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New Amalgam: Thunder Squad by Red-Rum-18 New Amalgam: Thunder Squad by Red-Rum-18
Thunder Squad (Thunderbolts + Suicide Squad):
A division of Task Force S (SHIELD + Task Force X), the Thunder Squad consists of incarcerated meta-talented criminals who volunteer for 5-year service in exchange for a Presidential Pardon. This team is directed by Amanda Gyrich, and is led on the field first by the alien dictator Baron Zongul II, and then the mad genius Paul Osborn.

Amanda Gyrich:
Amalgamation of: Henry Peter Gyrich + Amanda Waller
Biography: When Amanda Gyrich first appeared, she was a member of the Bureau of Preternatural Procedures (CSA + DEO), which observes the activities of all known superhumans, good and evil. She was soon commissioned by the President himself to direct the newest iteration of Task Force S's Thunder Squad. After the events of the Identity Invasion (Secret Invasion/Avengers Disassembled + Identity Crisis), her position is usurped by Paul Osborn.
Abilities: No superhuman powers, but she’s an expert leader, tactician, and diplomat, with a genius-level intelligence. Her headstrong personality may have made her some enemies within Task Force S itself, but it’s perfect for dealing with her criminal subordinates in Thunder Squad.

Baron Zongul II:
Amalgamation of: Baron Helmut Zemo + Mongul II
Real Name: Zongul II, 13th Baron of Hebstam IV
Biography: Zongul II, the latest member of the ruling barony of the planet Hebstam IV, is a major enemy of the Super-Soldier (Cpt. America + Superman). When his father, Zongul I, 12th Baron of Hebstam IV (Heinrich Zemo + Mongul I), was killed by the demonic sorcerer Neromammu (Dormammu + Neron), Zongul II took control of the planet and their ultimate weapon, Warminus (Dominus + Warworld). After Warminus was destroyed by the psychic juggernaut Imperislaught (Onslaught + Imperiex), Zongul Jr. came to Earth to rally the heroes and villains of Earth against the titan. Though the meta-talented forces of Earth were successful in destroying Imperislaught, the heroes turned against the villains and Zongul, among hundreds of other villains, were imprisoned. Zongul and the villains imprisoned on Tryker’s Island (Ryker’s Island + Stryker’s Island) were given a second chance and joined the newest version of Thunder Squad. As the field leader of Thunder Squad, Zongul led the T-Squad against Ictro (Nitro + Icicle), an agent of AHEM (AIM + HIVE); Zongul tried to bear-hug Ictro to death, but the stress on Ictro’s body caused him to explode in a blast of reverse-fusion energy that coated most of Stamford, Connecticut in ice. Zongul II was apparently killed in the blast, so he was post-humorously relieved of duty; in actuality he was launched into space, frozen in a block of ice. The frozen villain was soon picked up by Warminus II, piloted by his sister/wife Baroness Zongal (Baroness Heike Zemo + Mongal). While Zongul was stuck on Earth, the Zongul barony was banished from its home planet, and Hebstam IV joined the Shinagarian Empire (Shi’ar + Thanagar) in order to be protected from Warminus by the Omega Guard (Imperial Guard + Omega Men). In order to gain more power, Zongul forced himself to join the Riot Corps (Riot Squad + Sinestro Corps), where he gained the powerful yellow force ring (Nova Force + Power Ring).
Powers: Superhuman strength/speed/durability/stamina; master of both armed and unarmed combat; commands Warminus I/II; when he gained a yellow force ring, Zongul gained the ability to manipulate yellow energies to create solid-light constructs, fly, and survive in space and underwater. Zongul, like his father, is a nasty bastard, but his cruelty is rivaled only by Amanda Gyrich’s stubbornness.

Paul Osborn:
Amalgamation of: Norman Osborn + Paul Westfield
Biography: Paul Osborn was a high-ranking chairman of Project: Weapon C (Weapon X + Project: Cadmus), a government organization dedicated to creating a new breed of government-controlled superhumans. Paul was raised in an abusive household as a child, but grew up to be a brilliant scientists and government agent; his twisted and cruel personality was exposed as time went on. When the heroic Super-Soldier, the first super-agent created by the US government, was killed by the alien Doompocalypse (Apocalypse + Doomsday), PWC scientists took fresh samples of his blood to experiment on; when a small arachnoid creature created with Super-Soldier’s DNA and spider DNA escaped, it injected its genetic material into a human, giving teenager Connor Parker spider-like powers. Connor became the superhero Spider Boy, and his heroic exploits attracted the attention of Paul Osborn, who correctly assumed that the escaped spider experiment gave the hero his powers. A small division of Weapon C security officers and scientists, led by Dr. Dabney Stromm (Mendel Stromm + Dabney Donovan) were reorganized to focus on the study and capture of the Webbed Wonder. During a crisis that united Spider Boy and the resurrected Super-Soldier against deformed clones of themselves, created by Dr. Stromm, Paul ordered a missile to be launched at the battlefield; the heroes survived, but the mutant monsters were all killed. Furious at the deaths of his creations, Dabney Stromm killed Paul Osborn. However, Paul survived and became a commanding officer of the Thunder Squad. At the end of the Identity Invasion, Paul Osborn killed Veralfec (Veranke + Malefec), queen of the invading Skrultians (Skrulls + Martians), and became the new director of Task Force S; former crime baroness Victoria Dent (Victoria Hand + Harvey “Two-Face” Dent) would serve as his aide-de-camp. However this would all prove to be part of a plan for world domination concocted by Paul’s new allies, the Secret Society of Evil (Masters of Evil + Secret Society of Super-Villains).
Powers: Beyond-human intelligence and cunning. During the Crisis Reign (Dark Reign + Final Crisis), Paul Osborn will employ a heavy armor to protect him and a weapon-packed glider system that allows him to fly.

Amalgamation of: Bullseye + Deadshot
Real Name: Lester Lawton
Biography: A sociopath since childhood, Lester Lawton’s first kill was when he pitching for a minor league baseball game, and he threw the ball through the sternum of his father, who was umpiring the game. Ever since then, Lester has been a paid assassin, going by the codename “Deadeye.” When he first traveled to New Metropolis (New York City + Metropolis), he was hired by the crime lord known as the Bosspin (Kingpin + Boss Moxie) to assassinate the superhero Doctor Dare (Daredevil + Dr. Mid-Nite II). Deadeye ended up killing Elektra Wu-San (Elektra + Lady Shiva), a martial artist who sought revenge against Dr. Dare, and then Deadeye was hospitalized by Dr. Dare in retaliation. While in the hospital, Deadeye was recruited into the Thunder Squad by Amanda Gyrich. Deadeye appeared to be killed during a mission with the squad, but he survived. He soon joined a band of mercenaries called the Secret Syndicate (Sinister Syndicate + Secret Six), doing battle with the Seven Soldiers for Hire (Heroes for Hire + Seven Soldiers of Victory).
Powers: Master assassin with cybernetic implants that greatly enhance his aim/agility/speed/reflexes/senses/stamina (given to him by Bosspin). Wields several firearms, including wrist-mounted silenced pistols, and is capable of turning any small object into a deadly projectile weapon.

Amalgamation of: The Lizard + Chemo
Real Name: Dr. Curt Norton
Biography: Dr. Curt Norton was a bio-engineer experimenting on genetic material from reptiles. The plastic containers he was storing waste byproducts from failed experiments were broken and spilled on Curt; Curt lapsed into a coma, and the chemicals, along with the plastic, reptile DNA and Curt’s DNA amalgamated into a reptile-shaped plastic monster. The creature, later dubbed “Toxicarus” by the newspaper Planet Bugle (Daily Bugle + Daily Planet), was defeated when Spider Boy managed to wake Curt from his vegetative state. Now, when ever Dr. Norton loses consciousness, Toxicarus regenerates from the last place it was destroyed, and continues to feed on the fluids of living beings. Though Toxicarus is considered a villain, Dr. Norton’s good influence occasionally got it to help some heroes, such as joining the Thunder Squad to battle Imperislaught, or helping the X-Patrol (X-Men + Doom Patrol) defeat the Metal Marauders (Marauders + Metal Men), a team of metamutant-hunting cyborgs created by Dr. Trakmus (Bolivar Trask + Will Magnus).
Powers: Super strength, speed, stamina, and durability. Tail has a crushing power of 200 lbs. Can grow from 7 feet to 20 stories in height. Shoots acid from his mouth to a range of 100 ft. Telepathic control of reptiles.

Amalgamation of: Beetle/Mach-IV + Shrapnel
Real Name: Mark Jenkins
Biography: Mark Jenkins is an engineering genius who used to work for AHEM. He created a battle suit called the Self-sufficient Human-piloted Ammunition-Regenerating Powersuit (SHARP), but instead of giving it to AHEM, he burned the blueprints and kept the suit to go into business for himself. As SHARP, Mark battled both Spider Boy and the X-Patrol. After ending up in jail for the umpteenth time, Mark was recruited into the Thunder Squad to battle Imperislaught, and he used Task Force S’s resources to give SHARP its fourth upgrade.
Powers: The SHARP battle armor gives Mark superhuman strength and durability and the ability to fly. SHARP’s main weapons are dual cannons that fire razor-sharp projectiles at a high rate. The armor also contains a miniature smelting facility, allowing him to take small pieces of metal and convert them into more ammunition for his cannons.

Amalgamation of: Avalanche + Plasmus
Real Name: Otto Petrakis
Biography: Otto Petrakis, a Greek immigrant, was a coal miner who was trapped inside a collaped underground shaft for nearly a week. The stress of the isolation and threat of death traggered Otto’s latent metamutant gene, making him turn his flesh into a pink protoplasm that he has total control over. The crazed miner escaped the death trap in his plasma form, and he went on a rampage on the surface world. After being frozen by X-Patrol member Rhinovirus (Iceman + Fever), Otto was rushed to the hospital but the ambulance was intercepted by the Brotherhood (...of Mutants + ...of Evil), who took Otto’s frozen form to their hidden headquarters. With his sanity restored, Otto joined the Brotherhood as “Avalus.” His first supervillain act as Avalus was to help the Brotherhood assassinate President Graydon Ross (Grardon Creed + Pete Ross); the villains were successful, but some of them were captured late. Avalus was then invited by government agent Amanda Gyrich (Henry Gyrich + Amanda Waller) to join the Thunder Squad .
Powers: Transformation of normal flesh into a blob of acidic protoplasma that he has total control over; he can solidify his ooze body to generate high-frequency vibrations; super strength/durability/stamina.

Dr. Boomerang:
Amalgamation of: Boomerang + Captain Boomerang
Real Name: Frederick Harkness
Biography: Fred Harkness was born in Australia, but moved to America at a young age. He lived in a life of poverty until he discovered his skill in making boomerangs and using them as weapons. He would later be hired as a performer and boomerang promoter by a toy company; he was ridiculed by the audience, and his resentment caused Harkness to begin using his boomerangs for crime. Using weaponized boomerangs, Dr. Boomerang’s first crime was attempting to steal an experimental missile from a US military base, but he was defeated by the speedster superhero Silverflash (Quicksilver + Flash II). Fred was sent to jail, but managed to escape with a tiny boomerang disguised as one of his teeth. Since then, Dr. Boomerang has been a recurring enemy of Silverflash. The last time he was sent to jail, Fred joined the Thunder Squad in exchange for a pardon of his crimes.
Powers: Above-average aim and combat experience. The ability to create various “trick boomerangs”, each with a different effect.

Amalgamation of: Charcoal + Terra
Real Name: Charlene Markov
Biography: Charlene Markov and her older brother Flint, heirs to the throne of Symkovia (Symkaria + Markovia), were experimented on by the evil scientist Ultra-Zola (Armin Zola + Ultra-Humanite) into gaining Earth-based super powers; while Flint went insane and became the criminal Sand-Force (Sandman + Geo-Force), Charlene tried to use her powers to fight crime as Terracoal, a member of the Teen Avengers (Young Avengers + Teen Titans ). When the control of her powers came into question, Terra turned to the super-assassin Deathpool (Deadpool + Deathstroke) for training. This led to her betraying the Teen Avengers to Deathpool and his employers at AHEM. Terracoal was arrested, but was soon made a member of the Thunder Squad. Terracoal soon died while battling the superhuman dictator Black Dragon (Dragon of the Moon + Black Adam).
Powers: Transformation into any form of minerals and stone (sand, dirt, rock, crystal, lava, ect.)

Bronze Wolf:
Amalgamation of: White Wolf + Bronze Tiger
Real Name: Benjamin Hunter
Biography: Ben Hunter’s single mother was killed when he was a child, but he was soon adopted by Jiwe T’Challa, king of the African nation of Wakesi (Wakanda + Zambesi), who was visiting Ben’s hometown of New Metropolis. Soon, though, Ben’s foster sister Mari, the future heroine Black Vixen (Black Panther + Vixen), was born, and Ben became the ‘other child’. To prove himself to his family, he turned to martial arts, training alongside Richard Shang (Shang-Chi + Richard Dragon). When the dojo’s master, Fu Manchu, revealed himself as member of the villainous League of the Hand (The Hand + League of Assassins), he also revealed that he was secretly brainwashing Ben into becoming the bestial Bronze Wolf. Iron Bat and Richard Shang defeated the League of the Hand, and Ben was brought back to his senses. He returned to Wakesi when Mari became the ruler and the Black Vixen, and Ben became the captain of the Wakesian secret police. As the heroic Bronze Wolf, Ben also volunteered for duty in the Thunder Squad.
Powers: One of the best 10 martial artists on Earth. Olympic-level strength/speed/stamina/agility/senses. Expert at stealth. The gloves in his costume are equipped with claws.

Methyl II:
Amalgamation of: Venom III (Mac Gargan) + Match
Real Name: Dennis Gargan
Biography: Dennis Gargan was originally Squorp (Scorpion + Skorpio), a villain wearing a scorpion-style battlesuit. Sometime after the Imperislaught War, Squorp and several other villains were sent by the Secret Society of Evil to raid a chemical plant; Squorp’s suit was destroyed in a battle with the New Justice Avengers, who were really the evil Revenge Syndicate of America (Dark Avengers + Crime Syndicate), a team of extradimensional villains posing as heroes. Sometime after that, Eddie Olsen (Eddie Brock + Jimmy Olsen), the villain Methyl, lost his symbiote, the source of his powers, after a major battle against his nemesis Spider Boy, and the symbiote was captured by gangsters. Paul Osborn, after becoming director of Thunder Squad, bought the symbiote in an auction and fused it with Dennis, recruiting him as the new Methyl.
Powers: “Tactile Telekinesis”, which allows them to move fast, lift heavy objects, and stick to any surface; the ability to shoot durable, razor-sharp organic webbing from their wrists; enhanced stamina/durability/agility/reflexes/senses; immunity to being detected by Spider Boy’s precognition; degenerative saliva.

Amalgamation of: Jolt + Bolt
Real Name: Helen Bolantski
Biography: When Helen Bolantski developed her metamutant powers, her home was destroyed and her parents were killed by metamutant-hunting robots called Harvesters (Sentinels + Scissor-Men). Vengeful, she donned a costume and became the villainess “Volt.” She battled the Justice Avengers (Avengers + Justice League) several times before being sent to prison. In prison, she was recruited into the Thunder Squad. She seemingly died on her first mission, but returned as living energy, returning to her human form only after her injuries fully healed.
Powers: Electrical blasts; absorption of electricity to convert into strength and speed; teleportation. Self-healing via transformation into living energy.

Amalgamation of: Atlas + The Atom (Adam Cray)
Real Name: Erik Cray
Biography: View is a mercenary with the ability to change size, and has battled various heroes while working for major villains. He soon joined the Thunder Squad after Paul Osborn became the director, but it’s soon revealed that Erik was actually sent by the hero Atom Ant I (Scott Lang + Ray Palmer) to investigate Paul and his connections to the Secret Society of Evil.
Powers: The ability to change size, from shrinking to half an inch tall to a maximum of 60 feet in height. Strength and stamina relative to his height.

Amalgamation of: Songbird + Enchantress
Real Name: Melissa “Missy” Moon
Biography: When Dinah Morse, the heroine Black Bird (Mockingbird + Black Canary II), was an athlete in the UCWF (Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation), she had a standing rivalry with “Screaming” Missy Moon. She couldn’t stand up to Dinah’s sonic screams attacks, so Missy sought the aging villain Wizardicus (Dr. Demonicus + Wizard), the scientist who mutated baby Dinah to have sonic scream powers. For a small fortune, Wizardicus gave Moon even more powerful sonic powers, and she attacked Black Bird outside of the ring. Dinah was about to be killed when she was rescued by her future beau, the super-archer Hawk Arrow (Hawkeye + Green Arrow). “Screaming” Missy has been an enemy of Hawk Arrow and Black Bird ever since. When she was recruited into the Thunder Squad, she changed her nickname to “Songstress.”
Powers: Sonic screams for flight, hypnotism, energy constructs, teleportation, energy blasts, and incineration.

Amalgamation of: Swordsman + Javelin
Real Name: Jacques Linthrope
Biography: Militia is a mercenary and enemy of the avenging archer Hawk Arrow. He was originally Jacques Linthrope, a circus performer who was fired from stealing the profits of a big show. After becoming Militia, he was first hired by a crime lord to assassinate industrialist Oliver Barton. Oliver was forced to reveal his identity of Hawk Arrow in order to battle and defeat Militia, and he gave later Jacques amnesia with a poison-gas arrow. Militia appeared to turn over a new leaf when he joined the Justice Avengers, but Super-Soldier discovered that he was really working for the League of the Hand. The LoH’s scheme was thwarted and Militia was sent to prison, where he signed up for service in the Thunder Squad.
Powers: Olympic-level strength/speed/agility/stamina. Wields a sword and telescopic throwing spears.

Amalgamation of: Joystick + Slipknot
Real Name: Janice Weiss
Biography: Powerline was sent by AHEM to battle the Justice Four (Fantastic Four + Justice League), but (you guessed it!) she was defeated and sent to prison, where she signed up for service in the Thunder Squad.
Powers: Olympic-level speed/agility/reflexes/stamina. Powerline’s main weapon (which she invented) is a 10-ft long segmented cord that generates a super-hot electrical arc between each section; this weapon allows her to cut through almost any substance.

Amalgamation of: Man-Killer + Plastique
Real Name: Bette San Horne
Biography: Bette San Horne was a French-Canadian professional skier who was crippled in a race against a male competitor, who pushed her off the ski trail and into a ravine. This led to Bette developing a hatred of all men. While recovering in a hospital, Bette was recruited by a group of pro-feminist extremists who gave her a powered exoskeleton and a position in their group. Bette later held the Planet Bugle hostage, threatening to blow up the building and killing all male hostages inside if the State of New York didn’t elect a female Governor. The first hero to arrive on the scene was Dark Atom (Darkhawk + Captain Atom), a living collective of radiation inside a robotic body; he was able to destroy Bette’s exoskeleton and disable the bombs before they exploded. While she was in prison, Bette was visited regularly by Dark Atom, who developed feelings for her when they first met, even though he knew that they were enemies. Bette reconciled her feeling towards men, and she and Dark Atom were soon married after she was released. Unfortunately, since Dark Atom was still technically 16 years old, his Justice Avenger teammates arrested Bette for statutory rape. Once again full of rage, Man-Blaster joined the Thunder Squad in exchange for a Presidential pardon; Task Force S scientists were able to genetically alter her physiology, curing her need for the exoskeleton and granting her super strength and energy blasts.
Powers: Originally wore an exoskeleton that gave mobility to her crippled body and granted her great strength; she also used explosive devices in her schemes. After joining the Thunder Squad, scientists cured her handicap and gave her superhuman strength/stamina/durability and energy projection attacks.

Amalgamation of: Penance + Brainiac 8
Real Name: Indy Baldwin
Alias: Cyansphere (Speedball + Indigo)
Biography: Indy Baldwin was a young intern for a government laboratory when she was bombarded by an unknown energy in a lab accident. This activates her latent metagene, which was corrupted by the energies, turning her into a hideous and powerful techno-organic being. Indy went on a mindless rampage until she was “deactivated” by the Outer-Warriors (New Warriors + Outsiders). RoxTAR Inc. (Roxxon + Star Labs) manages to fix Indy’s deformed appearance while retaining her powers, and she joins the Outer-Warriors as “Cyansphere”, named for her ability to generate blue force fields. Things were working out great for Indy until the battle between the combined forces of the Outer-Warriors and the Thunder Squad against Ictro. The reverse-fusion explosion “rebooted” Cyansphere, resurrecting her original mutated appearance. It was revealed that she wasn’t a metamutant, but that her powers derived from a nanotech virus deposited on Earth by Galactiac (Galactus + Brainiac). The Outer-Warriors battled this new creature, which fused herself with the only 7 others on Earth affected by the nano-virus. The Outer-Warriors managed to destroy it, but her remains were confiscated by Task Force S.
When Paul Osborn became director of the Thunder Squad, he rebuilt Indy’s body while keeping her mind alive inside a computer system. She was completely penitent over her actions, and she served as “Penetrate” in the Thunder Squad.
Powers: Superhuman strength and durability, flight, energy blasts out of right-arm cannon. Her techno-organic parts cause her great pain, but pain is the only thing that can activate her powers after her transformation; the spikes on her face can act as conduits for electrical attacks and the domes on her body and organic armor generate storm-like vertexes of energy. She is also super intelligent and able to mentally control computer systems.

Amalgamation of: Speed Demon + Zoom
Real Name: James Zolomon
Biography: James Zolomon, a friend of Peter Allen and FBI profiler, was attacked by the villain Red Grodd (Red Ghost + Gorilla Grodd) while leading a mass prison breakout. The criminals were defeated by Peter’s superhero identity, Silverflash, but were too late to prevent James from losing the use of his right leg. James knew of Peter’s heroic alter ego, so he beseeched him to use a time-travel device confiscated by the Justice Avengers from Krangos (Kang the Conqueror + Cronos) to go back in time and warn past Silverflash about Red Grodd, in order to prevent his attack. Peter refused to let a normal person use such advanced technology, but that didn’t stop James from sneaking into the Justice Avengers’ headquarters the next night and activating the device. The building’s security drones attacked James and struck the device while it was still working, causing an accident that ripped space-time an new arsehole! Out of the fluctuation stepped a cosmic conqueror known as Nebulon Man (Nebulon + Nebula Man). In exchange for helping Nebulon Man conquer Earth, James was cured of his lameness and granted him great speed. James battled Silverflash while the rest of the Justice Avengers battled Nebulon Man. Silverflash used his speed powers to reactivate the time machine, generating a vortex that sucked Nebulon Man back to his own time period, though he took James with him.
Stuck for ten years in the future, James’ newfound resentfulness of Peter festered as he developed his new powers of speed. After figuring out how to generate a new wormhole into the past, James developed a costume and took the alias “Supercharger” before traveling back in time… to one month after the battle with Nebulon Man! Silverflash and Supercharger have been enemies ever since. While in prison, Supercharger was enlisted into the Thunder Squad, but was ejected after he was caught stealing money by Songstress.
Powers: Superhuman speed, stamina, and reflexes. He can generate cyclones by running in circles or rotating his arms at great speeds, run along and up walls and run across water. Supercharger’s superhumanly fast thought processes and reflexes enable the character to perceive his surroundings while moving at high speeds, pick up objects and execute complex acrobatic maneuvers.

Dr. Radioactive:
Amalgamation of: Radioactive Man + Dr. Poison
Real Name: Dr. Chen Maru
Biography: A nuclear physicist from the People’s Republic of China, Chen Maru developed a mind-altering energy array to use for the Communist state’s invasion of India. The army was defeated and the weapon destroyed by Thunder Woman (Thor + Wonder Woman), and Chen was imprisoned for his war crimes. After escaping, he altered his physiology with atomic radiation, turning him into Dr. Radioactive, a living nuclear stockpile. Dr. Radioactive has been a recurring enemy of Thunder Woman. He later joins the Thunder Squad after Paul Osborn became director.
When Osborn was disposed of, Dr. Radioactive left Thunder Squad and went back to China; he was arrested for further crimes and achieved amnesty in exchange for service in China's govt-controlled super-team, the Great Force (People's Defense Force + The Great Ten).
Powers: Body is constantly radioactive, giving his flesh a green glow and allows him to fire blasts of heat, light, and atomic energy (which induces nausea and radiation poisoning). He needs to wear a black skin-suit to keep his powers in check. Expert in the fields of radiation, energy, and nuclear physics.

Comet II:
Amalgamation of: Moonstone II + Killer Frost II
Real Name: Dr. Louise Sofen
Biography: Louise Sofen was originally the aide of psychoanalyst Hugo Fenhoff, the villainous psychiatrist known as Faustrange (Dr. Faustus + Hugo Strange). Dr. Sofen was hired by the good doctors of the Arkroft Institute to examine Crystal Bloch (Lloyd Bloch + Crystal Frost), a mentally-unstable super-villainess nicknamed Comet, who wielded an alien stone that gave her energy and ice powers. A clever manipulator, Louise became “friends” with Crystal, and she convinced her to reveal the location of her power stone. Louise stole the stone and became the new Comet, an enemy of the superhero Green Giant (Hulk + Green Lantern [Hal Jordan]). Comet became a member of Thunder Squad during Baron Zongul’s reign as field leader.
Powers: Gravity manipulation, intense cold projection, flight, light projection, and super strength/durability/stamina.

Black Ivy:
Amalgamation of: Blackheath (Plantman) + Poison Ivy
Real Name: Dr. Pamela Smithers
Alias: Plantwoman
Biography: Pamela Smithers was a poor orphan girl from the streets of London, England, who studied botany under Professor Mark Woodrue, now the evil Botanist (Brother Nature + Floronic Man). She soon enough earned a PHD in ecology, and invented a device that allowed her to communicate with plant life. Prof. Woodrue tried to steal the invention for himself, but an electrical storm caused it to explode, washing Pamela in strange energies. The injured woman escaped into the woods and collapsed, fusing with the surrounding vegetation. She discovered she could control plant life, and Pamela dedicated her life to protecting the natural world… by destroying human society. She started calling herself Plantwoman, and became a major enemy of the hero Iron Bat, whose technological aptitude and use of powered armor makes him a foil for Pamela and her obsession with nature. She also served in the all-villain government strike team Thunder Squad, where she changed her name to Black Ivy, but soon escaped their custody to join the Secret Society of Evil.
Powers: The ability to mentally manipulate plants; can absorb nutrients, water, and sun light to regain her strength; can generate toxins and mind-controlling pheromones from her body; can create humanoid plant creatures that she mentally controls.
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