, and hand-to-hand-fighter. Wields conventional weapons and anti-vampire weapons.

Rachel Manser:
Amalgamation of: Rachel van Helsing + Cinnamon
Biography: Rachel Manser is the granddaughter of Abraham van Helsing, the English doctor who first slew Dracula. When she was young, her parents were killed by vampires in retaliation for Abraham’s victory. Rachel was found and raised by Ohiyesa Harker, a Native American man and vampire hunter. Rachel learned the art of vampire killing, and they were both inducted into Hex Blade’s cadre of vampire hunters, the Rough Night. Serving on the team, Rachel fell in love with Frank Hawkes, aka “Night Drake.” In the final battle against Dracula and his minions, Rachel was bitten by Dracula and was transformed into a vampire. She begged the man she loved to kill her, so that she would not kill him. Frank tearfully agreed, and put a silver bullet in her heart. He then killed himself. It is later revealed that Frank and Rachel are the reincarnations of an Ancient Egyptian priest and priestess who gained reincarnation powers from exposure to strange energies emitted from an alien pod; when they died, they were reincarnated as the superheroes Wingspan and Wasp Girl.
Powers: Expert marksman, horseman, tracker, and hand-to-hand-fighter. Wields conventional weapons and anti-vampire weapons.

Amalgamation of: Taj Nital/“daywalkers” + Scalphunter
Real Name: Taj “Brian” Nital
Alias: Ke-Woh-No-Tay (“He who is less than human”)
Biography: Taj Nital’s mother was pregnant with her son when she first traveled to America from India. Before she gave birth, she was bitten by a vampire and her unborn son was changed into a half-vampire. Her drained corpse and premature baby were discovered by a tribe of Kiowa Native Americans and adopted him. The young man was given the name Ke-Woh-No-Tay and a special potion to suppress his unnatural cravings. As a teenager, Ke-Who-No-Tay discovered the place where his mother was killed, and found a map of his homeland of India. He traveled there and met his birth family, discovered his true name, Taj Nital, and joined his family’s heritage of vampire slaying, which his mother ran away from. Traveling back to America, Taj used his knowledge to better serve the Rough Night vampire killers, who took to calling him “Brian.” Being a half-vampire, Brian outlived most of his companions, and now serves in the police force of Star City, the hometown of the heroic archer Hawk Arrow (Hawkeye + Green Arrow).
Powers: Superhuman strength/agility/stamina, accelerated healing, longevity, and a thirst for blood; periodically consumes a special potion that suppresses his bloodlust.

Pow-Wow Harker:
Amalgamation of: Quincy Harker + Pow-Wow Smith
Real Name: Ohiyesa Harker
Biography: Ohiyesa Harker is the son of Mina Harker, the woman who helped Abraham van Helsing defeat Dracula, and an unknown Native American man. As the Sherrif of a small Texas town, Ohiyesa (referred to as “Pow-Wow”, much to his chagrin) defended his turf from criminals, both the natural and the supernatural kind. He took in Abraham’s granddaughter Rachel Manser after her parents were killed by vampires, and trained her to fight vampires. They both joined the Rough Night to defend the world from Dracula. After his death (after the final destruction of Dracula), his daughter made his remains into a magical safeguard around his ancestral homeland of Red Deer Valley, forevermore defending it from the vampire meanace.
Powers: Extensive knowledge of vampires. Expert fighter with above average strength/agility/stamina. Wields conventional and anti-vampire weapons.

Harold Firehair:
Amalgamation of: Harold H. Harold + Firehair
Biography: Harold Firehair was a Native American born with red hair. He was writing for a local newspaper when he came across an injured Dracula. Harold though he could get an interview with him, but when the vampire lord was fully healed, he attacked and nearly killed Harold. The Rough Night was able to restore his health, and Harold joined them on their crusade.
Powers: Expert fighter with above average strength/agility/stamina. Wields conventional and anti-vampire weapons.

Bible Diablo:
Amalgamation of: Bible John Carik + El Diablo
Real Name: Lazarus Carik
Biography: Mexican-American school teacher Lazarus Carik was on an expedition to Africa to uncover a tomb of the Knights Templar. His group accidentally released a horde of vampires, and they were all slaughtered, except for Lazarus. He was cared for by an African shaman who gave him the ability to see into the future. Lazarus’ first vision was that of his family being killed by vampires within the year. He returned to America, decked himself out with magic tattoos, and destroyed the threat to his family. Now, by day he’s a priest at his local church, but at night he’s a vampire-slaying vigilante called “Bible Diablo.” He later joined Hex Blade and the Rough Night.
Powers: Expert fighter with above average strength/agility/stamina. Wields conventional and anti-vampire weapons. Precognitive powers. He also wears mystic tattoos that ward off evil spirits.

Phantom .44:
Amalgamation of: Phantom Rider + Madame .44
Real Name: Jeanne Slade
Biography: When she was young, Jeanne Slade’s father came across an undiscovered gold mine, but he was killed by vampire criminal Papavarne so he could get at it. Jeanne was injured in the attack, but was cared for by her father’s friend Flaming Star, a Native American medicine man. Flaming Star helped Jeanne sew together a costume and put together a small arsenal, becoming the vigilante “Phantom .44”. After Papavarne was defeated and driven back to Mexico, she donated the money made from the mine to a local orphanage. Jeanne became a school teacher, but still fights evil as Phantom .44 in the cover of night. She later joined Hex Blade in the Rough Night.
Powers: Above average intelligence and strength. Expert fighter and horse rider. Wields several conventional weapons, such as .44-caliber pistols, and anti-vampire weapons. She also invented a black lariat that allows her to attack befuddled enemies in the dark and a lantern that projects an image of herself to bait them.

Villains: Bottom Row, Left to Right:
Papavarne, Quentin Frost, Dracula, Razorman, and Blood-Bison.

Real Name: Count Vladimir Tepes Dracula III
Aliases: Vlad the Impaler, Son of the Dragon
Biography: For many a year, Vlad the Impaler has spread terror across Eastern Europe, ruling the kingdom of Transylvania with an iron fist and an ocean of blood. Fighting alongside his followers, Vlad was killed by Turkish invaders, and in his death throes he sold his soul to the devil (Mephistrigon) for vengeance. Vlad rose from his grave an undead horror, immortal and capable of transforming those around him into beast like him, thus creating the race known as ‘vampires.’
Dracula’s new reign of terror lasted until 1797, when he was killed by Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, who stabbed him in the heart with a wooden stake. Helsing’s group carried Dracula’s ashes through Eurasia, across the Pacific Ocean, and buried them in a part of Western America known today as ‘California.’ Years later, though, an ancient sorcerer known as Baron Mordu used the Darkhold to resurrect Dracula to serve him. Dracula broke free from Mordu’s influence and nearly killed him. Dracula forms a new cadre of vampire followers for his plans of world domination, including Quentin Frost, Papavarne, and Blood-Bison. Dracula was soon killed again by Hex Blade, and his followers defeated by his team, the Rough Night.
Powers: Super strength/speed/agility/stamina. Fangs; conversion of humans to vampires. Immortality. Shapeshifting. Hypnotism.
Weaknesses: Sunlight and being stabbed in the heart.

Quentin Frost:
Amalgamation of: Deacon Frost + Quentin Turnbull
Biography: Quentin Frost was a plantation owner who lost his land, slaves, and fortune at the conclusion of the Civil War. Desparate to reclaim his power, he willingly suffered the transformation into a vampire by Dracula. Serving Dracula, Frost converted many people into vampire followers. He was also the one responsible for killing Jonah Brooks’ mother and turning him into a half-vampire. In the final battle between Dracula’s forces and the Rough Night, Frost served a lieutenant of his vampire army, alongside Razorman, Papavarne, and Blood-Bison. In the end, Quentin Frost was staked by Jonah as he defended Dracula.
Powers: Super strength/speed/agility/stamina. Fangs; conversion of humans to vampires. Longevity.
Weaknesses: Sunlight, garlic, holy relics, silver, and being stabbed in the heart.

Amalgamation of: Varnae + El Papagayo
Biography: The supernatural villain known as Papavarne is a purebred vampire, the offspring of a male and a female vampire (some purebreds have been known to develop mutations, such as Papavarne’s green skin). Papavarne is also a crimelord who controlled most of Northern Mexico. He soon came into the service of Dracula, them both sharing an enemy in Hex Blade. He was left tied to a stake and was fried by the sunlight. Years later, Papavarne was one of the dozens seen tortured in Hell while the heroes Shadowhawk and Doveblade (Cloak & Dagger + Hawk & Dove) were traveling through it.
Powers: Super strength/speed/agility/stamina. Fangs; conversion of humans to vampires. Longevity. Shapeshifting. Hypnotism.
Weaknesses: Sunlight and being stabbed in the heart.

Amalgamation of: Steppin’ Razor + Terra-Man
Biography: Razorman is a vampire criminal from the island of Jamaica. In his original human life, he was a child prodigy who traveled to America to seek education, but was turned down from the better schools. He moved to the Wild West and became the outlaw “Razorman”, using his scientific genius to outmatch the sheriffs. He soon teamed up with the pure-blooded vampire Papavarne, who transformed Razorman into a vampire. Razorman and Papavarne were both killed by the Rough Night while in service of Dracula. Razorman’s legend survived among Jamaican vampires, who, in modern times, revived him to lead in the conquest of New Metropolis. He was killed again by the long-lived Hex Blade and the heroic Super-Soldier (Captain America + Superman).
Powers: Super strength/speed/agility/stamina. Fangs; conversion of humans to vampires. Above-average intelligence, and use of several advanced weapons and tools.
Weaknesses: Sunlight, garlic, silver, holy relics, and being stabbed in the heart.

Amalgamation of: Bloodscream + Black Bison I/II
Real Name: Bison-Black-as-Midnight-Sky/Zachariah Ravenhair
Biography: Native American Zachariah Ravenhair was forcibly bound to the spirit of his mad shamanistic grandfather, Bison-Black-as-Midnight-Sky, turning him into a vampire-like being with pale skin and white hair. Blood-Bison, while the spirit is in control, is a murderous criminal who comes into conflict with the Rough Night, sometimes when paired with the werewolf Doghouse (Roughouse + Hyena). Blood-Bison and Doghouse also came into conflict with the time-lost heroes Wolf (Wolverine + Lobo) and Torchstorm (Human Torch + Firestorm). When Ravenhair finally regained control of his body, he pledged his allegiance to Dracula, in exchange for a remaining shred of the Darkhold containing a spell on how to remove his grandfather’s spirit. Ravenhair, still possessing the vampire-like powers, fought against the Rough Night, but when the spirit started regaining control of Ravenhair’s body, he tried to force Dracula to use the spell on him; Dracula, feeling that he doesn’t deserve his freedom, destroyed the text. Ravenhair then appealed to Hex Blade to kill him, which he did.
Powers: Super strength/speed/agility/stamina. Fangs. Magic powers. Wields a bladed staff.
Weaknesses: Holy relics, silver, and being stabbed in the heart.
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Red-Rum-18 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2011  Student General Artist
I'm thinking different kinds of monsters, including Vampires and Zombies.
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