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New Amalgam Comics: The Olympians by Red-Rum-18 New Amalgam Comics: The Olympians by Red-Rum-18
Enemies of the Amazardians (Asgardians + Amazons), including the heroine Thunder Woman (Thor + Wonder Woman).

Top Row, L-R:
Poseidon, Heracles, Zeus, Ares, Hades

Alias: Jupiter
Biography: The Olympians are an ancient, immortal family of metamutants (mutants + metahumans), humans with superhuman abilities, who were once worshiped as Gods. They had descended from another family of metamutants called the Titans, led by the monstrous Chronos; Chronos learned of a prophecy saying one of his children would slay and dethrone him, so he began devouring his children one by one. Zeus escaped and returned upon becoming strong enough to slay Chronos and free his siblings from his entrails.
The Olympians proved their godhood to the normal humans, and gained their loyalty. From high atop Mount Olympus, they ruled a mighty empire and were prosperous.
They heard of another empire, Themsgard (Asgard + Themyscira), and the people of this empire, the Amazardians (Asgardians + Amazons), were willing to make peace with them, but the Olympians attacked them. Hippodin’s father, King Borzaz (Bor + Arzaz) was critically injured in the war, and he used his remaining power to grant his son and their people immortality before dying. The Amazardians repelled the enemy, and later found a new land to escape another war. Years later, however, the Olympians found the new realm of the Amazardians and sought their conquest once more; the greatest blacksmiths of Themsgard forged their most powerful weapon, the Enchanted Flail (Mjolnir + Lasso of Truth), and a champion picked by King Hippodin himself defeated the enemy and banished them to the dimension of Tartarus.
In modern times, the Twelve Olympians are all that remain after escaping Tartarus. Their empire is gone, erased from history, and none worship them. The Amazardians are still around, and Hippodin's daughter Thorana now wields the Enchanted Flail in her role as Thunder Woman (Thor + Wonder Woman), defender of humankind. The Olympians now seek to reclaim their former glory, and the first thing to do is eliminate the Amazardians!
Powers: Immortality; superhuman intelligence/strength/speed/durability/stamina/agility/reflexes/senses; shape-shifting; flight; teleportation; electromagentism manipulation.

Biography: The Princess of Power, Heracles is one of the many children of Zeus. Zeus seduced the mortal queen Alcmene and impregnated her, resulting in the child's birth. Hera, Zeus' scorned wife, sent forth earthquakes and serpents to kill the baby, but Heracles' metahuman strength, even at such a young age, was enough to quell these threats. Hera decided to spare the child in case she could find use of her. As an adult, Heracles was shown her true heritage and passed her twelve legendary trials to claim immortality and her place in the royal family of gods and goddesses.
As a part of a plan to conquer the Amazardians, Zeus sent Heracles to become the consort of Prince Hippodin as part of a peace treaty, but it was all a ruse to attack Themsgard while their guard was down. Heracles and the invaders were driven off, and the Amazardians relocated to a new Themsgard to escape the Olympians. The Olympians found them, so the Amazardians forged the Enchanted Flail and christened a champion worthy of wielding it; in retaliation, Hephaestus forged an enchanted golden mace for Heracles to wield. When they were finally defeated, all of the Olympians were banished to Tartarus, but Heracles was cursed by King Hippodin himself to exist as an unbreakable stone pillar beneath the island that was the first Themsgard. In modern times, the Amazardian sorcerer Amorko the Enchanter (Amara the Enchantress + Dr. Psycho) used his magic to revive and mentally control Heracles to attack the Justice Avengers and Thunder Woman. Heracles broke free from this control and rejoined her family, who all escaped Tartarus, atop Mt. Olympus, seeking further revenge against the Amazardians for the Enchanter's transgressions.
Powers: Immortality; superhuman strength/stamina/durability/speed/agility/reflexes/senses; expert warrior, both with weapons and hand-to-hand; use of an enchanted golden mace.

Aliases: Mars, John Buchanan
Biography: Ares, the God of War, is the son of Zeus and Hera. In modern days, after Ares and the remaining Olympians returned from their banishment, they learned of a new wielder of the Amazardians' Enchanted Flail, Hippodin's daughter Thorana. Her foster sister Cerki (Loki + Circe), resentful of her sister, struck a deal with the Olympians, to gain an army loyal to her in exchange for becoming the consort of Ares. With him, Cerki bore two sons, Phoris and Deigandr (Fenris & Jormungandr + Phobos & Deimos), before gaining her army and setting off to conquer Themsgard. Though part of her deal with Zeus is that they cannot know the location of the new Themsgard (that info was erased from their minds by Hippodin before their banishment), but the clever Ares impregnated Cerki once more before she set off, and tracked the fetus' life energy to find Themsgard; when Cerki's army failed, Ares plotted to destroy Themsgard to gain the favor of his father Zeus, using his sons Phoris and Deigandr as his minions. This third pregnancy resulted in a daughter, Helyta (Hela + Lyta).
After Thunder Woman was banished to the outside world for her betrayal, the interdimensional prison the Amazardians used was destroyed (by Helyta) and the monstrosities inside were free to terrorize Earth, so Hippodin sent five Amazardians to the mortal world to find Thorana and ask her to help them defeat the evils in exchange for the lifting of her banishment; realizing this, Ares saw this as the perfect opportunity to destroy the Enchanted Flail, so he went to the city of San Gateway (San Francisco + Gateway City), where Thorana was living as the human Diana Blake (Donald Blake + Diana Prince). Ares possessed crime boss John Buchanan and sent his goons to ambush and capture Diana Blake. Thorana's friends managed to rescue her and they changed back to their Amazardian forms to combat Ares' power. Ares was defeated and returned to Mt. Olympus to plot his revenge, not realizing the Buchanan's lawyer/lover, Cassandra Serrure, was actually Cerki, who sabotaged Ares' plan so she could get the pleasure of destroying Thunder Woman.
Powers: Immortality; superhuman strength/stamina/durability/speed/agility/reflexe/senses; expert warrior, both with weapons and hand-to-hand; energy blasts; possession.

Alias: Neptune
Biography: Poseidon, God of the Seas, is the elder brother of Zeus. In the golden age of the Olympians' rule, many humans created the grand island empire of Atlantis in honor of Poseidon, but Zeus grew jealous and sank Atlantis into the ocean, so Poseidon countered by making the Atlanteans into amphibians that can survive under water. The modern-day Atlantis is ruled by King Namorin, aka The Aquariner (Sub-Mariner + Aquaman), a member of the Justice Avengers. Poseidon created a perfect copy of his Trident to the royal family of Atlantis, now in possession of Aquariner; the evil Queen Curse (Kurse + Queen Clea) tried to use the Atlantean Trident to control Atlantis and kill Thunder Woman, so Thorana had to destroy it to save Aquariner and Atlantis. In the alternate universe of 1-Maglama, the Olympians were victorious over the Amazardians, but the living weapon they used, Deicide (Ragnarok + Devastation), turned on them and Poseidon was one of the few survivors; he joined the Revenge Syndicate* (Dark Avengers + Crime Syndicate) because they promised to help restore the Olympians' rightful rule.
Powers: Immortality; superhuman strength/speed/stamina/durability/senses/reflexes/agility; abilities such as water manipulation, levitation, undersea survival, energy blasts from trident, and bestowal of super power to others.

*Standing in for Marvel's Ares, as a Dark Avenger, and Barracuda, the evil Aquaman from the Crime Syndicate.

Alias: Pluto
Biography: The elder brother of Zeus and Poseidon, Hades was one of the many Olympians banished by Hippodin to the realm of Tartarus, one of the 9 Circles of Hell, centuries ago. Many years later, Hades merged his essence with Tartarus to allow the remaining eleven Olympians to escape it, and Hades became known as the God of the Dead and King of Tartarus. As the ruler of Tartarus, Hades uses the souls of damned collected in this realm to fuel his newfound powers; he thus far can project a mystical construct of himself to interact with Earth and Mount Olympus, replete with his other powers, but he cannot fully leave Tartarus at his current strength level because it would undo his family's freedom from this Hell Realm. Hades' quest to collect enough damned souls to free himself from Tartarus has put himself in conflict with the other Hell Lords, such as Mephistrigon (Mephisto + Trigon) and Hathish (Satannish + Dalkriig-Hath).
Powers: Immortality; drawing energy from his collection of damned souls; projection of his solidified visage to the Mortal Plain; superhuman strength/stamina/durability/speed/agility/reflexes; invisibility; sword of gold and fire; shape-shifting.

Bottom Row, L-R:

Alias: Juno
Biography: Hera is the sister and wife of Zeus, making her queen of Olympus. They had many children, from Ares and Athena to Eris, Goddess of Chaos. Hera discovered her husband's repeated infidelity in Heracles, birthed by the mortal Alcmene, and named as a Gift from Hera. Scorned, Hera sent serpents and earthquakes to kill the infant girl, but Heracles proved her metahuman strength at such a young age to repel this attack. Hera decided to spare her step-daughter's life, and later bequeath immortality and a place in the family for completing her 12 legendary trials, so she could use Heracles against Zeus if the need arises.
Powers: Immortality; superhuman strength/stamina/durability/senses/agility/speed/reflexes.

Alias: Minerva
Biography: Athena is a daughter of Zeus, but unlike her siblings, she was born fully formed from a wound in Zeus' head. She is the Goddess of Wisdom and Strategy. During the Skrultians' (Skrulls + Martians) invasion of Earth, the almighty Skrultian Gods arrived atop Mount Olympus, but Athena's strategic superiority allowed the Olympians' army of cyclopses, gorgons, centaurs, and other mythological monsters to defeat the invaders. Later, however, the Olympians were kidnapped and replaced by the evil New Eternals of Apoktan (Eternals/Titan + New Gods) with Athena replaced by Granny Harkness (Agatha Harkness + Granny Goodness) and Zeus replaced by the Liege of Apoktan himself, Deathseid (Thanos + Darkseid).
Powers: Immortality; superhuman strength/stamina/durability/senses/agility/speed/reflexes/intelligence; weapons and combat mastery.

Alias: Helios
Biography: Apollo, God of Light, is the son of Zeus and the titaness Leto and twin of Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt. Artemis didn't survive the Olympians' banishment to Tartarus by Hippodin, among many other Olympians, and that strengthened their resolve to eliminate the Amazardians.
Powers: Immortality; superhuman strength/stamina/durability/senses/agility/speed/reflexes; generation of intense heat, fire, and light.

Alias: Mercury
Biography: The son of Zeus by the titaness Maia, Hermes is the God of Travel and the Messenger of the Gods. He had an affair with his sister Aphrodite, and they had a son, Hermaphroditus, but he didn't survive their banishment to Tartarus.
Powers: Immortality; superhuman stamina/senses/agility/speed/reflexes; flight.

Alias: Venus
Biography: The Goddess of Beauty and daughter of Zeus by the titaness Dione. Aphrodite was married to her brother Hephaestus, but cheated on him with their brothers Ares, Hermes, and Dionysus, resulting in children with them. Only twelve of the Olympians in this twisted royal family survived their centuries of banishment, and the children of Aphrodite by her incestuous trysts died. Despite this being the Amazardian King Hippodin's doing, Aphrodite has always vocally opposed the Olympians' war against Themsgard.
Powers: Immortality; superhuman stamina/senses/agility/speed/reflexes.

Alias: Vulcan
Biography: The son of Zeus and Hera, Hephaestus is the god of fire and the forge, and the chief engineer of the Olympians' weapons of war, most notably the Golden Mace used by his half-sister Heracles. Hephaestus was born with gray skin and deformed legs, now supported with bracing armors. He married his half-sister Aphrodite, and stood by her in spite of her cheating on him with their other brothers.
Powers: Immortality; superhuman stamina/senses/agility/speed/reflexes; fire projection from hands.

Alias: Bacchus
Biography: Dionysus, son of Zeus by the mortal princess Semele, is the god of entertainment.
Powers: Immortality; superhuman stamina/senses/agility/speed/reflexes.
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