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Super Smash Bros. 3DS/WiiU Moveset: "Shovel Knight"


Intro Animation: Does a somersault jump into place and holds his shovel in the air triumphantly

Idle Animation: Polishes the blade of his shovel.

Notable Palette Swaps: All the colors of the alternate armors he collected in the game (Red, purple, gold, gray, darker gray). Also, there is the green armor from the cheat code LYHSDNUX

Walk Animation: Marches triumphantly

Run Animation: Runs and pumps his arms

Dizzy Animation: Hunches over his shovel, planted blade-first into the ground, and breathes heavily.

Edge Grab: Shovel is spiked into the wall and he hangs on with one hand.

Basic Attacks:
A,A,A: Two slashes with shovel, and then stabs with bottom handle. (Only basic attack that knocks away projectiles)
Hold A: Drops Fishing Rod that reaches to the floor (causes crushing damage). If it reaches off-screen, he will pull in a fish that he eats automatically to restore health.
Forward+A: Spins larger version of Alchemy Coin in front of himself.
Down+A: Places Mobile Gear in direction he's facing (causes damage). If someone gets on top, they can ride it until they hit a wall (ramming with it causes damage).
Up+A: Headbutt that stabs with helmet horns.
Dash+A: Punches three times with Dusk Knuckles.
Air+A: Somersault with shovel slashing in clockwise pattern.
Air Forward+A: Digging slash.
Air Back+A: Stabs with shovel handle.
Air Up+A: Upward arcing slash.
Air Down+A: Plunges to the floor with shovel. Bounces off of first struck enemy.
Edge Attack: Drop kick.

Smash Moves:
Forward+A: Charges up a frontward strong slash. Can hold to reposition self (short hops, slow walking).
Up+A: Throws Throwing Anchor straight up (can slightly angle it).
Down+A: War Horn unleashes small shockwave.

Neutral: Impales enemy on shovel.
Grab+Punch: Burns them with Flare Wand.
Forwards: Kicks enemy from shovel
Down: Slams them to ground.
Back: Flings enemy backwards and fires Flare Wand at them.
Up: Flings enemy up and fires Flare Wand at them.

Special Attacks:
B: "Drop Spark"- He scrapes at the ground, sending an electric spark traveling along the ground until it hits a wall or ledge.
B+Forwards: "Chaos Sphere"- Sends an emerald sphere that bounces around (even off walls) and disappears after a while.
B+Up: "Propeller Dagger"- Flies a short distance with a knife with a helicopter propeller for a hilt. Can slightly aim.  
B+Down: "Phase Locket"- Causes him to become invincible for three seconds; he pauses in mid-air if used in the air.

Final Smash:
"The Troupple King's Dance": The gigantic King of the Troupples (half-trout, half-apple) appears, and him and his troupple acolytes dance around briefly, causing mass damage. Shovel Knigh also drinks one of three random ichor (pronounced eye-core); red ichor restores his damage percentage to zero, blue ichor makes him invincible for ten seconds, and yellow ichor makes items gravitate towards him for him to use.

1: Points the shovel towards the sky triumphantly
2: Spins shovel like a bo staff
3: Scoops up a dirt pile in one swing, generating random jewels

Win Poses:
1: Repeated pointing to the sky in triumph, like in the game when he defeats a boss.
2: Poses with Shield Knight.
3: Falls to earth with his stabbing attack, causing a small blaa

Icon: Shovel

Victory Music: Musical sting from defeating normal Order of No Quarter boss.

Kirby Hat: Shovel Knight's helm and a tiny shovel in his hand.

When Chosen: The “level start” fan fare.

Assist Trophy: Black Knight: Black Knight attacks players with both his original moves (scoop slashes, plunging falls, purple fireballs), and the moves the Enchantress gives him at the entrance of the Tower of Fate (teleport dashes, meteor strikes, angelic feather darts). He also does that tinny laugh periodically.

Tower of Fate:
The level starts out in the dining hall (walls and floor preventing side-screen and falling KOs;  upward ring-outs only), where the contestants are fighting on the table where the Order of No Quarter were eating. Then it flies out and travels about the Tower of Fate. It gains up to three extra platforms and up to two pits of spikes at random. The Order appears in the background briefly to provide more hazards; King Knight has horns that blow damaging confetti, Spectre Knight flings his boomerang scythe, Plague Knight throws bombs that generate traveling green fireballs, Treasure Knight drops in a trapped treasure chest that generates a tornado, Mole Knight drops fireballs and lava geysers, Polar Knight hurls snowballs at the field, Tinker Knight rains down monkey wrenches from above, and Propeller Knight drops bombs in. Then the Boss Hazard appears...
Final Destination Version:
Just the table floating across the Tower of Fate, though elongated a tad.
Boss Hazard: The Enchantress: She flies across the screen in quick bursts, firing purple fireballs and summoning fire to engulf the floor (no extra platforms and spikes appear). When the Enchantress is damaged enough, she explodes and the Shield Knight falls to the floor; the entire battle slows down and if one of the players touches the falling woman, the screen flashes white and the remaining fighters are insta-KOed.

Related Music:
Main Theme
In The Halls of the Usuper
High Above The Land
An Underlying Problem
A Thousand Leagues Below
Of Devious Machinations
Flowers of Antimony
La Danse Macabre
A Cool Reception
The Inner Struggle
The Possessor

Credits Music:
Main Theme- Reprise
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014
Hadn't played that game yet, but keep hearing about it. Might just have to give it a shot soon. Thanks for giving some credit here.
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