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New Amalgam: The Legion of Pet Avengers by Red-Rum-18 New Amalgam: The Legion of Pet Avengers by Red-Rum-18
An alien force had infiltrated human society, searching for the remnants of a powerful weapon. These aliens possessed a great mental ability that allow them to remain undetected by the human heroes of Earth, but animals are able to bypass this and detect them. Meta-talented dogs Crymo the Stardog and Sirilock detected this threat and assembled a team of other heroes' pets to eliminate the alien invaders.
This team became The Legion of Pet Avengers (Pet Avengers + Legion of Super Pets).

Left to Right:

Crymo the Stardog:
Amalgamation of: Cosmo the Spacedog + Krypto the Superdog
Biography: Back in the 1960s, the scientists for the USSR experimented with space travel. Before the famed Russian cosmonaut dog Laika, there was another dog they sent into space, in a cryogenic preservation capsule, to test suspended animation for interplanetary travel and colonization. The ship that carried the male dog was struck by a wave of energy that passed by Earth, sending it off course and it disappeared! The test was deemed a failure and the Russians erased evidence of it's experiment. The wave of energy was from the destruction of the planet Halaton (Hala + Krypton), which had traveled for 20 years at the speed of light; this energy was infused with the amalgamated genetic essence of the Kreetonians (Kree + Kryptonians), the dominant species of Halaton. The frozen dog was infused with the genes passed on by the energy. 40 years later, the heroic Super-Soldier (Captain America + Superman) was returning from a mission in space when he came across the inoperable shuttle. Inside he found a dog frozen inside a capsule labeled “Cryogenic Metaterra Operation Tube”, except the label had faded over time so the only letters he could read were C.R.Y.M.O. He took the dog back to Earth and discovered he could absorb yellow sunlight and convert it into superpowers, much like the Kreetonians, whose DNA make up the serum that gave Super-Soldier his powers. After staying in the hero's Fortress of Liberty, Crymo was given a specially-developed suit that allowed him to control his powers, and Crymo became a superhero in his own right: The Stardog!  
Powers: Abilities of an average dog; telekinesis; superhuman strength/speed/stamina/agility/reflexes/senses/aim (though less than that of Super-Soldier); absorption of yellow solar energy and conversion of it into his powers; laser vision; x-ray vision; flight; use of a suit that allows him to control his powers and survive in space.

Old Rex:
Amalgamation of: Old Lace the dinosaur + Rex the Wonder Dog
Biography: Gertrude Dennis (Gertrude Yorkes + Danny Dennis) hailed from the 87th Century, the daughter of two scientists who sought to exploit the planetary war for profit. They created a series of dinosaurs spliced with canine DNA. Gert felt sorry for the poor creatures and tried to free them, but was caught by her parent’s guards. A small, white-and-red-scaled T-Rex defended Gert and they escaped. Gert and her new friend, “Old Rex”, found an old time-travel device, created by the deceased villain Krangos (Kang + Chronos), to travel back to the 47th Century. There, they learned that a terrorist group called the Point, whose members included Gert’s ancestors, took over Earth in the 21st Century with demonic magic. She met up with her 21st Century ancestors, Stacy and Dale Dennis, claiming to be their long-lost niece. She gained their trust, and when the Point and their demon bosses tried to take control of Earth, Gert summoned Old Rex to attack the Point. Gertrude and Old Rex teamed up with the Point’s heroic super-children, and they later formed Runaway Justice (The Runaways + Young Justice).  
Powers: Old Rex is super strong and fast, with flesh-rending claws and fangs and a special connection to the super-smart Gert.

Amalgamation of: Widget + Skeets
Biography: Wideets is a tiny hovering robot invented by the Magician (Tweedledope + King) of the evil Tarot Card Gang (Crazy Gang + Royal Flush Gang), but wasn't activated until 3099 by David Jon Richards. Wideets became the robotic sidekick of David when he traveled to our time to become the heroic Booster Lad (Iron Lad + Booster Gold). When David was forced to save the timeline by becoming the evil Krangos, Wideets was left behind with the Teen Avengers (Young Avengers + Teen Titans), becoming friends with new heroine Miss Vision (Vision II + Miss Martian).
Powers: Time-travel; flight; intangibility; weapons. As an AI, Wideets is immune to the mental powers of the alien invaders.

Biography: Sam Irons' life was saved by the Super-Soldier following an industrial accident; waking from unconsciousness, he saw Super-Soldier and a falcon standing over him, and he became inspired to become a hero. Adopting the falcon (as both a persona and an actual falcon as a pet, naming him Redwing), Sam started work on a suit of powered armor and other tools, such as a sonic emitter that allows him to manipulate birds. Redwing became Sam's partner when he made his debut as the hero known as The Steel Falcon (Falcon + Steel).
Powers: Super-fast flight; above-human senses; sharp talons and beak; highly-trained in aerial combat and maneuvers.

Ophelia the Thunder Bunny:
Amalgamation of: Throg + Jumpa the Wonder Kangaroo
Real Name: Simona
Biography: Simona, many centuries ago, was an Amazardian (Asgardian + Amazon), an immortal from the island of Themsgard (Asgard + Themyscira). Owing payment to a wicked sorceress, Simona couldn't pay it off and suffered an eternal curse as punishment. Changed into a rabbit, Simona could no longer speak the language of her fellow Amazardians, yet her immortality persisted. Centuries later, she was found and named “Ophelia” by the princess of Themsgard, Thorana, also known as the chaampion Thunder Woman (Thor + Wonder Woman). The princess' kindness gave her the will to live, and when she was banished from Themsgard for disobeying the will of her father King Hippodin (Odin + Hippolyta), “Ophelia” swam the oceans to find her.
Ophelia came to the modern world and found Thorana, though she is now without her memories and with the mortal identity of Diana Blake (Donald Blake + Diana Prince). Diana, feeling some connection to the rabbit she found, adopted Ophelia. When Diana regained her memories and powers as Thunder Woman, it was during a battle with an alien force. A sliver of her enchanted armor broke off her during the battle and Ophelia seized it in her mouth; the sliver magically changed into a version of Thorana's armor for the rabbit, and she became the Thunder Bunny!
Powers: Superhuman strength/speed/agility/stamina/senses/durability; immortality; magic bracelets that protect her from harm, and a winged tiara that protects from illusions and mental attacks; leg strength is 100 times greater than a normal rabbit.

Wing Strider:
Amalgamation of: Aragorn + Winged Victory
Real Name: Strider
Biography: The wizard Merlin saw a great potential for good in the Onyx Knight (Black Knight + Shining Knight), who was cursed with immortality until he could wash the sin from his soul. Merlin bestowed the Knight with the companionship of an immortal winged horse, whom he named Strider. The Onyx Knight and the Wing Strider walked the Earth for centuries, fighting in many wars, including World War II. They later joined the modern hero team called the Seven Soldiers for Hire (Heroes For Hire + Seven Soldiers of Victory).
Powers: Immortality; flight; all the physical abilities of an above-average horse.

Sweet Monkey:
Amalgamation of: Monkey Joe + Vera Sweet
Biography: Reporter Doreen Ryder found herself pretty lonely when her new life as the hero Rodentia (Squirrel Girl + The Creeper) made her too busy for a social life. She became friends with a group of squirrels in a local park, which she could connect with via her ability to communicate with rodents. When Rodentia was captured by the villain Mariano Cord (Mariano Lopez + Remington Cord), the squirrels immediately sensed something wrong and swarmed the city to find her. The found and attacked Cord and freed Rodentia. One remained behind and became her pet, and Doreen named him “Sweet Monkey”.
Powers: All the abilities of a normal squirrel.

Amalgamation of: Anole + Gleek
Biography: The extraterrestrial animal now called Glenole is the last of his race, one hunted to near-extinction, and a pet of an alien tyrant from the planet Exxor. When the young alien heroes called the Borealis Twins (Northstar & Aurora + Wonder Twins) returned to their homeworld to defeat the villain, they were captured. Glenole found them and freed them, and gave them help to take down the despot. The Twins adopted Glenole as their pet
Powers: Above-average strength/speed/stamina/reflexes/agility/senses; spiky, rough scales; elastic tongue and tail; multilingualism; wall-crawling; accelerated healing.

Amalgamation of: Lockjaw + Sirius
Biography: Born in the era of the Old Eternals, Sirilock the Eternal Wolf was perhaps the only survivor of the cataclysmic civil war that decimated the Old Eternals and split their planet in two. Roaming the sewers of the hellscape known as Apoktan (Titan + Apokolips), ruled now by the almighty tyrant Deathseid (Thanos + Darkseid), Sirilock found Dream Crystal (Crystal + Beautiful Dreamer), a member of the Godlikes (Inhumans + Forever People). Dream Crystal and Sirilock helped each other escaped from Apoktan and return to the territory of New Uranus (Uranus + New Genesis), home of the good New Eternals (Eternals + New Gods) that oppose Deathseid. Sirilock became Dream Crystal's pet, and Vykin the Bolt (Black Bolt + Vykin the Black) gave Sirilock an implant that allows him to create portals.
Powers: Immortality; beyond-average physical abilities; claws and fangs; teleportation portal creation.
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erikderricott Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014
There's got to be someone who can be fused with Lockheed, but I can't think of anything.
iceblueflare Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014
What I like the most on this picture is that everybody was fused, but Redwing is still... Redwing.
Red-Rum-18 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry, but I couldn't think of anything.
iceblueflare Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014
Don't worry, I liked.
Picassamia Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014
Nice menagerie! I think two of them are really funny, since you combined a kangaroo and a frog to make a rabbit, and a human character with a squirrel.

I'm also surprised Spot the Dinosaur isn't here.

Did you think of anything involving Shamus (the rabbit of Jonni Thunder) and Ace the Bat-Hound?

And I just thought of an interesting combo--Streaky the Super-Cat and Speedball's cat Neils.
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